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Ice spider View Update

30/December/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Well, again interruptions have meant no chance to add more DLOS stuff, until a short time I had this morning, so I've added 30 Old Republic Capital Ships for D/6 from DLOS, Kuat Drive Yards Dominion-class Star Destroyer, Aero-Tech Space Divisions Behemoth Battlecruiser, Damorian Manufacturings Berserker-Class Battlecruiser, Corellian Engineering Corporations Scout, Corellian Engineering Corporations Starfire, Corellian Engineering Corporations Patrol Craft, Dezul Shipworks DSCMC Firestorm, Olanar/Dezul Gestaltare Battleship, Corellian Engineering Corporations Greckon Frigate, Rendili StarDrives Guargantuan-class Star Cruiser, Incanion War Systems Skr-98A Hellbringer, Aero-Tech/Rendili StarDrives MSCV, Kuat Drive Yards Nebulon EF60 Frigate, Rendili StarDrives Protector II, Rendili StarDrives Protector I, Rendili StarDrives Reliant Fleet Carrier, Rendili StarDrives Reliant Troopship, Corellian Engineering Corporations Space Cruiser, Kuat Drive Yards Galleon, Modified Corellian Engineering Corporations Space Cruiser, Aero-Tech Space Divisions Science Vessel, Aero-Tech Space Division SCVN Carrier-Cruiser, Cron Horizon Corporation Salvation Ion Frigate, Rendilli StarDrives Star Siege Frigate, Vaufthau Shipyards Sulanko Frigate, The Explorer, Lornonar Corporations Torpedo Saucer, Sienar Design Systems Valkyrie Missile Frigate, Rendili StarDrives Victory Troopship, Olanar Corporations Corvette O-31337 to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section.
        Its unlikely I'll get more done before I get back to work, so I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hopefully one as productive, but not as disruptive as 2008 has been.

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