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Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 Episode 14: Legends of the Lasat

What is it ? : Ezra has received information from one of the teams "contacts" that two refugees from the Empire need rescued, it turns out that Hondo Ohnaka is the contact, and that he sold the Empire he refugees location as well. Fighting off the Stormtroopers guarding the container the refugees are in, they discover that the refugees are Lasat, the same species as team member Zeb.
They head back to the Ghost, but Hondo is caught by reinforcement Stormtroopers, and sells the team out so he can try to escape, and they have to fight their way back to the ship.
In orbit, Agent Kallus emerges from Hyperspace, bu the Ghost escapes into hyperspace. Hondo is escorted onto the Arquitens Command Cruiser that Kallus is using, and agrees to trade the location of Rebels for an Imperial reward, revealing that he has planted a homing beacon with them.
The Lasat reveal they are looking for a new homeworld for the Lasat people, the legendary Lira San, and they begin a ritual to locate the planet. Zeb is torn, feeling a failure as they refer to him as a Captain of the Honour Guard, and in that role he was charged with protecting the Lasat people, something he failed in doing. But also he feels that the ritual is pointless, as there is nowhere for the remains of the Lasat people.
However during the ritual, the priestess urges him to use his bo-staff in the traditional manner, and it's energy discharges reveal a location on the holomap that Chopper is displaying. It shows them a planet in Wild Space, unexplored territory with no reliable hyperspace charts to guide them. They set course, but emerge at a collapsed star cluster, where the gravity wells of the maelstrom of collapsed stars blocks their path.
Kallus's ship emerges just behind them, and during his call for them to surrender, they hear Hondo and discover the hidden tracking beacon in the comlink he gave them to contact him.
Zeb uses the Bo-Staff once again, this time on the navigation computer, which plots a route and jumps them straight into the Maelstrom. Kallus turns back after he loses some Tie Fighters and hull armour to the massive pull of gravity from the Maelstrom.
The Ghost emerges at Lira San with all the crew unconscious, and as they wake Zeb informs them where they are, taking the Phantom down to the planet to deliver the last survivors of the Lasat species to their new home. Ezra remarks that it will be lonely with just the two survivors on the planet, but when Zeb returns he tells them that this is not a new home, this is the original home of the Lasat species, and that there are millions of Lasat on the planet. Hera tells them that they've now mapped the route here, and can give it to any other survivors of the Lasat they encounter.

High Points : Filling out the background of Zeb is long overdue, and we get the sadness of the character coming out here, revealing his feelings of responsibility for the loss of Lasat, he was a Captain of the Honour Guard, charged with protecting the Royal family and the Lasat people, both of which he failed at. The Lasat refugees still refer to him as Captain, and they know there's nothing he could have done, but bring back his feelings of failure. We also get an end to this journey for Zeb, as he discovers his species have survived, and learns he has not failed his people.

As well as character growth for one of the main characters, and a fleshing out of their background, we also get some Hondo Ohnaka, with the great lines that brings.

Hondo: “Does this mean I am not getting my finder’s fee?”
Ezra: “You never were.”
Hondo: “Perfect answer. I am so proud of you right now. I’ve never had a student learn this quickly.”

Low Points : My only real complaint about this episode is that it goes past to quickly, with not a lot happening. They rescue the Lasat, take them to the Maelstrom, then Zebs staff provides a Deus-ex-machina for them to escape the Empire and reach Lira San. Nothing much happens, and it nips by all to quickly and inconsequentially.

So what do you really think ? : I've always liked Zeb as a character, and basing an episode around him is definitely worth while, although finishing what has been established as his main storyline this early in the series seems a little premature, but it's great to not only see the character fleshed out, but also given a little self redemption and character growth.

Final Words : After we've had Sabines background reveals both by visiting the Mandalorians and by meeting her former bounty hunting partner, it's nice to see Zebs, even if it does feel a little too brief. I guess Hera's background is next.

Score : 8.5/10

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