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"They don’t have long. No one is coming to help them. And you are the one who led them here. Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over a new empire, and the fleet will be yours. Only you have the power to save them. Refuse, and your new family dies.": Emperor Palpatine: Star Wars, Rise of Skywalker


25/October/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Sorry for being away for a bit longer than I said I would, but technical problems stopped me from being able to get the time to start this new subject. And for the first time we're doing a Video game, most specifically Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), which we've had quite a few requests for stuff out of over the past 3 years since it was released. But as well as a general review, here's an individual review of the first "level" of the game, Mission 1 The Cleaner, and that's how we're going to break down games. By doing an overall review, then going through the games section by section, and stating out them as we go through.
        Now obviously our usual way of doing these will leave a whole load of stuff for the final day, in fact for Battlefront 2, I'll probably have to spend a week just on Guns alone.
        Anyway, today based on the first section of the game we've added The Invincible Faith (Mon Calamari MC80 Liberty Type Heavy Star Cruiser) to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, & Arakyd Industries ID10 Seeker Droid to the Star Wars D/6 Droids Section of the Site.


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14/October/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Well here's the final batch of stats from Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost 6, and today we've added Feena DAsta & Clone (Human Imperial Politician), Ragez DAsta (Human Imperial Politician), Mirith Sinn (Human New Republic Commander), & Kir Kanos (Human Imperial Royal Guardsman) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section.
        I had a few problems with Kir Kanos, as my instinct isn't to give characters too high stats, but I felt that Kir Kanos should be up there with the characters from the movies, so should have 9D, 10D or 11D skills. But that just felt silly to me, so I went with my instincts.
        But I'm interested what everyone thinks. Should he be up there with skills in the double digits? Or is skills at 8D already high enough for a talented fighter like Kanos?

        Anyway, that's Crimson Empire dealt with, and I'm going to take my usual week break before starting up with anything else. And when I'm back I'm going to do a Video Game for a change coming to more recent additions to the Star Wars Universe. I'll be dealing with it level by level as I would chapters in a comic or episodes of a tv series. And by then, we'll be reaching The Mandalorian Season 2, so fun times ahead.


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13/October/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Well it's the final part of our reviews of the Crimson Empire series, with our review of Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost 6. And as usual there's a load of stats to be done, but I'm afraid that today I'm a bit busy, so I've only had chance to do three, with the rest I'll cover tomorrow.
        So today I've added Zam Basdor (Human Imperial Dignitary)), Supreme Commander Ennix Devian (Human Imperial Officer), & General Bernard Vota (Human Imperial Officer) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.


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11/October/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Well just one addtion to the site today, based on the subject of our review of Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost 5. Today we've added Lieutenant Lar Ndigo (New Republic Officer) to the Star Wars D/6 Section of the Site.

        And that one addition clicks the number of stat's on the site to


        Which feels somehow important, yet unimportant at the same time. 7,000 is a large number, and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the site over the 18 years it's been going, but to tell the truth I've got my sights set on that 10,000 target.


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09/October/2020 Posted by Freddy

        A bit of a busy day today, so only a couple of additions to the site and one of those is just an update as we already have a version of the Nova Courier, but today's uses more up to date information so should be more accurate. Anyway today we've got our review of Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost 4, and we've added Gallofree Yards YKL-37R Nova Courier to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, & Zinethium to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section of the Site.


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