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ISA Valen Cruiser

ISA Valen Cruiser


Teri Rosason (Human Jedi Master)

Teri Rosason (Human Jedi Master)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 9: The Disappeared, Part II

What is it ? : So Jar Jar and Mace are on the heels of the kidnapped Queen, Mace using the force to trace her to Zardossa Stix by detecting the "living force" which has been drained into a sphere. Jar Jar is eager to go, but Mace warns about going unprepared, and meditates, detecting the location of the Queen.
The set off across the city, but are ambushed by cultists, having to battle their way across it to the site of a temple.
The person who has been organising all of this turns out to be Mother Talzin of the Nightsisters. As they battle, the sphere is knocked from it's pedestal and shatters, leading to Mother Talzin fading away.

High Points : Looking for the positive in this episode is a bit of a stretch, and this is going to sound a little weak, but I honestly am trying to find the best I can in it.

The city on Zardossa Stix looks great, while obviously part of the Star Wars universe and very reminiscent of Mos Espa out of The Phantom Menace, this is it's own place and makes a great backdrop for the action.

There's a whole load to see in this episode, with various creatures in the bustling city, it looks almost medieval in the dirty streets and animals being used for heavy lifting and transportation.

The episode is almost non stop action from beginning to end, with the pace rarely letting up, as Mace fights his way through the city, the cultists blocking them at every step.

Low Points : It's a Jar Jar episode, so I was never going to like it, but this feels so weak, while there's action none of it is particularly memorable, and to be completely honest, this is an extremely poor ending for Mother Talzin, just fading away as a Sphere is knocked over and breaks.
It's not even as if they knew that breaking it would kill her, it just happens by accident, so one of the more interesting characters in the Clone Wars series fades into oblivion through carelessness.

So what do you really think ? : I'm glad it's over, there's nothing worthy of your attention here. The fact that they're still making episodes this poor, this far into the series reflects badly on the team behind the series. I suppose at least it's something a little different, so they were trying something new. But that doesn't redeem it one little bit.

Final Words : Well, onto the final full story of the Clone Wars, and my youngest son has been raving about it, so fingers crossed that Clone Wars can go out on a high.

Score : 6.5/10

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