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15/June/2021 Posted by Freddy

        Onto the penultimate issue of Infinities with our review of Star Wars Infinities: Return of the Jedi 3, and once again the story sticks so close to the original version of Return of the Jedi that there's nothing really different to add, so we've reached back to the original trilogy and found the MerenData V-series droid supervisor which we've added to the Star Wars D/6 Droids Section of the Site.
        I find myself wondering if I should go back and cover all of the older films, to provide better coverage of the Prequels, and to pick up things that were missed from the Original Trilogy like this. . . .

Comments made about this Article!

15/Jun/2021 13:05:13 Posted by GMOverkill

It's not a bad idea, but also take a new look over the Sequel Trilogy. I'm aware that at least Vice-Admiral Holdo is missing from NPCs. Otherwise, your stuff is great as always.

17/Jun/2021 06:12:29 Posted by Freddy

I never realised she wasn't there, I know why she and probably other stuff from The Last Jedi slipped through the net, and it was the division of labor between me and Hellstormer for covering that movie, as I wasn't enthused by it at all so he took up a lot of the slack, but sadly she got missed.

Excellent idea to go back through those movies too, to catch everything we missed.

17/Jun/2021 13:18:02 Posted by GMOverkill

There is also the tiny fact that this page: has some kind of glitch that makes it unable to be downloaded. As a GM who prefers to play offline it irks me a lot. If there is a way to fix it I would be eternally grateful.

Keep up the wonderful works please & grateful greetings.

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