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General Bernard Vota (Human Imperial Officer)

General Bernard Vota (Human Imperial Officer)


Admiral Frantis Griss (First Order Officer)

Admiral Frantis Griss (First Order Officer) View Update

17/February/2014 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello everyone.  Today we bring you Babylon 5 Earth Alliance package part 4.  Today is a bit of a treat for anyone who loves Corellian ships like the YT series.  In B5, there was this space trabsport that kept popping up through the series, and there were several variants to it.  After watching the series again recently, i got the idea that this ship could be Babylon 5's version of a YT series of ships made in different modular configurations as needed.  So I did some hunting for any pics I could find, and here's a few of the ones I've done so far: Earth Alliance Skylark 500, Earth Alliance Skylark 550, Earth Alliance Skylark 600, Earth Alliance Skylark 650, Earth Alliance Skylark 670, Earth Alliance Skylark 700, Earth Alliance Skylark 720, and Earth Alliance Skylark 790 with more to come.  "Skylark" was just a name I found for these transports online, and I figured let it stick as these ships needed a name.  For other competeing transports we have Earth Alliance TA-150 transport and Earth Alliance TA-300 Transport, the bigger capital version to the TA-150 (and a handy variant for anyone who thinks the TA-150 should be larger).  Also introducing the Earth Alliance Kestrel Shuttle, a transatmospheric transport that was about as common as the crew shuttles and Skylarks, even more so in crusade.  The Icarus, the ship that left on its fated journey to kick off the Second Shadow War.  The Skydancer, the heavily modified crew shuttle variant made survey ship and owned by Catherine Sakai.  There's also the Earthforce Troop Transport, a ship that only made an appearance once or twice in the series.  Finding a pic of this one was very hard, as any scenery from footage wasn't very good and this one pic used here was the best i could find online (if anyone can find a better pic, i'd gladly swap it out!).  Last but not least, we have the Earthforce Warlock Destroyer, the mightiest ship ever built by the Earth Alliance for Earthforce use (if you don't include the Excalibur and Victory, which were technically Interstellar Alliance property, also coming up in the future!).  Except for a few more ships, that about wraps it up for Earth Alliance/Earthforce, then we move on to other races and organizations.  Anyone have a favorite they'd like to see first?

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