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09/April/2011 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello everyone, HellStormer1 here again! It's been a long three-plus months full of utter pointlessness, let's never do it again. While I've been busy, I have not been idle. Whenever I had a moment I'd jot down my ideas for some Halo vehicles on my mobile. Something that has seriously held me up was rethinking Firearms and how automatic weapons could/should work. The rules I had been using in the firearms from the Halo setting were ok, I think did well for damage output, but were just too complicatedfor my liking. So I've attempted to streamline them and simplify things, doing something more in line with the traditional rules for classic Star Wars D6 that makes use of fire-linking rules. Also, I've been adapting fire-linking rules to various missile weapons as volleyfire, and you can see that by taking a look at some of these new vehicles too.
As of today we have M12 Warthog FAV , M12 Warthog LRV , M831 Warthog Troop Transport , M864A Snow Warthog , M274 Mongoose ULATV , M12A1 Rocket Warthog LAAV , M12G1 Gauss Warthog LAAV M12R Missile Warthog LAAV , M512 90mm SBHV Cannon, M41 LAAG, M79 MLRS, M68 ALIM Gauss Cannon, 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret, M808B Scorpion MBT, D77-TC Pelican Dropship, AV-14 Hornet Attack VTOL, M312 Elephant HRV, M312 Elephant HRVall added to Vehicles D6, Equipment D6 and Starships D6, under HALO.
While the Warthogs all have different configurations depending on their mission and purpose, I thought "wouldn't it be cool if we could make our own, or a new model, or something to fit a specific kind of mission that doesn't exist yet?", or something along those lines. As it turns out, the FAV Warthog listed above is the base model that all Warthogs are built from. So, I added to the FAV a list of different items that could be usedto modify the FAV to whatever suitedpkayers and GMs. Most of the list is compensator items already seen on different Warthogs, with a little extra added for the heck of it.
The various weapons that were added are Speeder scale with prices listed. This also allows for customization of vehicles, as the prices can be figured in, and with the purchase of a turret for a Warthog, just about anything could be added. For instance, you could take an M12 Warthog FAV, add a turret and some extra armor, then add a Missile Pod or two (fire-linking them), and then you'd have a very devastating warthog that could take on most tanks, hitting hard and possibly surviving heavy shots, not to mention still being faster than a tank even with the armor added in!
No pics for these yet, bit they're coming just as soon as I can sit-down to a PC. Yes, these were all addedby mobile, lol!

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