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Slayn & Korpil H-2 executive shuttle
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April/2008 UPDATES

29/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Today I've added Imperial Munitions Falconer MAAA to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles section, a contribution by Alex Panzerkit, also Kuat Drive Yards Moderator-class Light Destroyer to the Star Wars D/6 starships section, and Chekla Arms Consortium B2 Blade-Pistol and Merr-Sonn Striker-5 Lightning Cannon to the Star Wars Equipment Section, which are contributions by Weston Schreiber.
Thank you as always guys, very much appreciated.

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29/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

Well, finally got around to updating the poll, not very imaginitive, but I'm interested, so let me know what you think (incidentally, I did add editing the polls to the CMS system rather than just do it manually).

The last polls results came out to suggest that on the whole you don't want any of those other filthy games cluttering up your Star Wars D/6 site, although many liked the idea of having other SF based games on here as well. The full results were . . .

Which Role Playing Games should cover?

Star Wars D/6, and Star Wars D/6 ONLY!
 [tally] 32
Star Wars D/20
 [tally] 2
D/6 Space Opera
 [tally] 2
Dungeons and Dragons
 [tally] 0
Stargate SG1: The Roleplaying Game
 [tally] 0
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
 [tally] 0
Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy
 [tally] 1
 [tally] 4
 [tally] 21
Serenity: The Roleplaying Game
 [tally] 17
Farscape: The Roleplaying Game
 [tally] 0
Buffy: The Roleplaying Game
 [tally] 1
votes: 80

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22/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

Well, I never got around to updating the poll, spent my time dithering whether I should update the poll, or write some code to make updating the poll easier and then use that to update the poll :(

Anyway, today I've added Horga Industries Jekk’jekk 1-5 Hyperspace Troop Transport to the Starships section, a contribution by Frank of (great to hear from you again), also Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords d6 Accessories and Knights of the Old Republic d6 Equipment. by HK-47, who has recently been a regular (if anyone can be described that way) visitor to our forums. So thanks very much guys, all the great work is very much appreciated.

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15/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

Well, I've been extremely lucky, and more and more people have began contributing to the site, which is massively appreciated, so today I've added Neyrriar Automotronics CC-3 Security Droid to the Equipment section and Gwori Revolutionary Industries Muunificator Starfighter and Converted Botajef Shipyards AA-9 Freighter-Liner to the Starships section, all contributions by Weston Schreiber, many thanks to him.
Also I've added Assan Citizen Soldier Planetary Defense Starfighter to the starships section, a contribution by Alex Panzerkit.
Many, many thanks guys, all the brilliant work is appreciated.

Well, the poll is looking fairly decided already, and to tell the truth was somewhat pre-decided from the start, as I have some stats for some of the listed games (fortunately some of the ones getting votes) already supplied by contributors (before I even put the poll up). So I'll probably change the Poll in the next couple of days, as there are other things I wish to interrogate you all about :).

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08/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

Added Executor Sedriss (Human Dark Jedi) and Cilghal (Mon Calamari Jedi Knight) to the Characters/Major NPC's section, these were contributed by K.

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04/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Another day, another update (told you I was going to try to work through my backlog of received contributions). Today I've added the VB1-19r VetDroid (and DetoxDroid conversion) and Analytechnics Z44-Microdroid to the Equipment/Droids section, and the Florn Lamproid to the Characters/Player Character Species section. These contributions are by Brandon Koller, many thanks to him as always, and especial thanks for getting back in touch since we relaunched the site yesterday.

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03/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

Well, I've finally closed the Poll asking what I should watch, and Doctor Who won, which is relevant as it starts again on the BBC on Saturday evening (I've set my recorder for it in case I forget). Some of the options became in-valid due to cancellation, and recent ones such as Bionic Woman, Sarah Connor Chronicles and even Heroes weren't present.
The full results were . . .

Which is the best current SciFi/Cult TV show ?

Battlestar Galactica
 [tally] 388
Doctor Who
 [tally] 412
StarGate SG1/Atlantis
 [tally] 278
 [tally] 34
 [tally] 26
 [tally] 232
 [tally] 24
The Simpsons
 [tally] 70
 [tally] 5
Ghost Whisperer
 [tally] 7
Night Stalker
 [tally] 4
 [tally] 164
votes: 2004

Well, the new poll is all about what you would like to see on the site, as we attempt to fulfill the sites name (since we aren't or (someone arrived searching for that one a couple of days ago). Its possible that you'd only like to see Star Wars D/6 content (which may prove a disapointment as we've already got some other content lined up).
But anyway, let me know in the Forums if theres any other games not listed you want covered, and vote to let me know.

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03/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Well apart from changing the code, I guess I'd better get back into doing updates. First of all I'm going to work through the updates kindly submitted to the site, todays updates are all contributed by Joe St Laurent, who has provided many great contributions in the past, and hopefully will do so again.
        Today I've added Boba Fett (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter), Brianna (Handmaiden of Atris), Atris (Human Jedi Knight), Darth Nihilus (Dark Lord of the Sith), Darth Sion (Dark Lord of the Sith), Darth Traya (Dark Lord of the Sith) and the Sisters of the Echani to the characters part of the site.
        More updates soon!

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03/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Today I've uploaded a virtually completely rewritten, all backed up by its own Content Management System. I've taken this opportunity to use the new style developed by "Bob the Dinosaur", "L" and myself in early 2004.
        You can switch between this new style, and the old style (well the CMS version of the old style) by clicking the link in the top right corner of the page (this sets a cookie which will last a week recording your preference, after which it will default back to the new style).
        What does this mean for the site . . . well it makes doing pages a whole lot easier, allowing me to write, edit and upload pages and images from any web browser, which if nothing else removes one of the psychological reasons I've been avoiding updating the site (the pure amount of time to write an update, code it into HTML and upload it/test it), which might motivate me to do something.
        I'm also in the middle of planning out my time so I can devote a couple of hours one evening (its looking like a Tuesday at the moment) to working on Finally the CMS system also allows me to take on other administrators, allowing others to update the site.
The poll will be updated in the next couple of days, as I want opinions on what I should concentrate my time on, but I'll leave a full description of that till then.

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