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Rasett Milio (Human Imperial Weapons Scientist)

Rasett Milio (Human Imperial Weapons Scientist)
Lieutenant Cabbel (Human Imperial Officer)

Lieutenant Cabbel (Human Imperial Officer)
Sith War Behemoth

Sith War Behemoth

Zygerria View Update

22/September/2021 Posted by Freddy

        So Star Wars: Visions is apparently out today, and if I get a chance to watch the first episode I'll be reviewing that tomorrow with Stat's to come the day after. If I don't get chance to watch it, I'll be back with more Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace stats, which quite honestly I've been enjoying adding.
        Anyway, today I've added Ann Gella (Twilek Slave Masseuse), Tann Gella (Twilek Slave Masseuse), Dinee Ellberger (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot), Porro Dolphe (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot), Arven Wendik (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot), & Lutin Hollis (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.


Comments made about this Article!

22/Sep/2021 16:22:51 Posted by GMOverkill

Apparently ALL new articles from today refuses to be downloaded. What can be causing this?

23/Sep/2021 05:53:00 Posted by Freddy

The site was knocked off the internet a couple of days ago, because the download script was getting repeatedly run over and over again, many times a second.
Several things could have caused this, firstly a malicious attempt to block the site. Which isn't out of the realms of possibility as in recent weeks a hacker has been attempting to upload scripts to the server via BeyondD6, and it's been a bit of a running battle as we were building defences against his attacks.
Secondly it could be someone running a site downloader and just attempting to download the entire site, with seven and a half thousand pages, this would hit the server pretty darn hard.
Thirdly it could be totally innocent as a search engine attempts to index the site by accessing all the pages including the downloads.
Whatever it was though, it was stopping the site from loading for everyone else, and slowing it down to an absolute crawl whenever it was working.
So I made the decision to block the operation of the Download script temporarily. I'll re-enable it in a couple of days and test whether the same problem persists, possibly moving over to blocking the offender by IP, or some other solution, or by finally looking at the download code to fix it's bugs and build in a solution to this.

Sorry for the inconvenience, all of this happened at 1am in the morning, so a hastily made solution was all I had brain power remaining to do at that time.

23/Sep/2021 23:22:35 Posted by GMOverkill

I see. Oddly enough, the downloads worked fine for me Tuesday evening. Oh well, lets hope it gets resolved. I really enjoy your site & it's articles.
Greetings, GMOverkill.

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