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Tof View Update

04/June/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Today I've added a StarGate SG1 section to the site, and added the following stats to it, Lieutenant Colonel Simon Barker Air Force Officer Pointman 3 (O-5), Maj. Derek Aldan Air Force Pararescue Scientist 3 Explorer 1 (O-5), Sgt. Tom Highway Enlisted Marine Soldier 4 (E-6), PO2. Luis Alvarez Enlisted Navy SEAL Scout 4 (E-5), Specialist Lawrence Tureaud Enlisted Air Force Technician Pointman 2 Scientist 1 (Grade 4), Lt. Colonel Nathaniel Serling Army Officer Soldier 8 Officer 2 (O-5), TSgt. Matt Eversmann Enlisted Army Ranger Soldier 8 (E-6), TSgt. John Grimes Enlisted Army Ranger Soldier 7 (E-6), SSgt. Todd Blackburn Enlisted Army Ranger Pointman 3 Explorer 1 (E-5), Ull Asgard Protected Planets Enforcer Explorer 4 Scout 3 Valkyrie 3 (O-5), TSgt. Chris Sanchez Enlisted Army Ranger Soldier 6 Scout 1 Ranger 3 (E-6), Varia Near-Human Primitive Society Soldier 6 Scout 1 (E-6), Lothwyr Jaffa Horus Guard Guardian 7 (E-5), Commander Harmon "Harm" Rabb Naval Officer Wheelman 5 Explorer 2 Pointman 3 Ace 2 (O-5), Major Karen Emma Walden Air Force Officer Wheelman 5 Ace 1 (O-4), Col. Ira Kane, PhD Army Officer Scientist 10 (O-6), Lt. Cmdr. Ben "Bic" Gannon US Navy Close Air Support Officer Wheelman 6 Ace 4 (O-4), Lt. Cmdr. Kara "Guns" Wade Naval Officer Wheelman 6 Scientist 3 Ace 1 (O-4), Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie Marine Officer Pointman 3 Explorer 2 Soldier 7 (O-5), Lt. Jeremy “Smoke” Stackhouse Naval Officer Wheelman 6 (O-3), Lt. Chris “Longhorn” Burnett Naval Officer Wheelman 6 (O-3), Spec. 6 Terry Thorne Diplomatic Corp Pointman 6 Field Analyst 3 Tactician 2 (Grade 6), Commander Robert "Bob" Iverson Naval Officer Wheelman 10 (O-5), Maj. Rebecca "Beck" Childs Air Force Officer Pointman 3 Scientist 2 Wheelman 1 (O-4), Commander Montgomery Scott Naval Officer Scientist 9 Expert 3 (O-5), Sgt. Brenda Mitchell Army Technician Soldier 10 (E-5), , CPO. Casey Ryback Enlisted SEAL Soldier 15 Martial Artist 2 Pointman 3 (E-7), PO1. Norm "Hoot" Gibson Enlisted Navy SEAL Scout 8 (E-6) and Col. Robert Moore US Army Psychological Operations Officer Pointman 5 Profiler 5 (O-5). Around 30 sets of stats with the same number still to come, all contributions from K (ripped with agreement from his website).

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