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Kamlin (Falleen Jedi Padawan)

Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: EU

Flow Walking         Master Power
        Flow Walking was a technique used by the Aing-Tii monks. It was a very rare power to possess, and very difficult to utilize and master. It allowed the user not only to view the past and future, but also to leave an imprint there as well. In order to Flow Walk, a Force user must enter a meditative trance and focus on the surrounding Force imprint of the area. Flow Walking only allows a Force user to traverse his or her mind through time, but not space. As such, the user would have to be in the location they wished to percieve before entering a Flow Walk trance.
        Flow Walking could only be easily accomplished (relatively) when traveling to a time that left a great imprint on the Force (i.e. the death of Anakin Solo, in orbit around Myrkr, or Darth Vader storming the Jedi Temple, as exemplified by some of Jacen Solo's Flow Walks). Walking to the past was always much easier than Flow Walking into the future, as the farther one tried to travel into the future, the more possible paths there were to progress upon, yet only one path would be the actual future. When Flow Walking, the user was actually visible by any persons there; the 'Walker' would appear as an appiration or ghost.
        In game mechanics, Flow Walking can be somewhat complicated to execute. (NOTE: The following statistics apply to Flow Walking into the past. Add a +15 difficulty to every roll for each month into the future the user is attempting to Flow Walk) First, the user must be in the location they wish to Flow Walk through. Once there, they must make a successful Heroic Control roll. If the roll is successful, the user must then make a second Control roll against a +10 (added to previous difficulty number) modifier. This is to exemplify the extremely focused mind control required to achieve a Flow Walking trance (repeated usage would decrease the difficulty). After the two successful Control rolls, the user must then make a successful Heroic difficulty Sense roll in order to Walk to the desired time period (a failed roll may end up sending the Flow Walker to a different time, or out of the trance altogether).
        Once all rolls have been made successfully, the user must then make a new heroic level Control roll every round (combined action loss applies) against an increasing difficulty modifier of +5 for every extra round spent Flow Walking. As was noted earlier, people of the time can see the Flow Walker as a ghost or appiration. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, the user must make some attempts to hide or disguise their presence, either via the Force or traditional means. Either way, combined action cost does apply.
        Control/Sense/Alter Difficulty Summary: (add a +15 difficulty to all modifiers for each month when Flow Walking into the future) Round 1: Heroic Control, Heroic Control (+10 difficulty, apply multiple action cost). Round 2: Heroic Sense. Round 3 (when Flow Walking) Heroic Control (+5 difficulty). Round 4 (When Flow Walking) Heroic Control (+10 difficulty, with difficulty modifiers added for every additional round.) Modified by Situational distractions

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