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Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited MIning Explorer
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Chiss Star Destroyer View Update

06/February/2014 Posted by HellStormer1

So I've been watching Babylon 5 again.  It's a show I've loved since it first aired in the 90s.  But when I saw it I was a kid and didn't understand the deeper parts of the plot and character development (I was paying more attention to the cool starships, lol).  Now that i've been watching it again, I'm also being blown away and amazed by it also all over again.  Fantastic series, despite what anyone out there says.  J. Michael Straczinsky knows his stuff.  So, I wanted to take a crack at some ships from the series.  I know we already have some on here, and they are very well done I think.  But sometimes I like to take a crack at something myself, do the homework, see what kind of approach I'd take on things.  And this way we get more variety in what to use.  The different stats could even be variants of that class of ship.  So today I give you Earthforce Olympus Class Corvette, Earthforce Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser, Earthforce Nova Class Dreadnought, Earthforce Omega Class Destroyer, Starfury Space Fighter and Starfury Thunderbolt Transatmospheric Fighter, all for Babylon 5 Earthforce package part 1.  Enjoy!  *Feb 4* Hopped back on to modify the Omega Destroyer's Fusion Launchers, as well as the Starfury and Starfury thunderbolt, mostly over/under powered balance issues.  *couple days later* Thanks to a call-out from a fan of the site, the Nova Dreadnought is fixed!

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