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30/March/2019 Posted by Freddy

        A wee bunch of additions to the site today, based on the subject of yesterdays review of, Marvel Star Wars Issue 62: Pariah!. Today we've added Em-liy to the Star Wars D/6 Species Section, Ghinji Dros, Shira Elan Colla Brie & Milo Fourstar to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.

        As far as I can tell, the continuing storyline in the Marvel comics has a natural break after the next issue, so that's when I'll be taking my break from the comic reviews to get Resistance stat'ed out.
        And just to make it clear, this is only a break from the comics, I'll be returning to them when I've gone through all of the episodes of Resistance. So 20 days of Resistance updates (there's 21 episodes, but I covered episodes 1+2 as a feature length episode). I've been genuinely enjoying reading the more recent issues, as I never read them when they originally came out, and the stories are being really enjoyable, so I'll be keen to return to them.

        Worth mentioning as well, is that we've got around 50 issues of the Marvel comic left, 20 days of Resistance stat's to do, so in 120(ish) days I'll be done with all of Marvel (including the new commemorative issue which Marvel is producing), and all of the recent Television series. Which was everything I'd thought about when I came back to doing the site around 2 years ago.
        So, the question is, what comes after that? Well, I'm kind of considering the other famous comic series, which we've stat'ed out a little in the past, like the Crimson and Dark Empire series, Tales of the Jedi, etc. Maybe even the Star Wars: Empire and Star Wars: Tales series, or perhaps way back to the old Droids animated series. But if anyone has any ideas of a fairly long running Star Wars series I can start reviewing and Stat'ing after Marvel, let me know and I'll have a look, as I need to routine to keep motivated.


Comments made about this Article!

30/Mar/2019 12:13:42 Posted by

Hey Freddy, personally I'd love to see the entire Dark Horse 'Tales of the Jedi/Dark Lords/Redemption' era stat'd out. To me, the original WEG sourcebook was way below established standards e.g. powerful and legendary JK Nomi Sunrider with Control 1D+1 (who became the Grand Master!) compared with virtually no training Kyp Durron Control 5D+2 from WEG Jedi Academy SB. Ultimately, it's up to you but I am loving what you're doing so keep on going!

03/Jun/2019 01:37:06 Posted by

I think it would be great to have all the new FFG books done to D6 that way the tons of NEW info post WEG and WotC can be used. I currently have all the WotC books in D6, the 3rd Edition (12 Books) and Saga (13 Books) that are available.

03/Jun/2019 21:48:13 Posted by Freddy

You'll never guess how much trouble stats like Nomi Sunriders get me into, as soon as I do a character who to me is reasonable powered, someone will point at an underpowered character and tell me how overpowered I've made mine.

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