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Section of Site: EarthdawnBelongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon:

Name: Hill Chicken
LP: 40 (60)
Description: Hill chickens are an unusual flightless bird/snake hybrid that tends to live in the mountains.  Hill chickens come in flocks usually of one cock or rooster and several hens, though sometimes a group of males is encountered.  They eat anything, sometimes including things which are not edible, tend not to be very bright, and are often aggressive.  Roosters are about half the size of  a man, and hens smaller.  They fortunately taste rather like their domestic cousins.  They attack by pecking or slashing with their sharp feet, or can swing their sturdy tail in a non damaging but knockdown inducing attack.

Numbers in parentheses refer to roosters

STR 5 (7) DEX 5 PER 3
TOU 4 (5) WIL 4 CHA 3

Initiative 5
Number of Attacks 1 (2)

Attack Bite/Claw 7 (9)
Damage 7 (9)

Attack Tail Sweep 8 (10)
Damage 9 (11) (Knockdown Only)

Number of Spells NA

Phys Def 6
Spel Def 4
Soci Def 4

Armor 0
Mystic Armor 0
Knockdown 6 (8)
Recovery Tests 1 (2)

Death Rating 27 (31)
Wound Threshold 6 (8)
Unconsciousness Rating 18 (22)

Combat Movement 25
Full Movement 50

Equipment None
Loot None

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