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"They don’t have long. No one is coming to help them. And you are the one who led them here. Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over a new empire, and the fleet will be yours. Only you have the power to save them. Refuse, and your new family dies.": Emperor Palpatine: Star Wars, Rise of Skywalker


17/January/2021 Posted by Freddy

        And after a short break for personal reasons (a death in the family), we reach the final part of Dark Empire, with our review of Dark Empire 6: The Fate of a Galaxy. And today we've added Deppo (Human Imperial Technician) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, Kuat Drive Yards A-9 Vigilance Interceptor to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, Hydrospeare Corporation AQ-5 Waveskimmer, & SedriMotors Ltd. Amphibion to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles Section, & Byss to the Star Wars D/6 Planets & Places Section of the Site.
        Many of these are based on the Dark Empire Sourcebook by West End Games, but in some places I've varied quite a bit from what they created. For example the Waveskimmer had Light Blaster Cannons which did 2D Walker Scale damage, I dropped those to Speeder Scale and increased the damage, so that they can hit targets more easily, making them not particularly more damaging, but far more useful. And I found the stats for Deppo, an engineer who in just one frame of the comics, the sourcebook gave him skills in the 10D range. I lowered them, as although he is described as a skilled engineer there's nothing to say that he's the best in the entire sector (as 10D is described in the Star Wars rulebook).
        Although I'm working my way through Dark Empire at the moment, I read the first issue of the High Republic comic series yesterday, and thought it might be interesting to jump over to that series just as a one off, to see what's happening in Lucasfilms new time period.


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13/January/2021 Posted by Freddy

        And today we've got our review of Dark Empire 5: Emperor Reborn, and we've added Lo Khan (Human Smuggler), & Luwingo (Yaka Cyborg Smuggler) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, Arakyd Industries Hunter-Killer Probot to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, & Uulshos Storm Skimmer Patrol Sled to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles Section.
        These are mainly based on the Dark Empire Sourcebook from West End Games.


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11/January/2021 Posted by Freddy

        And we're onto Dark Empire 4: Confrontation on the Smugglers Moon as we continue through this series. And today we've added Mako Spince (Human Traffic Controller / Ex-Smuggler), Titus Klev (Human Imperial Officer), & ZZ-4Z (Droid Butler) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, Ubrikkian Industries Seltiss-2 caravel to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, & Tion Mil/Sci Industries Guardian-class patrol ship XL-5, & Gefferon Pleasure Craft Nimbus Rider 2000 to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles Section of the Site.
        Now most of the stats I've been doing for Dark Empire have been based on the Dark Empire Sourcebook by West End Games. But today I've abandoned this, as I looked at the stats for Mako Spince, supposedly a Smuggling Partner of Han Solo, and while I'm aware his attributes are lowered by him being crippled, but a 3D Blaster Skill? So I've pretty much ignored the stats from Dark Empire and gone my own way.


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10/January/2021 Posted by HellStormer1


Hi. Long time, no see. So, long-term details aside, lately I've been playing Star Trek Online. Actually, I've been slowly getting back into Star Trek over the course of many years. And recently, playing this game motivated me to sit down and take a crack at some ideas I've had in my head for some time now. So, here's a few of them for the rest of you to enjoy!

Star Trek D6 Era Modifier Chart (Plus), Rules Option: Missile Weapons & Range, and Rules Option: Starfighters VS Capital Ships have been added in Supplements D6. It's not much, there's more I'm tinkering with, but how much these options can affect your D6 games goes pretty deep. The Star Trek Era Modifier Chart of course seems setting-specific at a glance, but I added some extra stuff that would work in any scifi setting, such as guidelines for starship refits and retrofits. The chart itself is based on an Era Modifier chart found in the first few pages of Star Wars Galaxy Guide 16 The Old Republic. A quick google search should find this book, published by The Rancor Pit, and hopefully the other works they've created and published over time, all good stuff that enriches the Star Wars D6 setting and rules.

The two rules options are more generalized, though Missile Weapons & Range was done with how Photon Torpedoes work in Star Trek and Star Trek Online and attempts to provide a balanced option to alter their use in Star Wars D6, while Starfighters VS Capital Ships attempts to rework how these two scales work and affect each other in combat, yet once understood should make it pretty easy to apply and use. One of the inspirations for it was the Guns Modifier Chart found in Star Wars Rules Companion which takes capital ships and makes them simple and easy to use in space combat. This rules option attempts to do the same with starfighter squadrons, starfighters vs CapShip events and flow, and still keep things simple (if it's NOT simple, leave a comment, I'll try and keep up with those after the post for a few weeks, and explain any questions that pop up).

So, yeah....hope everyone is doing well after how the past year is gone, and I hope you enjoy these uploads and they help enrich your games.

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09/January/2021 Posted by Freddy

        And we're onto part 3 of Dark Empire, with our review of Dark Empire 3: The Battle for Calamari. And today we've added Kane Griggs (New Republic Navigator), Anky Fremp (Skup Thief), Spurch (Warthog) Goa (Diollan Bounty Hunter), & Dyyz (Megadeath) Nataz (Human Bounty Hunter) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, & Allegiance-Class Battlecruiser to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the Site.
        The Alliegence is described as having no ventral hangar, so having no Fighter or Ground Forces complement, however I have given it a small complement of both, as the vessel must have some kind of hangars (since this isn't Star Trek and they can't just beam aboard), so carrying some transport ships and a few fighters seems likely. So I know this contradicts canon, but was a design choice based on what seemed sensible.


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