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March/2012 UPDATES

26/March/2012 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello everyone.  Long time, no see. 

Been an interesting year....let's never do it again!My apologies to Freddy and everyone with interest in the site for not being more active here.  It's been hell, and my focus has been elsewhere.  But, I had some time, so thought I'd log in and see what was going on.

All of the Gundam stuff is reorganized and placed in proper order (I hope!), and I'd been wanting to do that for a long time.  It's all now under "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM (Various Seres)", so anything Gundam related can be tossed in there.  There are a few other Gundam items floating around, good stuff made by people before I ever came to the site.  I'll add their stuff to the Gundam category as I get to it, unles Freddy wants it otherwise.

The Macross/Robotech stuff is started in that direction as well.  I came across some old stuff I'd written up from Macross Zero and put it all under "Macross/Robotech", but there's some more still floating around.


And I've recategorized the Go'A'Uld stuff from Stargate too.  It's now under "Stargate" in Starships D6, but since the site won't let me use apostrophies, it's spelled "Goauld".  I had originally intended these to be the first of a long span of Stargate ship stats, but again I got sidetracked and found something else to catch my interest ("Ooh, shiny!").  Looking at this stuff, and Macross/Robotech, Battlestar Galactica, Gundam, I see there's still so much I could do.  Gimme time and we'll see...

I hope everyone is doing well, and still grabbing a game of D6 when they can.  I haven't had the chance to stay into it.  It's a great system, but sometimes, people can make a good thing not as great as it should be.

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22/March/2012 Posted by Freddy

        When I was young I collected Star Wars figures, in fact I had an R2-D2 figure long before I ever saw Star Wars (but I was aware who he was because of clips shown on TV). My family wasn't rich, and while I managed to get a significant selection of figures over the years, and managed to pick up some vehicles second hand, most of the vehicles and playsets were far beyond my capabilities to acquire.
        But there were a selection of vehicles that were released to be "budget", these were the Mini-Rigs. Looking at them now, they look to be basic, with few moving parts. But to the 10 year old me, they were marvellous, any defects in design were covered by lashings of imagination. These were small tanks and walkers, even starships for a single figure, and they inspired my action figures to many adventures.
        Well, in my last update I did one of the Mini-Rigs, so I thought I'd fill in the rest. So today I've added, Ubrikkian Industries Desert Sail-20 Skiff, PDT-8 Personnel Deployment Transport, MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon, CAP-2 Captivator and AST-5 Armored Sentinel Transport to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles section, and Cygnus Spaceworks ISP-6 Imperial Shuttle Pod, INT-4 Interceptor to the Star Wars D/6 Starships section of the Site.
        Hope you like them as much as I loved my CAP-2 and MLC-3 when I was a kid.

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