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"They don't have long. No one is coming to help them. And you are the one who led them here. Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over a new empire, and the fleet will be yours. Only you have the power to save them. Refuse, and your new family dies.": Emperor Palpatine: Star Wars, Rise of Skywalker


24/March/2023 Posted by Freddy

        And my review of this weeks Bad Batch Episode, Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2 Episode 13: Tipping Point, which is mainly just setting up the season finale, so lots of pieces are being put into place, but nothing major happening.
        Anyway, with Rogue One finished, I'm going to take a week off, and back with my reviews of Mandalorian, Bad Batch and then I'll be back on 1st of April with something different.


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23/March/2023 Posted by Freddy

        And this weeks review of The Mandalorian, The Mandalorian: Chapter 20: The Foundling, in which not much happens, but it's only 30 minutes long so you wouldn't really expect it to.
        Back tomorrow with this weeks Bad Batch.


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22/March/2023 Posted by Freddy

        And based on yesterdays issue of Vader, I've added Eirtaés Levitating Boots to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section of the Site.


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21/March/2023 Posted by Freddy

        My review of the latest issue of the Vader comic series, Darth Vader: Issue 31: The Tambor Gambit, and it's all getting a little repetitive and dull.
        Stat's from it tomorrow.

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20/March/2023 Posted by Freddy

        And that's us done with Rogue One, today I've added Magva Yarro (Human Partisan), & Guch Ydroma (Human Water Seller) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.
        Now I've got a issue of Vader to review and cover, followed by this weeks reviews of The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian, which should take us up towards the weekend, when I'll take a few days off until April the 1st, when I've got a couple of oddities to cover.


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