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Kuat Drive Yards Cantwell-class Arrestor Cruiser
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Jakoli (Rodian Bounty Hunter)
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Major Haashn (Mon Calamari Rebel Officer / Engineer)
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Adelphi SB-50

July/2017 UPDATES

28/July/2017 Posted by Freddy

        If this has worked right, then the RPGGamer Twitter channel should be notified, if it's not worked right. Whoops.


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27/July/2017 Posted by Freddy

        Well work continues on the site, it's now somewhat Mobile compatible, with the menu folding away on smaller screen sizes. I'll still have to fix fonts etc for easier reading on mobile devices, but we're making progress.
        The reason I'm focusing on making changes first, is that my project that should keep me motivated and making progress on the site for at least 180 updates (now theres a clue as to what it is I plan to do) requires a slightly new section added to the site.
        More news as work progresses.


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14/July/2017 Posted by Freddy

        Monk2024 has very kindly already sent in some new stats, the King Jasson class Heavy Cruiser for Star Wars D/6, thank you very much to him for the submission of this cool vessel and we look forwards to hearing more about the Kingdom of Jaresha who built it.

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13/July/2017 Posted by Freddy

        So . . .
        Errr, sorry I guess would be a good place to start.
        So, after my update of May last year, two things became apparent.

        1)- Setting up and running your own company, without enough support is a massive amount of work. (there's more to that story, but I'll not put it here).
        2)- was Broken, and broken badly.

        A combination of hacks, server glitches, and the sheer age of the site (it's 15 years old at time of writing), led to pages having errors all over them, parts of the site were inaccessible, and it just looked pretty poor. So every time I sat down to update the site, I just got depressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done. So I'd back off in terror, and go do something else instead.
        Earlier this year I considered converting the whole site over to WordPress, so it would be fresher looking, and updates to the code wouldn't be my problem. But there's no easy way to transfer the 4560 sets of stats on the site to WordPress, and again the work involved looked overwhelming.

        BUT. I sat down for around 10 hours yesterday, and began methodically working my way through some of the problems the site was having, I restored access to the old update pages, I removed some 24678 html errors across 1089 pages, I deleted some 1000 pages that hackers had dumped onto the server at some point last year. The results of which is that I can now bear to look at the site without breaking out into cold sweats.
        Don't get me wrong, I'm aware there are a shedload of updates still to be done, the site isn't mobile compatible, and there are still a bunch of HTML errors all over the place which make some pages look like crap (to be completely honest). But I can live with the site as it is, and fix these whenever I get the chance.
        So hopefully I can get on with updating the content of the site on a semi-regular basis (although that said I'm off away on holiday next week, so there will be an instant break).

Anyway . . .

        Over the downtime, I've received two contributions to the site, firstly one from the always brilliant Alex Panzerkit, Assan New Standard Sporting Blaster Pistol, and the second from the amazingly generous Simon Lucas,
Star Wars Second Edition GM Screen. Many thanks to them both.

        So, now I'm off to reply to emails dating back as far as 2014, again apologies to everyone involved.


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