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STAR WARS : The Palvar Sector Supplement
for use with West End Games' Star Wars the Roleplaying Game

Last Update - 06/02/99

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  -  The Palvar Defense Force
Chapter 2  -  Corporations of the Palvar Sector
Chapter 3  -  The Empire in the Palvar Sector
Chapter 4  -  The New Republic in the Palvar Sector
Chapter 5  -  Pirates, Slavers and Privateers
Chapter 6  -  New Equipment
Chapter 7  -  New Personal Weapons
Chapter 8  -  New Vehicles and Vehicle Weaponry
Chapter 9  -  New Starships
Chapter 10  -  New Planets
Chapter 11  -  New Alien Species
Chapter 12  -  Campaigns and Templates
Credits and Disclaimer

Note: This supplement is best experienced with 640x480 resolution or higher with either Microsoft Word or Microsoft WordPad (Windows 95/98). Other Microsoft word processors will most likely work as well. Compatibility with other text viewing/editing programs is not guaranteed.


In a time of chaos a galaxy is torn as war soon erases peace. Entire sectors fall into bloody fighting as Imperial warlords fight amongst themselves and with others.

The New Republic is still recovering from the massive blow dealt to it by Grand Admiral Thrawn and is now facing new threats as scattered Imperial forces ravaging entire sectors in selfish attempts to gain power. Even with reports of gathering Imperial forces in orbit of Byss, the New Republic can do little but repair its own battered forces and hope that the Empire kills itself off.

Imperial forces engage themselves in what could be called a civil war as warlords wage personal wars on rival warlords. Countless thousands of worlds remain under Imperial control, some being completely bombarded by rival Imperials.

Some, becoming frustrated or simply fearing for their own safety, form their own governments, their own defense fleets, the time for being killed senselessly is no more.

Chapter One - The Palvar Defense Force

The stately Joun Flaish adjusted his collar, which seemed much tighter as he walked toward the immense office. After a brief confirmation with the secretary that he had an appointment he stepped through the large double doors. A single man, rather gaunt in appearance, sat behind an intricately carved desk made from the bone-ivory of the Sashu sea-beasts of Teraii. His slightly grey skin would unnerve one that was not used to it, but Joun had met with this man many times. This skin discoloration, along with his sunken face, gave him a seemingly undead look. All this Joun had grown used to. One thing always left the businessman shaken, though - the eyes. Flaish always got a shiver down his spine when he gazed at those small slits of ice staring back at him, threatening to burn frigid holes to the very core of his being. This made him even more nervous as he prepared to tell his supperior, Aarlis Nacirem, the bad news.

Flaish cleared his throat and began. "Good afternoon, si-"

"Spare me the pleasantries, Mr. Flaish," Nacirem interjected flatly.

Flaish pulled at his collar a bit, trying to keep from appearing nervous. "Yes, sir."

"I trust you have prepared your report on the border incident involving the Slawns?"

"Of course, sir." Joun picked up his datapad and scrolled through it. "The communication logs sent by both the Merrimon and the Impregnable confirm that they were ambushed by a small group of assault corvettes. The exact ammount of ships attacking is unknown, but it was definately over four. We are also unsure who was behind the attack, but Commodore Aouvin has informed me that he believes it was either one of the New Republic's privateers or a raid conducted by the Celmoore pirates."

"Why, Mr. Flaish, were these ships sent to the border in the first place?"

"Well, sir," Flaish began, fidgeting a little, "it appears they received a distress call from a handful of merchant ships. These ships were en route to Itaan and records from their port of leave showed that they carried fairly valuable merchandise. My newly built Slawns, being the only ones prepared to aid them on such short notice, were sent in response to the call." Joun felt he had given a reasonable reply, and let himself calm a bit.

"Let me see if I have all this clear, Mr. Flaish. You heard a distress call from people that claimed to be merchants, sent a pair of newly built Slawns with an inexperienced crew to save the merchants, and don't even know who the attackers were. All this was done without consulting any high ranking militant officers. What arrogance is this that you feel you know how to react in a militant situation when you are only a man in charge of a ship construction facility?" Nacirem's cold eyes and equally cold tone of voice made Joun visibly squirm.

"I... I appologize, sir. The blame falls strictly on myself. I shall take any punishment you deem necessary." Joun hoped he wasn't digging his own grave.

"Of course it falls on you," Aarlis said matter-of-factly.

Joun watched as Nacirem sat in silence for a few seemingly endless moments. He was unsure if he should speak or not; luckily Aarlis broke the quiet before Joun had a chance to decide. "You created this problem. I want you to fix it." Aarlis stood up, signifying that the conversation was through.

Joun was quite relieved. He stood up, nodded to Nacirem, and turned to the door. Just as he reached the door, Aarlis spoke. "Oh and, Mr. Flaish." Joun turned. "I hope for your sake that next time we meet the conditions aren't as bleak."

Joun pulled on his collar once again. He nodded but dared not turn around, not wanting to look at that face any longer. He knew what Nacirem said wasn't a threat, but instead a reminder of what happens to those that fail Kashan Systems' leader one too many times. He exited the room and began thinking of how he could fix this error he had created.


For several decades the galaxy was dominated by an Empire that ruled with an iron fist until an uprising brought death to the Emperor and delivering a fatal blow to the Empire as a whole. With the loss of their leader, the Empire crumbled as several self proclaimed "Warlords" and "Emperors" claimed themselves heir to the Empire. Chaos swept through the galaxy, the pitiful band of rebels that had caused the collapse of the Empire were hastily creating a new government, a New Republic.

Even as the Imperial throne world of Coruscant fell to the advancing New Republic forces, Imperial rule throughout the galaxy remained a fairly common occurance. Regions such as the Inner and Mid Rims remained under harsh Imperial rule for several years after the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor.

The fight for the Mid Rim was fierce as Imperial forces fought long and hard to retain control of those worlds that they claimed were rightfully theirs. Some sectors were able to take advantage of lacking Imperial forces and fought back on their own, sometimes succeeding and sometimes ending in tradegy. There were even those sectors that decided to take advantage of both lacking Imperial and Republic forces, creating their own governments, their own Empires. This is the tale of one such sector, the Palvar Sector.

The Formation of the Palvar Defense Force

During the opening months of Grand Admiral Thrawn's failed campaign against the New Republic, Imperial forces in the Palvar Sector were sent away to aid as the Empire struck back at those who had destroyed the peace and order established by the Empire. Aarlis Nacirem, owner of the sector-wide starship construction corporation Kashan Systems, saw an oppurtunity to realize his dreams of massive personal power and extended profits and took it. Through a bit of questionable business work, Nacirem was finally able to cut a deal with the local Imperial Moff that gave him permission to
upgrade Kashan Systems' corporate defense fleet and create some sort of sector police force in return for apparently nothing.

Aarlis Nacirem wasted no time and officially changed the name of the Kashan Systems Corporate Defense Starfleet to the Palvar Defense Force (PDF). Using Kashan's existing forces was a brilliant move on the part of Nacirem for two reasons: it meant that he would remain in command of the PDF no matter what forces were donated by other worlds and opened up several new business oppurtunities that would further enable him to boost overall profits and perhaps set a few footholds that would eventually enable Kashan Systems to rival such companies as Corellian Engineering Corporations and Kuat Drive Yards.

Aarlis Nacirem

Aarlis Nacirem, age 56, owner of Kashan Systems, military head of the Palvar Defense Force, is perhaps the coldest being anywhere in the entire Palvar Sector.

Through several brilliant moves, Aarlis created a sector-wide defense force after Imperial forces in the sector became too sparse to keep control of all inhabited worlds. Using his corporate fleet which he had slowly built up over the years after gaining permission of the local Moff through a bit of black mail, he was able to appoint himself head of this new protective agency, the Palvar Defense Force.

He is a man driven by money, but unlike many that become consumed by wealth, he remains realistic and cunning. Many thousand have been killed in the name of his profit, often times by him personally. Those who dare stand in his way, such as the New Republic, are quick to become his enemy, and his enemies soon become the enemies of the PDF (which just happens to wield more firepower than a standard Imperial Sector Force).

Through all of the drama that comes with power and wealth, Aarlis still finds time to carry out his duties as the head of the PDF, usually giving orders and reviewing priority reports from his luxurious office in Kashan Systems' main office. However, he has been known to spend quite a bit of time onboard the PDF's flagship, a modified Duom-class star cruiser known as the Blood of Kashan.

Type: Corporate owner, PDF commander
Species: Hunam
Gender: Male
Height: 1.91 meters
Weight: 72.1 kilograms
Age: 56

Physical Description:
Aarlis Nacirem is one of a handful of a near-human race known as the Hunams left in the galaxy. Aarlis is a tall and slender man in his mid-fifties. He has pale grey skin which is accented by his bright blue eyes and dark grey hair. His face is slightly sunken in and his eyes often appear as thin slits of blue.

Aarlis Nacirem is a cold man, sentencing several thousand men, women and aliens to death, slaverly, or life imprisonment with little more than a thought. Profit drives him, anything standing in the way of expanded profit is simply destroyed. Aarlis did not make it to a position of wealth and power by being ignorant and short-sighted. He is a very intelligent and cunning man and is perhaps more dangerous than the most powerful Imperial warlords.

A Quote: "When someone refers to Kashan, they are referring to myself."

Blaster: 4D
Dodge: 7D
Alien species: 5D
Bureaucracy: Palvar Defense Force: 9D+2
Business: 11D
Languages: 6D
Planetary systems: 7D
Streetwise: Kashan: 6D+1
Survival: 5D+2
Tactics: 7D+1
Willpower: 8D
Bargain: 7D+2
Command: 9D
Con: 6D
Persuasion: 7D

Story Factors:
Devious: Hunams tend to be fairly devious and spiteful and will often times get extreme kicks out of out smarting someone or something else. They often times become enraged when someone tricks them in anyway at all.

Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 7
Character Points: 39

flashy clothing, assorted pieces of jewelry, hold-out blaster (3D+2), encrypted comlink

PDF Political Structure

The PDF is commanded solely by Admiral and Command and Chief Aarlis Nacirem. Nacirem does maintain a full advisory board to advise him in both political and military matters. To further insure that member worlds have a feeling of belonging, the PDF has a small senate-like council where one
representative from each member world may voice his or her concerns about their world's situation and the future of the sector. This council has no real power (even though they believe they do) and Aarlis Nacirem has sole authority on all actions taken by the PDF.

Political Command Structure Diagram:
(may look odd in a non-fixed width font)

[Aarlis Nacirem]------[Advisory Committee]
|        |
       |-------------[Board of Internal Affairs]
|        |
|     [PDF Membership Council]
|----------------[Kashan Systems]
|        |
   [PDF Military Command]--[Starship Construction]

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was formed by Aarlis Nacirem to aid him in military related affairs as Nacirem has no real military experience himself. The board is made up of ten members that include an ex-Imperial Major General, his top military commanders, and weapons systems specialist.

The Advisory Committee also advises the Board of Internal Affairs when needed and can even overrule decisions made by the Board should the Committee feel strongly that a mistake is being made.

Board of Internal Affairs

The Board of Internal Affairs deals with internal PDF problems such as budgets, deployment, and overseeing applications for new member worlds. Should a world be approved for admittance by the Board, a recommendation is then sent to the elected representatives from each world (also known as the PDF Membership Council) for final approval.

PDF Membership Council

The PDF Membership Council is nothing more than a political tool used by Aarlis Nacirem to keep PDF member worlds happy by creating the illusion that each member world has a say in the way the PDF is run. In reality the Council does little more than bicker with each other, occasionally reviewing a membership application and resubmitting it to Mr. Nacirem for final approval. Even though the Council does overlook the applications, they do not retain the power to deny or approve membership. The Council is to review the applying world's history and check to see if there may be a conflict of interests that may result in future problems if said world is admitted into the PDF.

PDF Military Structure

The Palvar Defense Force Navy operates under many of the same guidelines as the Empire, designating specific types of lines and assault forces for specific tasks.

The PDF ranking structure is simple, with protocol dictating that any Army officer of equivalent rank to a Navy officer must yield command to the Navy officer as the Navy plays a larger role in the PDF than the army.

Navy Navy Trooper Corps Army
Admiral - -
Commodore - Marshall
Line Captain General General
Captain Colonel Colonel
Commander Major Major
Senior Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
Ensign/Midshipman Master Sergeant Master Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Sergeant
Petty Officer - -

Navy Navy Trooper Corps Army
- Corporal Corporal
Senior Deckman Senior Trooper -
Deckman Trooper Private

Palvar Defense Force Navy

The Palvar Defense Force Navy (PDFN) is the backbone of the defensive force that makes up the PDF military. The PDF Navy insures the sovereignty of the Palvar Sector mainly from Imperial forces who would like to take the sector back under their control via force. With a maintained defense fleet to deter any outside attack, the worlds of the Palvar Defense Force are able to function more freely than they would be able to under the Empire or the New Republic.

The Navy falls under the direct command of Aarlis Nacirem who carries the rank of admiral for the job. While technically in command, his top military advisors are usually the ones who issue orders and strategically deploy the fleet across the sector.

To get a quick understanding of the organization of the PDF Navy, use the following reference:

Command A single ship command.
     Commanded by a Captain.
Picket Line A unit ranging from 1 to 4 light to medium cruisers that is
typically assigned to sector patrols.
Commanded by a Line Captain.
Defense Line A unit ranging from 1 to 10 starships that is typically assigned
to defend a particular star system.
Commanded by a Line Captain.
Squadron Normally 11 to 20 starships.
Commanded by a Commodore.
Fleet The entire Naval force deployed throughout the Palvar Sector.
Commanded by Admiral Aarlis Nacirem.

Standard PDF protocol clearly outlines what should be done in certain situations but does not limit a commanding officer to follow the protocol exactly (something many Imperial commanders tend to do). This gives PDF captains more flexibility and a sense of freedom in their post which promotes a higher rate of loyalty.

Palvar Defense Force Navy Troopers

PDF Navy Troopers make up for the bulk of the fighting force that is called upon to perform a variety of missions that range from ship boarding operations to full fledged surface assaults.

PDF navy troopers are trained in various forms of combat, including zero-gravity combat. They are trained shortly in starship operation and repair so that they may be effective during most emergencies on ship if needed. During boarding operations, they will load into boarding shuttles in platoon strength and cut their way into enemy starships. Standard PDF protocol calls for a squad of troopers in armored space suits to walk alongthe hull of a target vessel and plant charges on all airlocks, blasting them open, and exposing that region of the ship to vacuum, thus reducing on board resistance. Many PDF commanders tend to overlook this rule, as they want the ship in mostly working order. When on an enemy vessel, half of the troopers will be given stun grenades for their micro-grenade launcher, the other half get a pair of smoke grenades. The smoke grenades are generally fired into every new corridor and/or room that the boarding team comes across, reducing visibility for the enemy while infrared goggles provide vision for the navy troopers.

The typical PDF navy trooper uniform consists of a dark grey jumpsuit with the letters 'KS' on either shoulder (the letters 'PDF' appear on new recruits). Worn over the jumpsuit is usually a piece of armor such as a blast vest with several small pockets that tend to be used to hold extra blaster clips. Additional protection is provided by light leg armor that covers the thigh, sturdy black knee high boots, a pair of regulation black gloves.

Type: Typical PDF navy trooper
Blaster: 3D+2
Blaster: blaster carbines: 5D
Brawling parry: 3D+1
Dodge: 4D
Grenade: 3D+2
Melee combat: vibroknife: 5D
Melee parry: 3D+1
Missile weapons: 4D
Survival: space: 4D
Space transports: 3D+1
Starship gunnery: 3D
Climbing/jumping: 2D+1
Stamina: 3D
Computer programming/repair: 3D
Demolitions: 4D+2
Security: 4D
Space transports repair: 4D
Starship weapon repair: 4D+1

Move: 10
Character Points: Varies, typically 1-4

Kashan TTI-S blaster carbine (4D+2; micro-grenade launcher 5D stun damage), blaster pistol (4D), vibroknife (STR+1D), 2 grenades (5D), infrared goggles, protective armor (+1D physical, +1 energy), comlink, armored space suit (+2D versus energy and +1D versus physical damange, -1D from Dexterity and related skills in gravity)

Note: Some troopers receive more specialized training accounting for varying skill levels.

Palvar Defense Force Spacetroopers

While all PDF navy troopers are trained in zero-g combat there is a select group that specialize in it, the PDF Spacetrooper Corps. These spacetroopers are typically only found on the largest cruisers in the PDF fleet and are often called upon to do the tougher boarding operations while the standard PDF navy troopers are held in reserve.

Standard PDF protocol calls for a squad of troopers in armored space suits to walk along the hull of a target vessel and plant charges on all airlocks, blasting them open, and exposing that region of the ship to vacuum, thus reducing on board resistance. Many PDF commanders tend to overlook this rule, as they want the ship in mostly working order. When on an enemy vessel, half of the troopers will be given stun grenades for their micro-grenade launcher, the other half get a pair of smoke grenades. The smoke grenades are generally fired into every new corridor and/or room that the boarding team comes across, reducing visibility for the enemy while infrared goggles that are built into their suits provide vision for the spacetroopers.

Type: Typical PDF zero-gravity combat trooper
Blaster: 4D+2
Blaster: blaster rifles: 6D
Dodge: 5D
Firearms: railgun pistols: 4D+2
Grenade: 4D
Melee combat: vibroblade: 7D
Melee parry: 3D+2
Missile weapons: 4D
Survival: space: 8D
Space transports: 4D
Starship gunnery: 3D
Stamina: 5D
Armor repair: 4D
Blaster repair: 3D+2
Demolitions: 6D
Firearms repair: 3D+1
Security: 5D
Space transports repair: 4D+1
Starship weapon repair: 4D

Move: 10
Character Points: Varies, typically 2-4

Kashan B-12 blaster rifle (6D), Kashan railgun pistol (5D+2), heavy blaster pistol (5D), vibroblade (STR+3D), 6 grenades (5D), comlink, medpac, armored vacuum suit (+1D to resist damage, -2  from Dexterity and all related skills)

Palvar Defense Force Army

The Palvar Defense Force Army (PDFA) is extremely small in comparison to the massive hordes of Navy troopers that are in service of the PDF and perform the same roles as your typical army infantry. The PDF Army is considered the elite men and women of the PDF and are only called upon when a job is too much for PDF navy troopers to carry out.

Each PDF heavy cruiser carries at least anywhere from a squad to a full platoon of army troopers that rarely see any action as hordes of navy troopers on board tend to do everything. Most of the PDF army is stationed on Kashan, with a handful on each of the other member worlds to keep the local governments happy.

Palvar Defense Force Army Troopers

Army troopers receive extensive training in various combat techniques as well as instruction in the operation of combat vehicles. When deployed as a squad of eight men, each trooper usually rides a PDF swoop, if terrain permits.

PDF troopers take pride in their swoops and often times a squad will elect some sort of mascot and paint its likeness on their swoops. The swoops enable army troopers to easily get from one place to another while on patrol and often times provide the extra firepower needed during light assaults.

The typical PDF army trooper uniform consists of a dark green jumpsuit with the letters 'KS' on either shoulder (the letters 'PDF' are rarely seen on anything they wear). Worn over the jumpsuit is usually a piece of armor such as a blast vest with several small pockets that tend to be used to hold extra blaster clips. Additional protection is provided by light leg armor that covers the thigh, black armored knee pads, and sturdy black knee high boots. Following PDF regulations, all troopers must wear black gloves, some army troopers opt to wear the standard issue ones that the navy troopers wear while others wear black fingerless gloves, this is overlooked in the army, but not in the navy. Topping it all off, an army trooper would wear black elbow pads and a specially designed facemask (facemask is worn only when operating a swoop).

Type: Typical PDF army trooper
Blaster: 5D
Blaster: blaster rifles: 6D
Blaster artillery: 4D+2
Dodge: 6D
Firearms: 4D+2
Grenade: 4D+2
Melee combat: vibroknife: 5D+1
Melee parry: 4D+1
Vehicle blasters: 4D+1
Intimidation: 4D
Law enforcement: 6D
Streetwise: 3D
Survival: 4D
Willpower: 3D
Ground vehicle operation: 4D
Repulsorlift operation: 5D
Swoop operation: 4D
Hide: 4D
Investigation: 4D
Sneak: 5D
Brawling: 4D
Stamina: 5D
Armor repair: 2D+1
Blaster repair: 3D
Demolitions: 5D
Firearms repair: 3D
First aid: 4D

Move: 11
Character Points: Varies, typically 3-7

Kashan B-12 blaster rifle (6D), heavy blaster pistol (5D), vibroknife (STR+1D), 2 grenades (5D), infrared goggles, protective armor (+1D physical, +1 energy), comlink, Preybird swoop

Note: Some troopers receive more specialized training accounting for varying skill levels.

Palvar Defense Force Special Missions Army Troopers

The Palvar Defense Force's special missions troopers are among the best of the best. They are, more or less, the special forces of the Palvar Defense Force. They are hand chosen from the standardized Army and sent into advanced training in almost every aspect of combat. When they complete their months of additional training the special missions troopers are given tatoos with their squad's insignia and put into the cycle of combat missions.

Typical missions profiles include infiltration, assassination, pathfinding, escorting, scouting, demolition and just about anything else that Army Command has to throw at them. They are expected to be able to succeed at any mission and are usually sent out in teams of eight to twenty depending upon the mission.

The typical PDF special missions army trooper uniform consists of a dark grey jumpsuit with the letters 'PDF' on either shoulder (the letters 'PDF' are rarely seen on the uniforms of any other PDF military uniform, usually the 'KS' insignia is worn). Worn over the jumpsuit (during field operations) is usually a piece of armor such as a blast vest (always black in color) with several small pockets that tend to be used to hold extra blaster clips. Additional protection in the field is provided by light leg armor that covers the thigh, black armored knee pads, and sturdy black knee high boots. Following PDF regulations, all troopers must wear black gloves, some army troopers opt to wear the standard issue ones that the navy troopers wear while others wear black fingerless gloves, this is overlooked in the army, but not in the navy. Topping it all off, an army special missions trooper would wear black elbow pads and a specially designed facemask which serves three purposes; to hide their identity, to filter out any harmful gases and to provide facial protection.

Type: Typical PDF special missions army trooper
Blaster: 7D
Blaster: blaster rifles: 7D+2
Blaster artillery: 5D
Dodge: 6D+1
Firearms: 5D+1
Grenade: 6D
Melee combat: 5D
Melee combat: vibroknife: 6D
Melee parry: 5D
Vehicle blasters: 4D+2
Intimidation: 4D+2
Law enforcement: 6D+1
Streetwise: 4D
Survival: 6D
Willpower: 3D+1
Beast riding: 5D
Ground vehicle operation: 5D
Repulsorlift operation: 5D+1
Space transports: 4D+1
Swoop operation: 6D
Hide: 4D+1
Investigation: 6D
Search: 5D+2
Sneak: 7D
Brawling: 4D+1
Brawling: martial arts: 6D
Stamina: 5D+1
Armor repair: 2D+2
Blaster repair: 3D+2
Demolitions: 5D+2
Firearms repair: 3D+1
First aid: 4D

Move: 11
Force Points: Varies, typically 0-2
Character Points: Varies, typically 5-10

Kashan B-12 blaster rifle (6D), Kashan XT-3 heavy blaster pistol (5D), hold-out blaster (3D+2), vibroknife (STR+1D), 4 grenades (5D), multi-task helmet (+1D physical, +1 energy (head); built in breath mask, comlink and infrared/night vision goggles), blast vest (+1D physical, +1 energy (torso)), Preybird swoop

Note: Some troopers receive more specialized training accounting for varying skill levels.

Palvar Defense Force Delta Zero Operatives

While the Palvar Defense Force's special missions troopers are essentially the special forces of the Palvar Defense Force, they are not the most elite. There is a small and highly classified platoon known only as "Delta Zero" within the Palvar Defense Force. Delta Zero represents the top operatives in the Palvar Defense Force and no records are kept of their existance.

Delta Zero is perhaps the closest thing that the Palvar Defense Force has to a dedicated intelligence operations bureau since many of their missions are extremely similar to those performed by both Imperial Intelligence and New Republic Intelligence agents.

Delta Zero operatives are hand chosen from the pool of special missions troopers and sent into additional advanced training in almost every aspect of combat. In the last month of their final training each Delta Zero agent is dropped into the forests of Unfen with nothing more than a survival knife (not even clothing). Each agent must travel for nearly five hundred kilometers through some of the most harsh conditions and terrain on the planet to reach a small military outpost where a Delta Zero shuttle is stationed to take the agent back to the main Delta Zero base for formal induction.

Typical missions profiles for Delta Zero operatives include infiltration, assassination, terrorism or any other dirty work that Aarlis Nacirem needs done. They are expected to be able to succeed at any mission and are usually sent out as solo-agents or in teams of two to ten, depending upon the mission.

Since their typical mission profile requires stealth Delta Zero operatives operate almost completely with silenced slugthrowing weaponry - particularly those made by Belecuu Firearms for their higher quality when compared to the local firearms made by Mestic Munitions.

Type: Typical PDF delta zero operative
Blaster: 7D
Blaster artillery: 5D+1
Brawling parry: 4D+2
Dodge: 6D+1
Firearms: 6D+1
Grenade: 6D
Melee combat: 5D+2
Melee parry: 5D
Vehicle blasters: 4D+2
Alien species: 3D
Intimidation: 4D+2
Languages: 3D+1
Law enforcement: 6D+1
Streetwise: 4D+1
Survival: 6D
Willpower: 3D+2
Beast riding: 5D
Ground vehicle operation: 4D+1
Repulsorlift operation: 5D+1
Swoop operation: 6D+1
Hide: 4D+2
Investigation: 6D+1
Search: 5D+2
Sneak: 7D
Brawling: 4D+2
Brawling: martial arts: 8D
Climbinb/jumping: 4D
Stamina: 6D
Armor repair: 3D
Blaster repair: 4D
Computer programming/repair: 4D+1
Demolitions: 5D+2
First aid: 4D+2
Security: 6D+2

Move: 11
Force Points: Varies, typically 1-3
Character Points: Varies, typically 5-15

Equipment (typical):
silenced Belecuu AR131 assault rifle (5D+2, STR+2D (vibrobayonet)), silenced Belecuu PK12 slugthrower pistol (5D), vibroblade (STR+3D), 4 grenades (5D), multi-task helmet (+1D physical, +1 energy (head); built in breath mask, encrypted comlink and infrared/night vision goggles), light combat armor (+2D/+1D (torso), +1D/+2 (arms and legs), +1D to Sneak if in appropriate terrain), other mission specific equipment

Note: Some troopers receive more specialized training accounting for varying skill levels.

Hired Military Forces

The PDF is not opposed to hiring mercenaries and common scum to perform tasks that their already over deployed military forces cannot be wasted on for one reason of another.


Zapoots are small and relatively annoying creatures that inhabit nearly every inhabitable planet in the Palvar Sector and surrounding areas. They can be found in most lower class areas of almost every major city, frequenting bars and common scum hangouts.

No one knows for sure what planet they originated from and most speculate that their homeworld was destroyed by the Old Republic for the common good of the galaxy.

Zapoots are implanted with an internal bomb at birth that monitors their heartbeat and usually detonates once the heart has stopped beating. For this reason alone, those who know something about Zapoots, will go to great lengths to either avoid them or to simply control themselves and not give into their annoying nature and beat the living tar out of them.

The PDF has been known to hire small groups of Zapoots for minor raids on everything from criminals to Republic to Imperail outposts as even in death the Zapoots cause massive amounts of damage.

Typical Zapoot: Dexterity 2D, knowledge 1D, mechanical 1D, perception 3D, strength 1D, technical 2D

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Skills:
Dexterity: Quick punch: To compensate for their lack of muscle, Zapoots use this technique to punch opponents quickly. Their Sting Gloves, boxing gloves with barbed wire wrapped around them, are the driving force behind this, and cause moderate damage.

Special Abilities:
Internal bomb: Zapoots have an explosive implanted in them at birth. When a Zapoot is killed, the explosive (which monitors their heartbeat) explodes, inflicting 6D+2 damage in an 8 meter radius.

Story Factors:
Annoying: Zapoots are incredibly annoying, and this is unfortunate, because many adventurers want to rip these little SOBs' heads off (and are normally blown up as a result).

Move: 10/11
Size: 1 - 1.5 meters tall

PDF Jurisdiction

The Palvar Defense Force has complete military and police jurisdiction over fourteen of the sixteen inhabited worlds that are no longer under Imperial rule and choose not to join the New Republic for any number of reasons.

Each member world that desires PDF protection because they are unable to adequately defend their own systems is forced to pay monthly installments directly to the PDF Treasury (also known as Kashan Systems). If a world becomes behind on these payments or simply decides to stop paying, they receive a friendly letter from Aarlis Nacirem himself asking that they kindly resume payment. Services, however, are NOT cut off even if a planet refuses to or is unable to make the payments (as most of the payments are actually used to help maintain the fleet and train new officers and soldiers) unless the world requests to leave the protective custody of the PDF. The only two non-aligned worlds in the sector that do not require the helping hand of the PDF are Setec and Wereling, both of which maintain their own small military forces.

Basic PDF membership not only entitles a planet to monthly charges but a system patrol (that is typically made up of 1-4 Slawn-class cruisers) that ranges in size depending upon the location of the planet relative to both Imperial and Republic territory and the amount paid out to the PDF each month. On request only the PDF will deploy ground troops to help maintain the local peace. Most worlds opt to keep at least a platoon of PDF Army troopers and a regiment of PDF Navy troopers that they deploy over their own world as they see fit.

PDF Research and Development

PDF research and development is an extremely important aspect as improved technology means more power and more profit. Aarlis Nacirem personally ordered the creation of a research dedicated company and worked with the owner of Kashan Industries (not a part of Kashan Systems as most people tend to think) to form Kashan Technological Development (KTD).

Kashan Technological Development incorporates the most advanced research facilities in the sector and employs the top scientists as well. They have an entire department dedicated to the advancement of interstellar travel as well as another dedicated to weapons research.

Profits that are made as a direct result from anything developed by KTD are equally shared between Kashan Industries and Kashan Systems.

Relations with the Empire

The Palvar Defense Force was able to grow without Imperial intervention due to a deal struck with Moff Uhlmann, the local Imperial commander. Both Kashan Systems and Kashan Industries openly trade with the local Imperials but maintain no official relationship.

There are several documented incidents where both Imperial and PDF forces have been in stand off, but there has yet to be any open engagements between the two.

Relations with the New Republic

There is little acceptance of the Republic in the Palvar Sector as it is almost entirely dominated by Imperial and PDF forces. The PDF has no open relations with the Republic and due to contrasting interests there will most likely never be any relations in the near future.

The PDF has adopted the old Alliance tactic of hiring privateers to conduct commerce raids, most of which have been targeted against Republic convoys (and a few Imperial convoys as well). Other than commerce raiding on the part of the PDF, there has been no open engagements between the two.

Chapter Two - Corporations of the Palvar Sector

The Palvar Sector has quite a few major corporations locally. This is do mainly in part to the fact that the Palvar Defense Force does not hinder corporate operations within its borders. Trade between corporations and member worlds goes rather unchecked with fairly low tarriffs almost everywhere.

Corporations within the Imperial Palvar Sector often find that Moff Uhlmann's Imperial forces are just as strict, if not stricter, than those imposed by the old Empire before the death of Emperor Palpatine. For the most part, trade to these Imperial worlds is kept at a low level.

Delfii StarDrives (DSD)

Delfii StarDrives is a nickname given to the shipyards and stardocks in orbit of the Imperial main sector outpost on Delfii. Delfi StarDrives readily turns out at least a new frigate or corvette every month or a new heavy cruiser every six months. DSD is owned and operated by Moff Uhlmann's Imperial forces.

Delfii StarDrives has only designed a single starship and that was only a modification of the original TIE/sr Lone Scout design by Sienar. While this starfighter was designed by Delfii, it was only constructed in limited numbers but not on Delfii's main stardocks and shipyards.

Delfii StarDrives was recently expanded with a new weapons division to help supplement the Imperial forces under the command of Moff Uhlmann. This new weapons division was rightfully called Palvar Imperial Munitions.

Kashan Industries (KI)

Kashan Industries is often confused with being a part of Kashan Systems. This, however, is not the case. Kashan Industries is a completely separate company that manufactures everything from blasters to repulsorlifts to medical supplies to foodstuffs. For this reason, Kashan Industries profits heavily by trading goods to Kashan Systems, even at greatly discounted prices (as Kashan Systems needs the supplies and weapons made by Kashan Industries to maintain the bulk of the Palvar Defense Force).

Kashan Industries is based out of Nacan, a city along Kashan's equator. Kashan Industries employs the majority of the workforce in Nacan and even owns the local police (so that any illegal activities on the part of Kashan Industries will go unnoticed).

Kashan Systems (KS)

Kashan Systems is the largest and most powerful corporation in the Palvar Sector and is owned by Aarlis Nacirem. Kashan Systems manufactures a variety of both combat and civilian starships that range from freighters to starfighters to capital starships. Kashan Systems maintains a very large battle fleet which is "dedicated to the protection of Kashan, its citizens, and its common goals." It is this fleet that makes up nearly 95% all of the Palvar Defense Force Navy.

The Palvar Defense Force is more or less a subsidiary of Kashan Systems. The PDF was originally nothing more than Kashan Systems' limited military force with a fancy name. Currently the PDF is more self supporting, bringing in enough credits to pay for fleet maintenance (allowing Kashan Systems to use the credits originally allocated for that elsewhere) and a political tool with which Aarlis Nacirem (KS CEO and PDF C&C) can use to get more of what he wants.

Kashan Systems is based out of Palsheen City in one of Kashan's more habitable areas. Kashan Systems owns nearly 40% of the entire city and offers several low-income housing projects and jobs to the less fortunate citizens of Kashan.

While the planet Kashan is officially ruled by an elected council, the general populace and the council itself tends to listen to what Aarlist Nacirem says, making him the unofficial ruler of Kashan.

Kashan Technological Development (KTD)

Kashan Technological Development is a joint operation between both Kashan Systems and Kashan Industries to further advance technology for the common good of Kashan and the entire Palvar Sector. KDT employs some of the top research scientists and research facilities that the sector has to offer.

All technologic advancements that Kashan Technological Development creates is equally shared (if not in what's produced then in estimated credit value) between Kashan Systems and Kashan Industries.

KTD maintains three active research departments in three separate research facilities (all three locations are kept secret for security reasons).

The first department, Defense Development (commonly referred to as KTD-DD), is responsible for the creation of weapons and defense systems. Everything to come out of KTD-DD is usually manufactured by Kashan Industries and sold on the open market after a predetermined amount is manufactured and given to Kashan Systems.

The second department is Interstellar Commerce Development (KTD-ICD). This department solely researches new concepts to perhaps create an alternative for hyperspace travel. The only thing to so far come out of this department was jumpgate technology, which proved to be quite a bit less advanced than standard hyperspace technology. There is at least one jumpgate in high orbit of Kashan where KTD-ICD maintains a small detachment of research officials who are studying new ways to enhance the jumpgate in a way that it would make them more practical than hyperdrive motivators.

The third and final department is Commercial Development (KTD-CD) which is responsible for developing any number of new gadgets to be sold on the open market that makes life a bit easier. KTD-CD is the most active department that KTD maintains. This department has created a variety of everyday products that have since been manufactured and sold by Kashan Industries.

Mestic Munitions (MM)

Mestic Munitions is a weapons company based off of Kashan that is in fact a subsidiary of Wereling Spaceworks (this is a little known fact). Mestic's main purpose is to spy on both Kashan Industries and Kashan Systems while attempting to cut in on Kashan Industries' weapon contracts.

Mestic supports itself rather successfully by manufacturing a wide range of firearms and selling across most of the surrounding Mid Rim sectors. Firearms sales may support the company but it also produces other products such as a variety of solid fuel missiles, free fall bombs, and target/sensor jammer pods.

Phaalen Incorporated, Ltd. (PIL)

Phaalen Incorporated is one of the Mid Rim's largest suppliers of medical supplies. While the sale of medical supplies supports the company, it also sells almost everything from common place cleaners to generic droids to feed for livestock.

It is important to note that Phaalen Incorporated, Ltd. is actually the legitimate front for the Phaalen family crime syndicate which is based out off of Itaan, a PDF member world. The Phaalen syndicate is responsible for trafficing several million metric tons of narcotics in and out of the sector every year as well as maintaining an active smuggling ring.

Setec Astronomy (SA)

Setec Astronomy deals in many fields and trades many products and services but is perhaps best known for its high quality ion drives.

Setec Astronomy's headquarters is, like many other corporations in the sector, based on Kashan. However, its factories are in orbit of the planet the company is named after, Setec. Setec Astronomy is the sector's only supplier of ion drive engines (Setec Astronomy manufactures literally
hundreds of different models and types for any number of starships).

Setec took a venture into the starship construction market, designing a battle cruiser that they had hoped the PDF would buy in at least limited numbers. Setec built several of the craft, only to realize that the PFD was not interested in buying them. Those few constructed are the sole defending force that protects Setec's numerous orbital factories and space stations at Setec.

Teraii Motor Corporation (TMC)

Teraii Motor Corporation is based on and operated solely on the New Republic world of Teraii. They manufacture several models of civilian airspeeders, landspeeder, submarines and any combination there of.

Wereling Spaceworks (WS)

Wereling Spaceworks is a disaster waiting to happen. It was founded by the  long time pirate/con artist Hesst Nal, who had conned his way into the ruling position of the Wereling colony and eventually (through piracy and quite a bit of luck) founded a profitable company that thrived on manufacturing small starships, such as starfighters and a handful of capital ships.

Wereling Spaceworks' main profit comes mostly from contracted privateers who raid merchant vessels all of the sector, giving Hesst Nal 50% of what they come across in return for a safe haven on Wereling. Other profits come from their subsidiary, Mestic Munitions.

Wereling Spaceworks does maintain a small corporate military force that includes a handful of corvette and frigate scale warships along with full starfighter complements as well as three full unattached starfighter wings that are stationed on Wereling itself and several smaller remote outposts.

Chapter Three - The Empire in the Palvar Sector

The unexpecting pirate vessels broke from their vicious assault on the unarmed bulk freighters at first sight of it. Shock and panic quickly passed through the entire pirate attack force. Why? How? It was too late to worry about that now... a Victory-class Star Destroyer had dropped out of hyperspace directly below the battered old frigate they had been using as a command ship.


"Blast!" cried Zerlin Mast, the latest of a long line of pirates commanding the old frigate, "Angle the shields and direct all fire on a concentrated spot on that star destroyer! Recall all attack craft at once!"


On the bridge of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Almect, Captain Dojl stood confidently watching as the pirate ships broke into utter chaos and the first turbolaser shots began firing from the VSD's forward guns into an old Imperial Nebulon B frigate that the pirates somehow got their hands on.

"Launch two flights of TIE fighters, just enough to occupy the pirate starfighters. Prepare firing sequence, three barrages, turbolasers one through ten, target the engines."

A smirk came across Captain Dojl's face as the frigate returned fire, doing nothing more than lighting up the Almect's forward shields.

"Oh, and prep the assault shuttle for boarding, I want prisoners to deliver to Moff Uhlmann. Besides, the spacetroopers need the practice."


The frigate rocked violently, taking several direct turbolaser blasts to its ventral side. It slowly attempted to lumber away, returning fire as it could but doing no real damage to the much larger Imperial vessel.

The pirate starfighters screamed in, engaging the handful of TIE fighters that the VSD had launched as the frigate retreated. The TIEs were clearly no match for the pirate fighter pilots who had more combat experience than than the top Imperial TIE pilots would ever dream of having.

With pinpoint accuracy, the VSD's gunners made one final and critical blow against the pirate frigate. In a series of three pre-planned barrages, the VSD's turbolasers punched through the frigate's aft shields and instantly vaporized most of the engine array.


Zerlin clenched his fist as he climbed from the floor, the inside lights flickering on and off as the frigate tumbled out of control through space. "I want a damage report you worthless pieces of mynock dung!"

A few moments passed before he realized that his entire bridge crew was dead. A solitary pinging from the sensor console echoed throughout the room, the bombardment from the VSD had ceased which meant only one thing... they wanted either prisoners and/or the ship itself.

Zerlin stumbled over to the communications station attempting to keep his balance as the gravitational systems malfunctioned. He carefully kicked the body of the dead communications officer to the side and pressed down the intercom button, "This is the captain... prepare to repel Imperial spacetroopers."


With the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, complete chaos swept through much of the galaxy. Surviving Imperial forces (which were quite plentiful) began fighting amongst themselves, many declaring themselves "Supreme Warlord," "Supreme Imperial Commander," and a wide variety of other self-induldging titles. In the modern galaxy there are many Empires.

Moff Jerr Uhlmann

Moff Jerr Uhlmann is a slender man in his mid fifties born on the Colony world of Semicle. Uhlmann enrolled in the Imperial Academy on his eighteenth birthday and then was enlisted into the Imperial Navy as a TIE coordinator on board a Carrack light cruiser (not that there's many TIEs to coordinate
on a Carrack). After five years, he applied for an officer position and was promoted to Ensign and served at various posts on various smaller capital ships. Eventually he was awarded his own command onboard the Corellian gunship Nefarious IV. By the age of 39, Uhlmann was finally awarded command of an Imperial Star Destroyer (long before the Imperial-II line began to see construction) and the rank of Line Captain then eventually the rank of Admiral and command of the newly formed Palvar Sector Force.

His first order as commander of the Palvar Sector Force was to go and actually bring the sector under Imperial rule. When the first Imperial forces entered the Palvar Sector, they met with harsh resistance at the planet Kelroy. The Kelroy Navy, though small, put up a fierce fight, destroying an Imperial dreadnaught and numerous TIE fighters before finally being defeated. Admiral Uhlmann, instead of launching the standard ground assault or orbital bombardment, took advantage of a natural weapon. Altering the course of a comet by nearly sixty degrees by use of several explosives and disposable thrusters placed on the comet itself, Uhlmann sent the comet on a direct path toward Kelroy. He quickly set up a blockade around the planet, shut off all outside communications, and assigned a full Imperial escort line to the comet. Five weeks and several attempts by the Kelroy to escape the planet later, the comet (nicknamed Justice by the Imperials assigned to escort it) plunged through Kelroy's atmosphere, impacting on the shore of one of Kelroy's ten continents, instantly leveling several thousand square kilometers and sending a massive tidal wave several kilometers tall across the vast ocean and flooding out the planet's smallest continent completely. A thick dust cloud quickly descended over the planet and within two months, all life on the planet was dead. Other systems, fearing a similar fate, all gave into Imperial rule. Uhlmann was promoted to Moff and given full authority over the sector.

After the Battle of Endor, Uhlmann kept the Palvar Sector under strict Imperial rule, continually fighting off a New Republic task force assigned to the sector. Then, around five years after Palpatine's death, Grand Admiral Thrawn sent out the call to all loyal Imperials to aid in a massive campaign against the New Republic. Uhlmann sent nearly 75% of his forces to aid Thrawn's campaign, but opted to remain and watch over his sector. Within a week, many of the systems went into full rebellion. Without adequate forces to put them all down, Uhlmann was forced to sit by and watch as nearly the entire sector went independent and two systems joined the New Republic. He managed to keep control of the systems immediately surrounding his main base at Delfii and eventually opened trade with Kashan, resupplying his forces himself since the Imperial supply lines to the sector had dried up.

Character Name: Moff Jerr Uhlmann
Type: Imperial Moff
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.74 meters
Weight: 74.6 kilograms
Age: 56

Blaster: 4D
Dodge: 5D
Alien species: 5D
Bureaucracy: Empire: 8D
Cultures: 4D+2
Intimidation: 6D
Languages: 5D
Law enforcement: Empire: 5D
Planetary systems: 7D
Tactics: 5D
Tactics: fleets: 10D
Willpower: 6D+1
Bargain: 5D
Command: 6D
Command: Imperial forces: 10D
Con: 7D
Hide: 5D
Investigation: 7D
Persuasion: 6D
Search: 4D+2

Move: 10
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 8
Character Points: 23

Imperial Palvar Sector Group

The total bulk of the Moff Uhlmann's forces is actually quite small after taking a risk by donating the majority of the starships to Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign in a hope that he could restore the Empire. All hopes were destroyed when Thrawn was killed during the Battle of Bilbringi as even those ships that once belonged to the Palvar Sector Group had been split up and were taken in under other commanders and even served during the Imperial civil war the took place not long afterwards.

The remaining forces constitute roughly one fourth of the average sized Imperial Sector Group. The flagship remains Moff Uhlmann's personal ship, The Imperial-II Star Destroyer Destructor. There are also at least two other Imperial Star Destroyers and at least three Victory Star Destroyers that still remain under Uhlmann's direct command, most dedicated to protecting the star docks in orbit of Delfii.

The sector group is continuously added to as Delfii StarDrives turns out a corvette or frigate about once a month or a heavy cruiser every six months.

The Delf

In general, the Delf are somewhat shorter than the average humans and bear little to no physical resemblance. Delf have been known to have a variety of exotic skin colors, ranging from several shades of blue to odd mixtures of orange and green. The Delf are pipedal humanoids with a stub of a tail that is often curled away for convience. Every Delf has green, slit eyes that aid in night vision. Other facial features include a protruding lower jaw, small nose, and large ears that hug the sides of their heads and run from the jawline and end in a point at the top.

Delf society has remained unchanged for several thousand years, with the exception of the arrival of the Empire on the their planet. The Imperial takeover was considered more or less trivial to the majority of the Delf population, accepting it as a much better idea than enslavement or death. The apparent willingness to conform to the New Order impressed Moff Uhlmann enough to spare the planet the typical strip mining and other hardships that often came to worlds populated by non-humans once the Empire took over. After the collapse of the Empire as a whole, Moff Uhlmann faced a serious shortage of able soldiers and even began conscripting the Delf into the Imperial Army to fill the more tedious jobs that regular troopers could no longer be wasted on.

The Delf are usually very tolerant and it takes a lot of work to upset one. They tend to find some sort of pleasure in lending aid to those who need it, although they do not go out of their way to do so.

Average Delf: Dexerity 2D+1, knowledge 2D, mechanical 2D, perception 1D+2, strength 1D+2, technical 2D

Homeworld: Delfii
Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Night vision: No penalties for darkness.

Story Factors:
Imperial Influence: The Delf surrended their world to the Empire and accepted the Empire as their new just government. The Delf populace was treated with something resembling respect and typically harbor little to no ill feelings toward the Empire as a whole. Those Delf who chose to willing become Imperial citizens were given the full rights of any other Imperial citizen. A few Delf have even been conscripted into the Imperial Army, always being assigned to defense duty on board of a small starship that isn't important enough to waste valuable Human troopers on.

Move: 9/11
Size: 1.3-1.7 meters tall

Imperial Starfighter Organization

The Imperial Sourcebook didn't go into detail about Imperial starfighters, a Sienar Fleet Systems advertisement that displayed pictures of the TIE/ln, TIE/gt, TIE bomber, and TIE interceptor was as close as it came. Since the Imperial starfighters in the Palvar Sector are organized the same way as in the old Empire, Imperial starfighter organization will be explained in detail here.

Imperial starfighters are fairly standardized in Imperial protocol and are organized into several subgroups and catagories. The standard TIE wing is composed of six squadrons which are each comprised of three flights of four TIE fighters each.

According to standard Imperial protocol, TIEs are not to be deployed in anything less than flight strength unless circumstances prevent this from happening. When the Empire had a handful of TIE Defenders, those Imperial commanders that had them at their disposal often deployed them in less
than flight strength, stating that a single TIE Defender was equivalent to at least two or more TIE/ln. This, however, was the only real exception to the rule.

All starfighters, all starships for that matter, tend to be classified according to a specific role that they were designed for and/or succeed in performing. There are four main starfighter classifications that the Empire acknowledges as a requirement to further extend the fighting capacity of its numerous TIE fighters. These classifications are space superiority, interception, bomber/heavy assault fighter, and reconnaissance. In practice, a well commanded combination of craft from each catagory can prove to be a devastatingly effective weapon.

During a deployment of more than one squadron of Imperial starfighters there will typically be a Wing Commander that all squadron leaders will report to and who is a squadron leader himself (usually of the leader of the squadron with the more advanced fighters). Each squadron leader is of
the rank Commander while his second in command (chosen by him) may either be a Second Lieutenant or a Commander himself. All other members of the squadron range in rank from Pilot to Lieutenant.

TIE Pilot Ranks Typical Position Equivalent Navy Rank
Wing Commander Wing Commander Captain
Commander Squadron Leader Commander
Second Lieutenant Squadron XO/Flight Leader Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant Flight Leader Lieutenant
Flight Officer Pilot Ensign/Midshipman
Senior Pilot Pilot Chief Petty Officer
Pilot Pilot Petty Officer

It is important to also remember that there are several other people attached to an Imperial TIE squadron other than the pilots. Maintaining starfighters involves regular maintenance overhauls after every flight, especially after combat (because combat puts added stress on the craft). A squadron may have as few as one and up to as many as a few dozen technicians that do nothing but keep the squadron's ships in fighting condition.

At the Empire's height, a standard TIE wing would consist of 50% standard line fighters (TIE/ln) while the other half was comprised of a variety of other starfighters with more specialized roles. By the time that Grand Admiral Thrawn began his campaign against the New Republic, the standard TIE wing was altered greatly.

Standard Pre-Yavin TIE Wing:
48 TIE starfighters (or TIE/ln)
12 TIE/gt (or TIE bombers)
6 TIE/bc boarding craft
6 TIE/rc recon starfighters

Standard TIE Wing as of Endor:
36 TIE/ln
12 TIE interceptors
12 TIE bombers (or TIE/gt in lower priority commands)
6 TIE/rc recon starfighters (or TIE Vanguard*)
2 TIE/fc fire control starfighters
3 TIE/sr scouts
1 TIE/sh shuttle (or TIE/ts trainer/shuttle)

Standard Thrawn Era TIE Wing:
24 TIE/ln
12 TIE interceptors (or A-9 Vigilance interceptors)
12 TIE Avengers (or 12 more TIE interceptors)
12 Scimitar assault bombers (or TIE bombers)
6 TIE/rc recon starfighters (or TIE Vanguard*)
2 TIE/fc fire control starfighters
3 TIE/sr scouts
1 TIE/sh shuttle

* The TIE Vanguard is in fact a completely different design than the TIE/rc  The TIE/rc is a fighter variant for reconnaissance missions bearing a close resemblance to the TIE fighter; the TIE Vanguard is more of a dedicated reconnaissance craft.

Note that the above does not take into account some of the rarer and limited production model starfighters such as the highly advanced TIE Defender and the older failed TIE/lc landing craft and TIE/bc boarding craft, which were both variants of the TIE Bomber design (see the New Ships section).

There are other starships which should be considered starfighters by definition but are considered too powerful by Imperial Command to be considered starfighters as it would make their famed TIE fighters look inferior. The first of the vessels was the widely deployed Skipray blastboat that was often assigned to patrol duty and sometimes found on board of a Star Destroyer. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin the Empire introduced its first Alpha-class Starwing assault gunboats which proved only to be a weaker and more expensive version of the already proven Skipray. During the attempted coup by Admiral Zaarin, shortly after the Battle of Hoth, the Empire unleashed what was perhaps the most powerful starfighter ever created, the Missileboat. This craft proved wickedly effective, incorporating new technologies such as the SLAM overdrive engines and a starfighter scale tractor beam projector. However, the cost of the Missileboat was its final demise, only around eleven of the craft were ever constructed and five of those were destroyed in the final skirmishes against Zaarin's forces.

Palvar Imperial Munitions

With the fall of the Empire as a whole many supply lines to outlying sectors were cut off. This was the case in the Imperial-held territory in the Palvar sector. Moff Jerr Uhlmann, Imperial commander in the Palvar sector, tried to compensate for the lack of new supplies by buying supplies and weapons from local corporations who jacked up the prices seeing an increased demand in their products. In order to save money (in both manufacturing and shipping), Moff Uhlmann ordered his meager research and development teams to work on a cheaper alternative to the Kashan weaponry that he had been purchasing. The resulting designs that the R&D engineers came up with was transferred to the Delfii factories to go into immediate construction.

Imperial BP-18 Blaster Pistol

The Imperial BP-18 blaster pistol is nothing more than a blatant rip off of the famed BlasTech DL-18 (although many in the R&D department wanted to copy other designs such as the BlasTech DH-17 Imperial blaster or even some of the various older Imperial Munitions designs that were once common throughout the Empire). There isn't much difference between the BP-18 and the DL-18 and
many people are unable to tell the difference.

The BP-18 is sold on the open market on a restricted basis. Only those with the proper permits and/or licenses (bounty hunter, law enforcement, etc). The serial numbers on all BP-18s are recorded so that anyone found possessing can have the serial number checked in the records to see if they are the actual owner. Illegal possession of a BP-18 can result in a 2,000 credit fine and/or up to five years imprisonment.

Model: Palvar Imperial Munitions BP-18
Type: Blaster pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: blaster pistols
Ammo: 100
Cost: 575 credits (power packs: 25)
Availability: 3, F or R
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-10/30/120
Damage: 4D

Imperial BP-19 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Unlike the BP-18 (which was a copy of the BlasTech DL-18), the BP-19 is an actual original design by Palvar Imperial Munitions. The BP-19 trades range and ammunition for increased firepower (just like most other heavy blaster pistols).

The BP-19 is not sold to the public (the BP-18 is on a restricted basis) and is only issued to higher ranking Imperial officers on request.

Model: Palvar Imperial Munitions BP-19
Type: Heavy blaster pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: heavy blaster pistols
Ammo: 35
Cost: 700 credits (power packs: 25)
Availability: 3, X
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-8/20/60
Damage: 4D+2

Imperial CQ-55 Blaster Carbine


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