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28/September/2017 Posted by Freddy

        Okay today was a ridiculously busy day, and at 10pm I'm sitting down for the first time since lunch time today, so not as many additions today as yesterday, and I've not really kept to my promise and I've chosen to do something a little easier given the limited time still available today.

        So day 6 of The Force Awakens week here on, and I've added the Blarina, the Dybrinthe, and the Teedo to the Star Wars D/6 Characters/Species Section. All of which I'm hugely impressed with, the Special Abilities, and Story Factors all seemed to fall perfectly in place for these three. I've also added Guavian security soldiers to the Star Wars D/6 Characters/Non-Player Characters Section. And todays Major NPC is Maz Kanata the Pirate Queen of the Galaxy, which I've added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters/Major Non-Player Characters Section of the Site.

        So, tomorrow, I'm going to do a big roundup of different First Order Troop types, and General Armitage Hux. I guess Planets, plus a bunch of other NPC's aren't going to make it into Force Awakens week, as I intend to start doing Clone Wars Season 2 on Saturday. Please remind me not to be so stupid if I promise to stat out an entire film in a week again, it's avoidable pressure, and is just a sign of my crazy leaking out into the real world.


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