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Star Wars

Sith Uprising Campaign

Part Two

Evil Ascendant

         "The Sith have made theirselves known once again, striking fear across the galaxy. Their single attack left a system devastated, and now everyone wonders if they will be next.

         A small group of heroes now aware of their enemy prepares for the next move, unaware that disaster awaits the republic."


         The players are called to meet Crix Madine once again, he briefs them "Now we know who we are actually facing it has allowed us to start background checks. We discovered records about a planet called Korriban, a place that Emperor Palpatine called his "Secret Dark Place", it was apparently a Sith planet, originally their home world. However no records exist telling us the location of Korriban."

         "But the news is not all bad, we have located someone who will probably know. The navigator from the Emperors personal ship, survived the battle of Endor, and we know where he is now."

         "Navigator Akross Pe-Arc's is aboard the SSD Vengeance, an uncompleted Super Star Destroyer, when the shipyards at Pomiet were destroyed by the Republic, the Star Destroyer survived. The remnants of the Empire couldn't use it so it was abandoned, the New Republic had no use for it either, but the fringe did, and claimed the Vengeance as their own. The shipyards themselves were so badly damaged that they were not worth salvaging either, leaving the entire system to outlaws and lawlessness."

         "It now serves as a space station, immobile but armed and shielded it is a base for pirates and smugglers, governed by Thade Ausics it remains free of control from either side. Republic Intelligence decided that although it is a trouble spot it keeps them in one easily monitorable place, while the Empire is only too happy to let a base full of malcontents in our space."

         "Thade Ausics pays ex-imperial officers well, as he needs them and their skills to maintain the Vengeance. It is believed that it was under this offer that Akross Pe-Arc's went aboard."

         "So simply your mission is to locate Akross Pe-Arcs, get the location of Korriban from him, then head to Korriban and find out if there are any clue to where the sith are attacking from."

         "To help with this we are assigning the Cruiser Rebellion to you, the ships captain, Carras Hamar, has been ordered to give you her full support. From what we know about Korriban it is in ruins, so we have also assigned a Archaeologist to the Rebellion to help you, Dallas Twine, he's knowledgeable, but inexperienced in the field, so I'd watch out if you take him into combat situations."

         The Rebellion is in orbit of Coruscant waiting for them, and they can use their ship (either their own vessel, or the one they were assigned in part one) to shuttle up to it. Once aboard they are met by Carras Hamar, she is 30'ish, with her bright red hair tied back into a long ponytail, she wears a plain black uniform, and carries a heavy blaster pistol slung on her belt, as she turns to lead the way to the bridge, you also notice a lightsaber hanging from the back of her belt.

         She asks what the groups plans are, although she has been briefed, she has been ordered to help them in any way possible, if they want to go straight to the Vengeance, she asks if that is best, jumping straight to a pirate base in a Republic Warship might be a bit of a give away to their identity. Her suggestion is for the Rebellion to emerge from hyperspace at the edge of the system, and the players to travel onwards in their own ship, therefore hiding their identity, but putting the Rebellion in a position where it can jump to their aid in mere minutes.

         Whatever they finally decide, the trip to the abandoned shipyards of Pomiet is uneventful, and they emerge in the system (or just outside of it) unscathed.


         What happens in this section is up to the players, the Vengeance is the typical wedge shape of a Super Star Destroyer, but with large sections of its hill plating missing, there are only two engines mounted, where the rest would normally be are gaping holes in the superstructure. The players will have problems if they've arrived in the Rebellion, but otherwise the vessel has a rudimentary flight control centre, which they can contact to dock.

         Inside the ship is obviously unfinished, holes in the walls show wiring, lights flicker unrepaired, and rubbish lies piled against walls. Although the massive docking areas look similar to those aboard any other Imperial vessel, the players ship is met by a customs agent who doesn't care what cargo they've aboard, all he's interested in is the docking fee. He asks for 100 credits initially, but can be easily talked down to 10, which includes refuelling, he mentions that security is up to each vessels owner.

         As soon as they players exit the docking area, it becomes clear they aren't aboard any Imperial ship, as they main loading areas, which usually hold cargo moving on and off the titanic vessels, have been converted into a huge indoor market, with stalls set up everywhere, and members of numerous species moving through the area, selling, buying and stealing as only the black market can.

         The market can sell almost anything, however expensive and rare items will be noticeably absent, as they are secure aboard the trader's vessels where they cannot be easily stolen. Information can also be purchased here, and Akross Pe'Arcs can be located through the market, people can even be easily found who will kidnap him and deliver him to the players ship should this be an avenue they wish to pursue. Movement around the Vengeance is not restricted except for certain areas, the command deck along with the officers quarters are occupied by Thade Ausics and his people, using the bridge as the flight control centre as well as fire control and sensors. Main engineering which may seem to be unimportant on an immobile ship is also guarded, and actually fortified, as it controls the ships power generation systems as well as the central computer banks, even though both of these systems are only half finished and functional they are vital to Ausics control of the Destroyer.

         Its up to the players how they locate Akross Pe-Arcs, trading with Thade Ausics will work, as will finding Akross and beating the information out of him. He has records from his time with the empire, and these can also be used to locate Korriban (Akross actually will need to consult these). He is currently working in the Star Destroyers sensor system locate at the top of the command tower, forging documents of experience in Imperial sensor systems can get the players assigned to work with him.

         Most of the people aboard the Vengeance have no real connection with Ausics, and the players will be free to grab Pe'arcs and flee with minimal opposition, but if they end up fleeing the Star Destroyer, it has 6 Y-Wing Starfighters it uses for defence, and these combined with the Vengeance's own, no less than impressive armaments, means that their escape may not be as easy as it first appears. However the Vengeance is not in a Gravity Well, so that if the players have prepared co-ordinates before they undock, they can jump almost immediately away.

         No matter how they get hold of the information, they eventually return to The Rebellion and it makes the jump to hyperspace, eventually emerging over Korriban, which appears to be deserted, the beacon from an Imperial Garrison can be heard over communication channels, but no response is heard if they are signalled. No fighter patrols or orbital defences are in evidence, there aren't any active sensors that can be detected. Dallas Twine suggests having a look at the Garrison base first, after all they've been here for much longer and will have records of what they have found, and will be greatly weakened after five years out of touch with the Empire.

         Approaching the Garrison Base they see the doors are wide open, AT-AT Walkers stand still and deserted in their storage bays, inside the players find that the garrison has been massacred, bodies lie against the walls, Stormtroopers have obviously died in some brutal fire fight, there are no detectable survivors, but also no signs of any of the attackers, they either suffered no casualties, or removed their dead. The base is still fully operable, and records show that the emperor visited regularly, and was the only one allowed to enter a nearby valley, where numerous sith buildings were detected. He returned with considerable sith artifacts for the base archaeologists to examine. The base staff didn't enter the valley for two reasons A) the Emperor wouldn't permit it, and B) the sith prepared certain defences to stop anyone but the sith from entering the tombs.

         Further examination of the base, discovers that it has been searched thoroughly before the players arrived, but no data in the system has been changed, and as far as they can determine nothing has been removed. Examining the artefacts that have been brought to the base there is nothing that gives the location of any other sith worlds, most of the artefacts seem to be ancient, carbon dating shows that nothing the Emperor brought back to the base is newer than 6000 years old. Jedi senses can tell that many of the items brought back were empowered with the dark side, but the years have weakened them to uselessness, although records show that the Emperor removed other items that he judged to be more valuable.


         The troops from the ship can be used to search the base and the valley, and will report that only one of the structures is opened the others seem to have been sealed with large slabs of rock. If the players send some soldiers in, they hear screaming, and the soldiers disappear.

         The players must enter the tomb themselves; the first chamber has any soldiers they sent in lying in it, as they enter the chamber one skeleton for each player erupts from the floor.

         Dex - 6D         Know - 1D         Mech - 1D
         Perc - 3D         Str - 5D         Tech - 1D

                 Sith Plate Armour +2D
                 Sith Sword +2D

         As they reach the next obstruction the Rebellion reports that the A-wings on patrol report detecting a ship, but when they investigated there was nothing there.

         A corridor leads from the entry chamber, but a slab from the ceiling has collapsed blocking the way, a lightsaber or other method will cut it out of the way and a pile of rubble can be climbed over, leading into massive chamber with four huge thrones along one wall. As the players enter the room, four great cat like beasts spring out of the shadows, bull horns atop their heads they charge to gore the intruders in their domain.

Bullhorned Cat Things. (4)
         Dex - 7D         Know - 0D         Mech - 0D
         Perc - 4D         Str - 8D         Tech - 0D

         The chamber has sith artefacts lying around, swords, armour, energy weapons, holocrons, all dark side. The jedi feel as if they are being watched, any dark side points incurred here are trebled, a use of the force conjures a spirit, a huge figure appears a shadowed figure wearing a large dark cloak.

         "Jedi who are you that dare defile our sanctum with your vile 'goodness'."

         The spirit knows little useful data, but will rant bile at the players, how they are doomed to failure, the republic will fall, how the sith will rise in a new golden age, etc.

         After a short while the Rebellion reports that a Mandalorian Shark-Class Corvette just appeared in orbit around Korriban, it has already got a squadron of fighters in the sky. There are more Republic fighters, but the Shark class is much more powerful than the Quasar-Fire class. Captain Hamar informs the players that the Rebellion would be easily defeated in a battle with this force, but with the higher number of fighters aboard the Rebellion, they could delay the Shark while the Rebellion made the jump to hyperspace.

         As the players exit, a flight of three Mandalorian fighters soars through the sky.

         The Rebellion gets hailed by the "Talon", the Mandalore wish to parley with the commander of the Republic vessel, they will send down an emissary to the Imperial base to speak. If they agree a shuttle leaves the Mandalorian ship and drops towards the planet. Carras Hamar will relay all communications down to the players, and recommends that they accept. She thinks the Mandalorians are on the level, since they could have easily decloaked right next to the Rebellion and blown it straight to hell.

         As the shuttle lands, 12 armoured figures come down the ships ramp. 10 of them wear the mandalorian armour the players have seen before; the other 2 wear a heavier set. Of the 2 approaches the players, he removes his helmet. His name is Starner Combe, he is captain of the MC Talon, his vessel was sent to remove the imperial presence from Korriban, and to see if anything useful could be discovered from either their records or on the planet itself. Since the Rebellion arrived he has been in communication with his government, and they have asked him to pass on an invitation to the New Republic.

         The Mandalorian Empire would like to meet with representatives of the New Republic to discuss an exchange of information about the Sith.

         Starner Combe freely tells the players that Korriban is a dead world, there is nothing here except ancient relics, and unquiet spirits, his people searched the base thoroughly, but found nothing.


         The players communicate with Crix Madine, who asks the players to head immediately to Mandalore, he gives them instructions to sound out what the Mandalorians want. If it is just an exchange of all data, then the players have authority to do this, if they want an alliance, then the Republic will send an official team to negotiate. Since the Rebellion will be the first republic vessel to enter the mandalore system, he would like them to get scans of everything possible, information about ship numbers, planetary populations, etc, could be extremely important for the Republic to know.

         The Rebellion makes the jump to Mandalore, emerging on the edge of the system. Their emergence from hyperspace goes noticed and fighters make microjumps emerging within hundreds of meters from the Rebellion.

         They are escorted to the 2nd planet of the system, and given landing co-ordinates, scans show high populations on both of the habitable planets, and also unknown lifesigns on the toxic planet. The rebellion finds itself in the same orbit as 3 ships each some 6 kilometers long, Captain Hamar informs the players that these are Mandalorian Shadow class super cruisers, the biggest the Mandalorians have.

         When the players head down to the planet they are escorted again by fighters, their designated landing area, has three large armed speeders sitting around it.

         They are met by a sleek armoured speeder, an older man in light armour, with a simple sword slung at his side. "Greetings, I am minister Birthos Paragon, and will be negotiating with you. However ritual demands that these dealings be blessed by our emperor. So if you would come with me."

         He explains to the players, the mandalorian empire is currently being run by the ministers of the various clans, when the old emperor died 6 months ago, his only heir is his son, who is only 4 years old. Scaros the 4th will assume his full powers when he reaches maturity (assuming he survives his rite of passage), until then his blessing must be given to all official functions that are being done in his name.

         They are escorted by Minister Paragon into the imperial palace, an ancient building, huge and airy. They pass through many guarded gateways into a plain throne room, a child sits dwarfed by the stone chair he sits in. Many guards stand, along with a single minister who stands at the Emperors side.

         Paragon, informs the players that the minister is First Minister Ingira, although he and Paragon haven't always got on well, it was Ingira who gave Paragon the honour of performing the negotiations on behalf of the Emperor, they must show deference to the Emperor, bowing is acceptable, or whatever their own cultures use. Paragon stops in front of the throne, and bows deeply, at that Ingira pulls his pistol and shoots him, the doors slams shut and the guards start firing at the players.

         There are 10 guards who are trained as normal Mandalorian Soldiers, however they are equipped with Mandalorian "Regency" Armour. Ingira uses the same statistics as a Mandalorian Soldier, however he is only wearing Light "Scout" Armour, and is wearing no helmet.

         This should be a VERY hard fight for the players, however once Ingira is dropped (which should be made easier by his lack of a helmet) the others will try to escape.

         Ingira didn't like answering to a child, and took advantage of the Republic, the guards are all members of his clan. He planned for the players and Paragon (an old adversary) to die along with the Emperor, the republic would be blamed, and he could remain in charge, or even perhaps manoeuvre himself into the Emperors title. Assuming the players win, they will have impressed the emperor by their skill, and he will tell minister Paragon (only rendered unconscious), that "these people would make admirable allies".

         The Mandalorians will treat wounded players using Bacta tanks, and will allow everyone to rest until they are fully healed.

         Paragon will make an exchange of data with the players, and inform them that the Mandalorian Empire wishes to form an alliance with the New Republic, against the Sith, depending on the success of this alliance greater ties between Mandalore and the Republic may be desirable.

         The players return to Coruscant, and are debriefed by Crix Madine, as they talk with him a call comes in, the planetary shield generators are being attacked and destroyed by the PCF, Madine informs the players that one generator is within this very building. He'll arrange for extra support, if the players can secure it immediately. The shield generator is at the ground level of the building, inside is a group of Palpatine Counter Insurgency Front terrorists, they are planting explosives.

PCF Members *4

         Dex - 4D                 Perc - 2D
                 Blaster 6D
                 Dodge/Brawling Parry 5D
         Know - 2D                 Str - 3D

         Mech - 2D                 Tech - 2D
                 Blaster Rifle 5D, Blast Vest +1D

Terrorist Leader

         Dex - 5D                 Perc - 4D
                 Blaster 8D
                 Dodge/Brawling Parry 7D
         Know - 3D                 Str - 5D
         Mech - 4D                 Tech - 3D
                 Heavy Blaster Pistol 5D, Blast Vest +1D

         The players are soon re-enforced by Republic troopers, although the players are successful, enough generators have been destroyed to disable planetary shields, they are informed when they return to Madines office.

         The Sith fleet jumps in, and the republic fleet attacks it, all vessels are scrambled to the defence of Coruscant. That means the players as well, as they soar out of the atmosphere they see the battle is already in full swing, Sith battle cruisers are being engaged by Calamari Cruisers, and republic starfighters are strafing the surface of the massive dark ships while the sith starfighter seem to be mainly defending the cruisers. Sensors show that the Rebellion and its fighter compliment are defending the vulnerable skyhooks, a republic troop transport sits nearby trying to hold off 3 Sith Fighters with its single turret. Sensors show the transport is fully manned, 1000 republic troops sit within its vulnerable hull.

         As they finish off the last fighter they see a calimari cruiser falling towards coruscants atmosphere, fires can be seen within its hull. However two of the Sith ships can be seen burning as well. The Rebellion is damaged, and 5 fighters turn to begin another attack on it.

         As they engage the Sith fighters, sensors show another massive arrival, the Scythe. The sith fleet makes the jump to hyperspace 2 rounds later (abandoning all the remaining fighters), and the republic fleet charges towards the distant Scythe but only the A-wings come anywhere close to it before it fires its main gun, and raises its sheilds.

         The hyper accelarated projectile launches from the Scythe and hammers into Coruscant, without its planetary shields, the planet doesn't stand a chance, and explodes killing billions.

         Admiral Ackbar orders the republic fleet to hyperspace before the shockwave destroys it all, ordering the fleet to rendevous at Sluis Van. As they make the jump away their sensors show slower vessels getting caught up in the explosion, thousands of republic ships are destroyed.

         Rendezvousing with the fleet, they discover that many important people in the republic have died. Crix Madine and Mon Mothma were both on Coruscant, the Millenium Falcon was still in the planets atmosphere when the planet was destroyed, all hands lost (Han Solo, Chewbacca). The bright side is that both Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker were both outsystem, leaving Princess Leia in charge of the republic, and Admiral Ackbar and the majority of the fleet safely made the jump to hyperspace. The Rebellion also survived, and the Lightside explorer sets down in its hangar bay once again, they communicate their mission data to Admiral Ackbar, he orders them to remain with the Rebellion for the moment, he will get back to them once he has got things more settled.

         Experience: 10-15, awards for role-playing, etc.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text completely by FreddyB.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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