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R3-A2 (Rebel Astromech Droid)

R3-A2 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
L0-LA59 {Lola} (Toy Droid)

L0-LA59 {Lola} (Toy Droid)
Baktoid Armor Workshop E-60R missile launcher

Baktoid Armor Workshop E-60R missile launcher
Rik Duel

Rik Duel


        "the sky was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel - bright blue with 03 written in the corner..."


        Added Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-3500 Space Transport to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Imperial Ground Tank (IGT) to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

        Late update today because I've spent my time this evening browsing through TV Creme and finding hundreds of TV programmes from my youth that I'd forgotten about.

        I'd also like to thank all my visitors over the last couple of days, tuesday beat my record for the most visitors to the site, which then got broken again on wednesday. So many thanks for visiting, and I'll keep the updates coming for as long as I keep getting visitors. :-)


        Added Galactech Transpora Cloud Car to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Cyclone to the Star Wars Starships Section..


        Added Star Wars Sith Uprising Campaign Part 2 "Evil Ascendant" to the RPG Hints Adventures Section, and Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Clutch to the Star Wars Starships Section..

        Although I'd done an update yesterday, I turned out to be far too busy to upload it, so yesterday's and today's have both been added today.


        Added CorusArms Foot Soldier TG-85 Blaster Carbine to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Rebel Alliance "Ugly" Air Speeder to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Torpedo Launcher to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Incom T-42 "Star-Wing-Lite" Civilian Starfighter and Incom T-84 "Star-Wing" Military Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Sienar Fleet Systems Tie "Thrust" Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Trade Federation Landing Shuttle to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Naboo Arms Light Blaster Pistol to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Pomiet and "The Vengeance" to the Star Wars Planets Section.


        Problems with my ISP have not been fixed, and uploading is still near impossible, however no matter the situation, I will do an update tomorrow.


        According to my ISP, they've sorted out the problem thats been plaguing me for the past few days, so normal updates will continue tomorrow.

        The 5th poll has now ended and the 6th has begun. Natalie Portman (Queen Amidala) won the fifth poll, close runners up being Sarah Michelle Gelar (Buffy) in second place, and Lexa Doig (Andromeda)in third. Full results can be seen here.

        Not a huge shock Natalie winning, after all this is mainly a Star Wars site, although she took her time, as Jeri Ryan and Lexa Doig kept up with her vote for vote until the last week.


        Added Aratech Imperial Troop Transport Speeder to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

        My ISP is having problems with uploads to their webservers, meaning that I`m having huge difficulty uploading updates at the moment. This means that I'll have to try to upload as little as possible until this problem is resolved, so there may not be updates for the next couple of days. I`ve got minor updates planned for the next couple of days to relieve the problems as much as I can, with the poll changing tomorrow, and other easy to upload changes. Sorry for these problems, but as I've stated they are out of my control.


        Added Loronar Corporation "Concep" Rapid Transport to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        Oh, as well as the Spam that I`m targetted by for running this site (as I mentioned yesterday), I'm also targetted by Viruses, of which I recieved another through my E-Mail today (about the 20th version of Klez that I've been sent in the last 6 months). So I'd like to remind visitors to of the importance of keeping their virus scanning software up to date. Remember that if you can't afford Norton (my recommendation) or McAfee, then there are plenty of free virus scanners and removers available such as AVG (okay I know its only free in the USA and UK, but there are plenty of others). This isn't just for me (so I can avoid recieving massive viral mails each day) but for yourself, as you won't enjoy watching your system mail your private documents and details to all and sundry, or just simply wiping everything because some f*ckwit thinks its funny to write and spread virii.


        Added Aratech "Sniper" Air Speeder/Bike to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

        Well, not much of a change today, but haven't been motivated to do anything today, oh well.

        Because this site is registered with most Search Engines, I get spam sent to me targetted at commercial and private web site owners. Usually this is just rubbish, and heads the same direction as the rest of the p0rn / advertising spam I get. But today I received one from a search engine,, which I found amusing, it started thus. "According to our records your activity falls under the search term 30 odd foot of grunt". WTF ?!? thought I, so I did a little search, and it turns out that 30 odd foot of grunt are a band, abeit one I'd never heard of, and one that I think has NO connection to this site (although I`ll now turn up searches for them because of this rant), so I have to wonder, how the hell did they come up with the idea that "my activity falls under the search term 30 odd foot of grunt" ?!? Oh, and while I`m on the subject of search terms, I'd like to mention Giraffe and Flange, which K has complained that he can't find when he searches using those terms, so hopefully we'll now show up.


        Added Rebel Alliance Scanner Jammer to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

        Have been overdosing on the Vehicles from Force Commander lately, but R was good enough to lend me his copy of the game, and I've had a chance to find out what the vehicles could actually do. Although coverting that to D/6 isn't always easy :-). I'll try to do something a little different tomorrow, perhaps even finishing off the second part of the Sith Uprising campaign for upload, but no guarantees. I'm overloaded with college work once again, and although am trying to plough through it, more is looming on the horizon, so simple updates may be all I can manage for a while. Hum-ho.


        Added Rebel Alliance/Yutrane Hover Tank to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Rebel Alliance/Yutrane Attack Tank to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Rebel Alliance Juggernaut Troop Carrier Variant to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Rebel Alliance Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher (MPTL) to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

        Well finished writing up the background for my new D&D 3e Forgotten Realms character, 5,700 words, but still managing not to mention what class the character is, so I suppose that I'd better get around to actually making the character itself. I think I might make up two, because the concept is for either a Ranger or a Wilderness Cleric, so making up both variants and seeing which one fits in with the rest of the party when it comes time to play.

        Also thought I'd mention that there's mysterious going ons over at the Hogshead Publishing, the news page now says "Under New Management announcement to follow soon", which is curious to say the least. Even if the company is under new ownership, I find it hard to believe that they'll be able to recover the old licences, especially the Warhammer one, but I'm desperate to find out what's going to happen never the less.


        Added Galactech Alpha-One "Heretical" Blaster Rifle to the Star Wars Equipment Section.

        Late update today because I lay down to read a bit of the Salvatore book I got last week at 7'ish this evening, and just woken up at quarter to midnight, probably because I got to sleep late last night and had to get up early today because I was back at college.

        Sat down last night to write a character background for our upcoming D&D 3e Forgotten Realms campaign, and 3 and a half hours later, I'd written four thousand words, and gotten it about two thirds finished. Pity that I don't think I can write much more, because I still haven't decided what class the character is going to be. I'd managed to write 2 thousand words over 2 pages before the character is even born !?!


        Added Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1900 Space Transport to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Imperial All Terrain Personal Transport 2 (AT-PT2) to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Incom "Tee" Wing Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added SubPro Z-105 "Thud" Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.

        Well, recieved a package of books through the post from Amazon today, R A Salvatore's "The Thousand Orcs", and Peter F Hamilton's "Mindstar Rising", "A Quantum Murder" and "The Nano Flower". So I`m off for a good read now, :-) which accounts for the small update today.


        Well, a New Year so a New Section, so I`ve added Sith Uprising Campaign Introduction and Sith Uprising Campaign Part 1 "Echoes of Darkness" to the RPG Hints Adventures Section.

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