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28/November/2018 Posted by Freddy

So what happens now?

        Well, we're coming to the end of the weeks hiatus I take between seasons of reviews, and during this week I've been doing a little maintenance around the site, so the Twitter integration should work better now, although I've yet to fix the connection with Facebook.
        So, with Clone Wars finished, and Rebels finished, what am I going to do next?
        Resistance has been plodding along, and we've got Forces of Destiny, or even the original Clone Wars series. Hell, we've even got the old Droids and Ewoks cartoons and movies to cover at some point!
        But, for the moment, I've decided to move onto another media for a while, and I'm going to work my way through the original run of Marvel Star Wars comics from 1977.
        Now, originally I read the UK imprint of these comics, which compiled other stories along with Star Wars, so had the joy of being first exposed to Deathlok, Killraven, War of the Worlds, and many other stories too. But the copies I've now got access to are the US version, so I'll only be covering the Star Wars stories.
        Now obviously some of these cover the movies over multiple issues, so the movies I'll group together into a single review, and only cover any differences or noteworthy content. But each of the other stories I'll cover issue by issue, and then provide stats for anything in the issues.
        Some of these stories I remember as absolute classics, but others were pretty much dross, so we'll find out if there's gems of Star Wars content in there, or whether 6 year old Freddy was a poor judge of quality. So see you tomorrow for the first 6 issues covering A New Hope.


        Oh, and the attached cover is that of Issue 2, the first issue I got as a child, given it by my cousin Troy. I still own that copy to this day.

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