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August/2008 UPDATES

26/August/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Well, we've had more attempts to hack the site, and monitoring the attacks I noticed that some of the code to stop people performing SQL Insertion attacks wasn't working (which is odd since I've used the EXACT same code on multiple sites, and its been heavily tested, so I can't work out why its suddenly stopped working (I can only guess my hosting company has changed some settings)). I've now implemented a new security systems, and it has defeated some 52 attempts against it this morning alone.
        Anyway, on with the updates, I've added Cygnus Spaceworks Nu-class attack shuttle from the Clone Wars CGI movie, Incom Corporation CF9 Crossfire starfighter and Incom Corporation X-83 TwinTail starfighter from the Legacy comics, to the Star Wars D/6 Starships section.

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20/August/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Woo hoo, fixed the layout problem (the code I did yesterday was good, but after an earlier problem I'd forgotted to change one +1 to a +2, and with that simple change it now works perfectly). All the stats added since the relaunch of the site should now display a lot better and should look very similar to the way stats looked when added before the relaunch.
        Also after a suggestion sent in, I've marked all the Crossover stats as Crossover in the Official tab. So anyone wishing to see only the crossovers from other games and settings can now select that in the menu's.

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19/August/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Only one addition today, Robotech Defence Force (RDF) Super Dimensional Fortress (SDF) to the Star Wars D/6 starships section, a contribution by Hellstormer. I was intending to do a couple more Legacy era things today, but ended up playing around with the sites code to try to get the formatting back to the way it was. Currently its kind of better, but still not completely right, changes will continue over the coming days until I'm happy.

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12/August/2008 Posted by Freddy

        I got the first two Star Wars Legacy Graphic Novels last week, and am really enjoying this new setting, so among the conversions from other settings, stat'ing of Fan Film favourites, I'm also going to try to fill in some of this era. Some aren't going to be so easy (Darth Krayt himself springs to mind, since he's an Old Republic Jedi turned Sith with some Yuuzhan Vong implants who's got to be a nearly 200 year old human), but theres a whole load of fun stuff in there.
        So today I've added, Darth Talon to the Star Wars D/6 characters section, and SFS Predator Class Starfighter (TIE Series) to the Star Wars D/6 starships section.
        I've closed the old poll, which Star Wars Revelations won, which I'll admit was a surprise as its really not a favorite of mine. The full results were . . .

Which is the best Fan Film you've seen?
Broken Alliegance
 [tally] 12
Batman: Dead End
 [tally] 8
Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
 [tally] 0
Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager
 [tally] 1
I.M.P.S.: The Relentless
 [tally] 13
 [tally] 2
Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer
 [tally] 1
Pink Five
 [tally] 6
 [tally] 8
Star Wars: Revelations
 [tally] 16
Join the Empire
 [tally] 7
votes: 74

        And a new poll is open, and its a far easier one, who's your favourite Star Wars Villain?

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05/August/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Well back from my Hol's, and back to the updates. I'll try to change the poll within the next few days, but as usual when I say these things, I'll probably not get around to it :(. Anyway, continuing with the conversions to Star Wars, another few Babylon 5 vessels, I've added Minbari Federation "Sharlin" Class War Cruiser, Interstellar Alliance "Whitestar" Class Monitor and Interstellar Alliance "Victory" Class Destroyer.
        Something I noticed while doing these were the difference in crew levels between Babylon 5 and Star Wars, for example the Victory Class Destroyer is some 3 kilometers in length, and has a crew of a mere 600, compared to a vessel like the Nebulon-B Frigate, which is a tenth of its length at 300 meters, and needs 850 crew. I can only guess that the Babylon 5 systems are far more bulky, so the crew areas within their vessels are much smaller in comparison to the total size of the vessels, but if anyone else has any theories, then please let me know.
        I'll try to do something else next week rather than sticking with Babylon 5 until I've done it all.

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