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29/January/2021 Posted by Freddy

        Today we've got our review of Dark Empire II 5: The Galaxy Weapon, and we've added Umak Leth (Human Scientist), Xecr Nist (Human Dark Side Adept), Tedryn-Sha (Human Dark Side Adept), & Ussor (Ganathan Captain) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, Tripod laser to the Star Wars D/6 Weapons Section, & Chrysalide to the Star Wars D/6 Creatures Section of the Site.

        Just a couple of comments, firstly, SO MANY DARK SIDE ADEPTS! Dark Empire just has so many Dark Side Adepts, the prequels state "Only 2 there are, a Master and an Apprentice". Well, I've done 6 Dark Siders in Dark Empire 2 alone, and I'm pretty sure I've missed some. So much for the rule of two. Secondly, the Chrysalide is an updated version of the Chrysalide Rancor which has been on the site since it's early days, I've updated the stats slightly, as the 6D strength + 3D Damage on a Walker Scale Creature was ridiculous, but also because I'm curious. As part of the Google Advertising on the site, I get status reports on what content is allowed and which isn't. Sometimes these reports are strange (last week I was told the Characters menu was blocked due to Sexual Content, which I appealed and won), but every week I get told that the Chrysalide Rancor, and the Florn Lamproid are both blocked due to "Shocking Content", despite them both being from movies which were (at least here in the UK) rated as Universal, so watchable by children. Anyway, I'll be intrigued to see whether the new version gets banned too.


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