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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Model: Guavian security Cybernetic armor
Type: Personal Battle Armour
Game effects:
         Ablative gorget armor:
                 +2D phys (All)
                 +1D energy (All)

         Central Sensor and Broadcasting Dish:
                 +1D PERC in darkness, smoke and/or against moving targets.

         Evironmental Filter:
                 Blocks most harmful molecules in the atmosphere.

         High frequency data streams Commlink:
                 Using cybernetic interface can be easily and quickly flipped between encrypted channels.

         Arterial chemical shunt:
                 Makes user immune to Stuns.

         Chemical Boost:
                 Boosts users aggression for 2 minutes, adding 3D to Strength, 2D to Perception and 1D to Dexterity. However, user loses 1D from Dex, Str and Per, for 2 hours after use and must rest before next use.

         Sealed Suit:
                 User can survive in vaccuum and under water for 10 minutes.

Description: Cybernetic armor was high-impact armor used by Guavian security soldiers that incorporated segmented gauntlets, flexible armor shin guards, ablative gorget armor, an ammunition pouch, and a utility belt over a red and black jumpsuit. Designed to be worn by cybernetically-enhanced humans, they communicated via high frequency data streams transmitted from the central sensor and broadcasting dish in their faceplates. An arterial chemical shunt worn on the leg acts as a second heart, injecting a secret mixture of chemicals that boost a Guavian's speed and aggressiveness. Cybernetic armor made its user immune to a blaster's stun setting and allowed them to survive in a vacuum and underwater for up to ten minutes. Guavian security soldiers equipped with micro-grenade launchers wore a heavy variant of the armor that offered more protection.

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