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Carson Teva (Human New Republic Pilot)
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Nightwatcher worm


        "No matter how rich you become, how famous or powerful, when you die the size of your funeral will still pretty much depend on the weather." - Michael Pritchard


        Added Galactech Pricon Combo-Rifle to the Star Wars Equipment Section.

        A break from the Farscape stuff today, because of ill health I decided to do something easy instead, should have chance to get on with the Farscape based material tomorrow.


        Added Sebaceans to the Star Wars GamesMaster Statistics Section.


        Added Luxans to the Star Wars GamesMaster Statistics Section.


        Added Sebacean Peacekeeper Prowler Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Luxan Qualta Blade to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Leviathan Techno-Organic Lifeform to the Star Wars Starships Section. I know its been a while coming, since I originally promised to do Farscape conversion stuff over 2 months ago, but here is the first (and most important conversion). I'll do others over the coming days, but will obviously be limited as to what I can fit into a Star Wars setting.


        Added Galactech Pharox Planetary Shuttle to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Morricane Industries Valkyrie Planetary Interceptor to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Trade Federation Heavy Assault Tank (HAT) to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

        The Forum seems to be broken again, but this comes as no great shock and acts as another spur towards moving the site onto its own server (so at least if things break its my fault. But unfortunately lack of time and lack of motivation stops this occuring.

        Not much other news (which is why theres only been plain old updates for the last week or so), Bob the Dinosaur is working on more original artwork for the site, and I've recieved confirmation about something new and pretty interesting which I'll be preparing for upload over the next couple of weeks :-).


        Added Imperial Storm Enforcers to the Star Wars GamesMaster Statistics Section.


        Added "The Sword of the Jedi" an Ancient Republic Space Vessel to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Jedi Master Inam Bnar to the Star Wars Gamesmaster Statistics Section.


        Added Galactech BX-90 Dragon-Heart Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Bell-Braben Shipyards Fer-de-Lance Armed Trader to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Cygnus Spaceworks Delta Escort Shuttle to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        As always at around this time of the month, the user poll has ended, and another has begun. The last poll (on which vehicle was the coolest), has been won by a significant margin by the Millenium Falcon.

        No shock there, as this is a site covering mainly Star Wars material. Coming in second place was the Andromeda Accendant, with a noticable vote for Slave one as well. Anyway, the full votes can be seen here.

        A new poll is now open, and an explanation of it, and how I reached my decision on who was going into it is available in the current editorial.

        I've also had a fiddle around with the menus at the left hand side, the HTML was a little dodgy and has been sorted out, and I wasn't happy with the buttons that I was using, so I've dropped them in place of a little style-sheet trickery.


        Added Genosian Sonic Energy Rifle to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Corellian Engineer Corporation YT-2000 Light Freighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        Added an Editorial, with a link on this page and a menu with the current Editorial and previous ones (okay theres only the current one there at the moment).


        Added Mobile Base to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Imperial Tracked Shield Disabler to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

        Woo-Hoo Got my copy of "Blood" through today, which seems to be just a great as I remember (apart from the Post Office taking the "Do Not Bend" instruction on the outside packaging as a dare rather than a warning). More on the game itself later (once I've had a chance to read through it some more), but just had to gush out that I've finally maanaged to get my hands on a copy (from the original author no less).


        Added Industrial Automaton LF-44 Heavy Repair Mechanoid to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Hoersh-Kessel Drive Incorporated R-41 Starchaser to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added SoroSuub Planetary Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        Apologies for being doing only Starfighter updates this week, but I have been seriously short of time, and haven`t even had time to read my (non-personal) e-mail, and have about 170 e-mails sat waiting for me to catch up with. Updates will continue, but I have no idea when time will permit me to add a little variety to them.


        Added Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks Razor Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        Also finally remembered what else I supposed to mention the other day. K has built his own web-site with his creations for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the RolePlaying Game, so if you`d like to have a look at what he's put together for this fairly new game, then Click Here to head on over and check it out. He also plans to put up some D&D3e Forgotten Realms stuff from the campaign we are both players in.


        Added Joraan Drive Systems Supa Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Joraan Drive Systems Pinook Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        News on the Hogshead Publishing front, the new owners have made an announcement on their website. Hogshead will now publish D/20 compatible games, a far cry from the innovative New Style games that they used to. Also it appears that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and SLA Industries will remain out of print, a sad state of affairs. However the games that the new owners are working on at leat look quite interesting, with a Forensic Investigation based game, promising a detailed look at modern investigation techniques. And another game "Harrowed" (not revenant as I said in the forum last night), a modern horror game which sounds quite promising (although it won`t be "Blood").

        I'm sure I had something else I was going to say, but I've forgotten now, bugger !


        Added Galactech Paek Star Tug to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        No updates the last couple of days because of family commitments, illness and computer problems. A visit from my brother, who managed to abuse my computer when I was out, left me unable to get anything done until today, and the fact that today is my birthday means I've got better things to do than update this site. I'll make up for it later in the week, I've got a couple of other things planned for the site, which I might manage to get done before the weekend (although as usual I make no promises).

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