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Rearing spider
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Judder Page View Update

02/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Added two new games to the site today and a bunch of stats for them, Alti of the Sessair, Amarice of the Sessair, Callisto of the Finians, Cyane of the Sessair, Darnelle of the Sessair, Ephiny of the Finians, Finn of the Sessair, Gabrielle of the Sessair, Glaphyra of the Sessair, Guinevere of the Sessair, Hippolyta of the Sessair, Livia of the Rath Grainne, Varia of the Sessair, Velasca of the Fir Domain all added to the Slaine RPG page, and Captain Gregory Montgomery, Commander Adam Scott, Lieutenant Lena Jones, Lieutenant Moganicks, Lieutenant Talas, Lieutenant Vision, Lieutenant Zylyn, Klingon Ambassador, Kolos, Dureena Nafeel, Isubul, Human Ship Captain, Malcolm Reynolds, Human First Officer, Zo? Warren, Human Pilot, Hoban Washburn, Centauran, Inara Serra, Human Soldier, Jayne Cobb, Human Engineer, Kaylee Frye, Human Doctor, Simon Tam, Human Passenger, River Tam, Bajoran Ranjen, Book, GRAKKA STARBASE, GRAKKA WEAPONS, GRAKKA Species, U.S.S. PROTECTOR NCC-74976 (Saber Class), I.K.S. cha'bIp (B'rel-class Scout) all added to the Star Trek RPG page.
        I've still got Buffy and Exalted stuff to upload, the Exalted stuff doesn't look quite right, and the sheer quantity of Buffy stuff scared me, so maybe I'll add them next week. I'll try to add some Star Wars stuff either later today (looks at the clock and realises its later than he thought), or more likely later in the week.

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