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27/December/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

   Just a quick thing of notice for everyone.  I adjusted the Damage of the M6 handguns I've been adding with all the Halo weapons.  The reason is, I was looking through Gundarks Fantastic Technologies earlier today.  There is a weapon in there called the Morelian Slugthrower.  I had seen this handgun many times before, but never noticed that 'Model' showed it as a .48 caliber gun.  I had always wondered that, as it would have made a good reference for firearms in Star Wars D6 between Damage and the size of the ammunition used in the weapon.  And now I know!

   For the Halo weapons, its been a mix of "how would this work with the detailed information (if any) in real life?", "How does it feel when playing Halo?", and "how would it work in Star Wars?"  Between these three thoughts, it's not always easy to convert something.  Some are easy, and some aren't.  With Halo weapons, I based my conversions more on how they felt when used in the Halo videogames, and how that feeling would translate into Star Wars D6 (which also gives me an idea of how tough the aliens would be when they get written up and statted out!).

   I thought I had it figured out (more or less), but then I came across the Morelian .48 again and saw the damage and bullet size.  I made me realize a change was needed, slight but I felt necissary.  So, I hopped on here late at night to at least alter the M6 handguns and make them reflect this, as they are supposed to use a .50 caliber bullet, though have different strengths in different Halo games.  The rest of the firearms probably need a touchup too, but I'll get to them as I go.

   I hope this little realization sparks interest in some people.  Happy upcoming New Years, everyone!

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