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Mari Amithest (Human Jedi Youngling)

Mari Amithest (Human Jedi Youngling)
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Six Months till Rise of Skywalker

        So, we're now just a couple of days under six months until Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker is released, and . . . . it doesn't feel like it to me.
        Let me explain a little, when the Prequels were being released I was at College and later University, and I remember the anticipation of the new movies. My friends and I eagerly awaited the new movies, booking in as a group to see Episode 1 at a midnight screening. Booking the day after off work, so that we could sit up all night with fast food discussing everything that happened.
        When Episode 2 came around, again we went as a group, and I remember downloading the trailer (in the days before Youtube) and converting it so I could play the video on my phone, and I remember a crowd of geeks at university clustered around the tiny screen of my phone (maybe 3 inch) watching it for the first time.
        By the time of Episode 3, I'd gotten married and was a father, so my wife and I went to see the film (our first night away from the newly born baby), and I remember heading onto a party afterwards where people questioned us as to whether we'd enjoyed it.

        And now the sequels have come about, and I'm a Dad taking my family to see them, and we've made nights of it for Episodes 7 + 8.
        But for Episode 9, there's not really any feeling of excitement. The teaser trailer we watched, but we never rewatched to pick out every detail (as we'd done with almost every trailer up until Solo: A Star Wars Story).
        It just doesn't feel as special. Maybe it's the fact that it's the fifth movie in 5 years? Maybe I'm just older? Maybe there's so much else to be excited about?
        But whatever it is, we're six months from a Star Wars movie, and I'm having difficulty caring. We've got a Star Wars TV series starting up soon (The Mandalorian) and again, I'll probably watch it, but there's a chance I might not.

        Now while I've got my problems with The Last Jedi, I don't think it's that. Because I'm afraid for all it's flaws, I personally still think it's massively better than Attack of the Clones. So if Clones didn't burn out my enthusiasm for Star Wars, then Last Jedi certainly couldn't.

        So basically what I'm asking is, what about everyone else? Are you enthusiastic for the new movie coming out 14th of December? Am I just becoming an old grump? If you're not feeling it either, then what do you think the reason is?
        Oh, and do you think that the full trailer will be able to excite us when it's released (probably quite soon)?

Comments made about this Article!

18/Jun/2019 01:15:13 Posted by Vaughn99

I have not been enthusiastic since I saw The Force Awakens, I did how ever like Rogue One even though it was not the correct original radio drama story released. I just now go and see them as regular movies as I don't see and they have no value they add to the Star Wars Universe any more. I don't bother trying to learn the names or tech or any of the Disney Star Wars Universe, Yes I am still very upset of the, "hey you think you know everything about Star Wars for the last 35 years well everything you think you knew no longer exists". They DISCARDED the TRUE Star Wars followers, the ones who made Star Wars a following till Disney took over. I have watched the Rebels show and like it but didn't care for the cartoon style they choose. I really liked the Clone Wars 2008 style. I did not care for the Resistance series and probably won't watch any more. It won't happen but until the return to the EU time line it will be a movie or TV series I treat as any SyFy installment. That's just me but I did buy SW #108 and will look forward to CW season 7 as long as they stay EU time line. From the trailer it looks to be so as if you watched any of the unfinished episodes that were release SEVERAL were seen in the trailer.

22/Jun/2019 10:59:25 Posted by Freddy

So for you it was the abandonment of the Expanded Universe, kind of the same way that Star Trek fans don't like the JJ Abrams movies, since they abandon the known universe, replacing it with a new similar, but annoyingly different version.

That's something I can totally get behind, but definitely not behind my current malaise with the Star Wars Franchise, as I never really got that involved with the Expanded universe at all, only dipping in and out.

22/Jun/2019 20:23:35 Posted by Vaughn99

My next biggest problem would probably be jealously only to the point, can you imagine with todays CGI, todays art and todays CONCEPT art and Video game renderings of some fantastic artist and creativity how the EU star wars galaxy would have looked done today talk about doubling or tripling the following. It is a high crime how the great concept art is being wasted on such Disney time line garbage. I am just in aw on the beautiful art and concept that I see all over the internet and the Battlefront II (not 100% but could of passed or altered to as EU if not for Disney) and the new Fallen Order games what a shame these great advancements are lost on Disney Canon. We had a good peak on EP I-III and we have come further than those today. Even if they didn't want to do movies with actors the CGI and Digital renderings Disney could have kept the EU and don't a TON of the EU book/novel stories told in this manor with voices from the cast for the most part and synthesized folks who have passed as we have there voices from movies already in digital format as I hate to use the word cartoon or anime. NOW that is a Trillion Dollar idea. To bad I am a bit short on cash to offer Disney to buy Lucasfilms with current movie numbers they might sell!!

01/Jul/2019 16:32:45 Posted by jadawin

Hello Guys,

I think the problem is: saturation... adding the spin-off, the new trilogy and so it's add to 1 movie a year with 3 stories.
Between the Original trilogy and the prelogy, there were 20 years and the surprise effect of Lucas returning to his 1st successes, and then, mostly in succession since, the Clone Wars, the new trilogy, the spin off, the new series...
I think it's too much. Like when you are served your favorite dish every days, after some times, you won'y like it anymore and your memory won't fit. More over, the re-use of the same global story lines don't help going past the repetition...
I think that's why the anime series (Clone Wars and Rebels) are for me better, as Rogue One in the spin off: they shows either a new point of view (the black ops for Rogue One) or take the times to explore the the characters (Rebels and CW)

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