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Force Jump
         Control Difficulty: Easy

         Effect: This power is used to perform the great leaps and acts of agility that Jedi are reknowned for, allowing them to jump massive distances and heights.

        In use it adds the Jedi's Control directly to their Jump skill (or the Strength Attribute if defaulting), allowing them to make more difficult jumps more easily. Because of the level that this takes their skill to, it may now be possible for them to make jumps which appear to require levitation or similar powers (GamesMasters should make rolls for nearly impossible jumps in the Heroic +10 or greater region, since Heroic is given in the book for the leap Luke Skywalker makes out of the Carbon Freezing Pit on Bespin, so the jumps that Obi-Wan Kenobi makes in Episode 1 should be slightly more difficult than this).

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