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Aratech-Loratus Corporation 125-Z TreadSpeeder Bike

Aratech-Loratus Corporation 125-Z TreadSpeeder Bike

Darth Thanaton (Human Sith Lord)

Darth Thanaton (Human Sith Lord)




        Still feeling lazy, so have only added Massassi (which includes 4 different types of Massassi) and Mandalorians (which includes 2 different types of Mandalorian Soldiers). These have been added to a new page Characters. There will likely only be a small update again tomorrow (but at least there is an update every day), since I have "real life" things to do.


        Feeling lazy today, so have only added Mandalorian Battle Armour to the Star Wars Equipment page, but since this actually includes 4 different types of Mandalorian armour I`ve actually done my quota for today.


        Re-worked the entrance page again using tables to keep the text in a straight column instead of being all messy around the poll. Added Run Bart Run story to the Last Words page. Added Light Repeating Pulse Rifle and SoroSuub Sniper Laser to the Star Wars Equipment page.


        Fixed some of the accreditation on the bottom of pages which I discovered was wrong (thats what I get for cutting and pasting it from page to page, I ended up crediting most of the stuff added to the site in the past week to the "Star Wars Adventure Journal" and I don`t see why they should take the blame). Fixed some mistakes in the "Dork Conspiracy" story, including the truly incredible number of typo`s I`d made, I`m pretty careless at typing at the best of times but that had to be some kind of record. Also added User Poll on the entrance page, I`ll update this from time to time, and once each poll closes I`ll create a page with the results (another task I`ll eventually automate using PHP when I get round to it).


        After yesterdays Droid-fest, todays update will look a little small, but I`m gaming tonight so can`t spend all day in front of my computer, so all I`ve done today is . . . Added Atlira Freighter, Nubian j Type Diplomatic Transport and Republic Star Shuttle to the Star Wars Starships section.


        Added 3D4X Administrative Droid, CZ Secretary Droid, SE-4 Servant Droid, MD Medical Droid, U2C1 Housekeeping Droid, PD Lurrian Protocol Droid, Arakyd RA-7 "Death Star" Droid and Trade Federation Loader Droid to the Star Wars Equipment section.


        Added NovaQuest Starfighter and Raven Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships section, and added new section Planets to my Star Wars section, there are currently three worlds in it Juanna, Korras and Mandalore. It looks as if I won`t actually be away next week after all, which is why I`ve added the planets section tonight.


        Added New Republic Ranger Speeder Bike, All Terrain Tactical Enforcer and Gian Patrol Speeder to the Star Wars Vehicles section. Also today was called and informed that I`ve got some work next week, in Manchester, so will be away from the Internet for a full week, so no updates between 28th July and 2nd August. I`ll try to keep updates going until I leave, but I`ve got quite a bit to prepare before I go, so no guarantees.


        Added new "Last Words" story Blood and added Imperial Heavy Repulsor Tank, Imperial Medium Repulsor Tank and Imperial Light Repulsor Tank to the Star Wars Vehicles section.


        Added new "Last Words" story Dork Conspiracy, added Black Lion Fighter/Bomber and Bothan Drothas Class Cruiser to the Star Wars Starships section.


        Still been playing around with ADSL, but have made sure I did an update today. Added Sith Starfighter, Tie Claw Fighter and Tie Scout to the Star Wars Starships section.


        No updates today because I got ADSL installed and have spent all day playing around with broadband. I have to say, downloading at 54k a second is extremely nice, grabbed the Remastered version of Broken Allegiance (126Mb) in a little over an hour while still web browsing (way cool). And although have had a few problems with it (I had a corrupt password file which wouldn`t let me log onto my ISP, and now my system freezes on bootup if I`ve left my ADSL modem on, grrrr) its definitely a fun new toy. Anyway, I`ll make sure I do updates tomorrow, and have a biggie plnned for Sunday (if I can get it finished).


        Made minor changes to the HTML of a lot of pages, changing the alignment of text and the such (not exactly necessary, but important to me), also added descriptions to the few vehicles and starships which didn`t have them. Nothing else today, have real life things to do.


        Added Last Words story Close the Airport, added Nubian Personal Transport and Nubian Armed Transport to the Star Wars Starships section.


        Added Naboo and Nubia (an explanation) and Cloaking Devices to the Star Wars Campaign section. Updated the way the links section works (I wasn`t including links ot the updated pages because some would come up as the black colour scheme, but remaining within the update pages white title and menu, which I thought looked pretty sh*t, but K suggested that I open the pages in new windows themselves, which I have done).


        Added Horten and Koenig class fighters to the Star Wars Starships section, and Mandalorian Terror Walker to Star Wars vehicles section


        Incorporated new submissions into Boot Hill, and added new story Popcorn, Cakes, Braindead and Sleeping into the "Last Words" section. Added 4P0 Protocol Droid to Star Wars Equipment, and Arwed Freighter to Star Wars Starships.


        Added Korrina Bulk Transport to Star Wars Starships, Power Racer Land Speeder and Hi Flyer Speeder Bike to Star Wars Vehicles and 1p0 Protocol Droid, Imperial R2 Assassin Droid and Guardian Security Droid to the Star Wars Equipment section. Maybe more later. . .


        Added new Last Words story The Curse of Kelly Bundy. Added Night Raider Speeder Bike to Star Wars Vehicles, and E Wing Starfighter to Star Wars Starships.


        New look site uploaded, Boot Hill section added, Last Words section added, Forum added. Site submitted to search engines, and a couple of RPG link sites, I think it can be considered "live" now.


        Over the last 2 days the Web counter has increased by almost 200 counts, since the site has only been submitted to 2 search engines I`m not sure if this is actually visitors or someone (looks pointedly at L) playing with my counter. So I`ve implemented a web tracker courtesy of Extreme Webtracking, which can be accessed by clicking on its icon (somewhere on the home page) or by clicking Here. Since I don`t really like spying on my visitors, I`m going to review this in a month or so, possibly leaving it in place to see if there is an increase in visitors after I submit the site to more search engines and web directories.

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