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Eno Cordova (Human Jedi Master)

Eno Cordova (Human Jedi Master)
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14/October/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Well here's the final batch of stats from Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost 6, and today we've added Feena DAsta & Clone (Human Imperial Politician), Ragez DAsta (Human Imperial Politician), Mirith Sinn (Human New Republic Commander), & Kir Kanos (Human Imperial Royal Guardsman) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section.
        I had a few problems with Kir Kanos, as my instinct isn't to give characters too high stats, but I felt that Kir Kanos should be up there with the characters from the movies, so should have 9D, 10D or 11D skills. But that just felt silly to me, so I went with my instincts.
        But I'm interested what everyone thinks. Should he be up there with skills in the double digits? Or is skills at 8D already high enough for a talented fighter like Kanos?

        Anyway, that's Crimson Empire dealt with, and I'm going to take my usual week break before starting up with anything else. And when I'm back I'm going to do a Video Game for a change coming to more recent additions to the Star Wars Universe. I'll be dealing with it level by level as I would chapters in a comic or episodes of a tv series. And by then, we'll be reaching The Mandalorian Season 2, so fun times ahead.


Comments made about this Article!

14/Oct/2020 18:42:19 Posted by princedarkstorm

I would place Kir on movie /novel level characters after all he is able to defeat a Force User and destroy a star destroyer in the first series!

14/Oct/2020 23:14:39 Posted by cjhaacke

He shot down a TIE with a hand blaster, turned the tides of battles single-handedly, and was the only thing Carnor Jax feared. Among other feats. I've seen NPC's from the RPG with higher stats who did lesser things.

17/Oct/2020 17:18:22 Posted by

I agree with princedarkstorm - Kir is definitely a hero in this series. As to your next adventure - I hope you cover the Jedi Academy! :)

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