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25/January/2021 Posted by Freddy

        Today there's a bumper crop of stats from Dark Empire II 3: World of the Ancient Sith, and we've added Ysanna, & Projectile Guidance to the Star Wars D/6 The Force Section, Concussion bow to the Star Wars D/6 Weapons Section, Salvager Three, Jedi Explorer, & Imperial hunter to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, Sa-Di (Human Dark Side Adept), Nefta (Humanoid Dark Side Adept), & Sedriss QL (Human Imperial Executor) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, & T-77 Experimental Airspeeder to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicless Section of the Site.

        I maybe got a little overexcited with all of the stats today (so don't expect so many every day), as I've used the Ysanna before. I've mentioned before that I once ran a Force Users campaign, where members of different types of Force Users came together to deal with a threat to The Force itself. So players could play as Jedi, Teepo Paladins, Shimuran Monks, etc, and one of the options I made available was the Ysanna, who don't use Lightsabers, but instead use the force to guide Arrows towards their targets. So I also made the Projectile Guidance force power, which adds their Sense to their combat skill (as Lightsaber Combat does) and their Control to the weapons damage (as Lightsaber Combat does). And while it allows the user to attack at long ranges (unlike Lightsaber Combat) it offers no help to defence, making the Ysanna (or other users of it) vulnerable at close range.


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