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Assan Citizen Soldier Planetary Defense Starfighter

Assan Citizen Soldier Planetary Defense Starfighter

Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The Malestri(Malestrus is the singular) are a little known race which
dwell within a sector in the Mid Rim. The Mael Sector, as it is called,
is inhabited only in the Malestrom System; the other systems found within
the sector contain lifeless wastelands of planets. The ruins found on
each of these desolate planets are a testament to the cruel nature of
the Malestri.

The Malestri are thin, agile bipedal humanoids, with either purple, gray,
or black skin. Their ears are slightly pointed, and their noses are like
that of typical humans. Their eyes are luminescent, like those of feline
predators, and are typically shades of green or yellow. Their hair, often
kept shoulder-length (as is the fashion among them) is blue, white, copper,
or silver. Silver is a very rare hair color, and is often thought to be a
sign of madness within Malestri society. The body structure of both genders
is similar to that of normal humans, with the men being slightly more muscular
than the women.

The exact root of their evil is unknown; the most highly accepted belief
among the select few who know of them believe that the Malestri are naturally
belligerent and argumentative, and were locked within perpetual war amongst
themselves during their early history. At about the time they reached the
age of space exploration, however, they were said to be discovered by a dark
side sorcerer of sorts, who cultivated their evil. He is said to have wielded
god-like power, and made thralls of the Malestri, who became fanatically
committed to the servitude of the dark side, which they viewed as the ultimate
power. As they grew technologically, they discovered life in neighboring star
systems, and ruthlessly exterminated it as a sort of sacrifice. While the dark
side sorcerer is said to have perished millenia ago, order is kept by a supreme
dictator, often one of the few force sensitive Malestri.

The society of the Malestri is horrific, at best. Bloodlines which produce
physically or mentally weak children are exterminated without exception. Each
child is trained from youth in basic combat skills, and the teachings of
Havokism (their religion which praises the dark side as divine power) are
deeply engraved in their minds. Nearly half of the population is part of the
armed forces, which destroy any tiny pockets of morality or rebellion which
arise, and continually patrol the sector for new prey. They are always eager
for warfare, and could be easily utilized by any powerful darkside lord,
regardless of race.

Homeworld: Malestrom V
Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities

Stealth: The light build and sharp senses of the Malestri make them very
skilled at moving about silently. They gain a +2D bonus to all Sneak

Agility: The Malestri are very flexible and balanced, giving them a +1D
bonus to Acrobatics.

Isolation: Due to the extremely small amount of travelling they do outside
of the sector (as well as their disinterest in the cultures of other races),
starting Malestri characters may put no skill dice in any Knowledge skills
except Survival, Willpower, and Intimidation.

Lack of Empathy: Malestri are not very sociable people, preferring to focus
upon their duties instead. As a result, they may put no skill dice in Persuasion,
Bargain, or Con at character creation. Furthermore, these skills are at a -1D

Story Factors:

Sadistic Nature: Malestri delight in the torture and destruction of other beings,
especially those which are weaker. They make no attempt to save those whom they
regard to be in trouble due to weakness. Their society has a strong 'survival
of the fittest' mentality, with little empathy or friendliness. Any who stray
from this behavior are often ostracized, or suspected of weakness themselves.

Dark Side Worship: All Malestri are taught to worship their ruler, as well as
the dark side of the Force. Those who refuse to do so or speak of either in
a unflattering light are brutally punished or murdered.

Rare: Few Malestri have left their sector, as their duty lies with their planet,
and must be ready to be called upon for service of the dark side. A heroic+10
Alien Species roll must be made to identify a Malestri, and know a little
information of them.

Move: 11/13
Size: 1.6-1.8 meters tall

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