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Endorian chicken

Endorian chicken

Braconnor Bakiska (Stennes Shifter Spacer)

Braconnor Bakiska (Stennes Shifter Spacer)
Shivan Rakshasa Class Cruiser

Shivan Rakshasa Class Cruiser

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Characters D6

Non-Player Character

Aayla Secura (Twi-lek Jedi Padawan)
Acolytes of the Beyond (Brother)
Acolytes of the Beyond (Recruit)
Acolytes of the Beyond (Veteran)
Aden Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Adenn Skirata (Mandalorian Super Commando)
Adi Gallia (HUman Jedi Master)
Admiral Galak Fyyar (Imperial Commander/Scientist)
Admiral Harlo Dev (Imperial Officer)
Admiral Raddus
Admiral Saul Karath (Human Old Republic/Sith Admiral)
Advanced Recon Commandos
Advanced Recon Force Troopers
Ahsoka Tano (as of The Clone Wars)
Ahsoka Tano (Togruta Jedi Padawan)
Ailon Nova Guard
Akaan Skirata (Mandalorian Super Commando)
Alpha, Alpha Class Recon Commando Cpt.
Anakin Fel (Human Jedi Knight)
Anakin Skywalker (as of The Clone Wars)
Android 42 (Human Replica Droid)
Android 43 (Human Replica Droid)
Anoon Bondara (Twi-lek Jedi Master)
Antares Draco (Human Imperial Knight)
Antares Fel (Human Jedi Grand Master)
Antarian Rangers
Appo, Advanced Recon Commando Senior Commander
Arligan Zey, Human Jedi Master
Armitage Hux
Armitage Hux (As of The Last Jedi)
Asajj Ventress (Near Human Sith Acolyte)
Assistant Professor Mageda (Near Human Scholar)
Atha Prime (Imperial Warlord)
Atin Skirata, Clone Commando
Atris (Human Jedi Knight)
Atton Rand (Human Jedi)
Aurra Sing (Near-Human Bounty Hunter)
Aven (Alpha Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Azlyn Rae (Human Imperial Knight)
Bacara (Advanced Recon Commando)
Bail Organa
Bao Dur (Zabrak Jedi)
Bardan Jusik (Jedi Knight)
Baron Rush Clovis (Banking Guild Representative)
Baron Von Beegleheimer (Heinous Villain of Mass Proportions)
Barriss Offee (as of The Clone Wars)
Barriss Offee (Mirialan Jedi Padawan)
Bastila Shan (Human Old Republic Jedi Padawan)
Baze Malbus
Bene Gesserit
Bezrin (Bruno) Marck (Sarkan Bar Owner)
Bly, Advanced Recon Commando Marshal Commander
Bo-Katan Kryze (Human Mandalorian warrior)
Bo-Ro Fallus (Cerean Jedi Master)
Bob the Dinosaur (Joke Character)
Boba Fett (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Bodhi Rook
Bolla Ropal (Rodian Jedi Master)
Boss, Clone Commando Sergeant
Brianna (Handmaiden of Atris)
Budde Blanck (ISB agent)
Bulligh Lac (Corrupt Sabaac Dealer)
Bultar Swan (Human Jedi Knight)
Byph (Ithorian Youngling)
Cabrin Tivaterex (Creature of the Night)
Cabur Fett (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Cad Bane (Duro Bounty Hunter)
Cade Skywalker (Human Jedi)
Calo Nord (Human Bounty Hunter)
Canderous Ordo (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Captain Dallan Morvis (Human Old Republic Officer)
Captain Nele Versh (New Republic Captain)
Captain Supervisor Grammel (Human Imperial Planetary Governor)
Carras Hamar (New Republic Starship Captain)
Carshotta (Togruta Entertainer)
Carth Onasi (Human Old Republic Soldier)
Cassian Jeron Andor
Celess Tordine (Kiffar Jedi Master)
Charlotte de Gurre (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
Chewbacca (as of Solo: A Star Wars Story)
Chirrut ÃŽmwe
Cikatro Vizago
Cilghal (Mon Calamari Jedi Knight)
Clone cold assault trooper
Clone Commando
Clone flame trooper
Clone shadow troopers
Clone shock troopers
Clone tank gunner
Clone trooper medic
Coastal defender stormtrooper (Shoretroopers)
Cody, Advanced Recon Commando Marshal Commander
Colonel Flac Drivin (Human Imperial Officer)
Colonel Harland Sanders (Fried Chicken Loving Jedi)
Colonel Toejam Jackson (Human Imperial Officer)
Colt (Advanced Recon Commando)
Commander Fox (Clone Trooper)
Corporate Security Guards
Corporate Soldiers
Corr, Clone Commando
Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus (as of The Clone Wars)
Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus (Leader of the Confederacy / Sith Lord)
Count Olco (Wealthy businessman)
CT-7567 Rex (as of the Clone Wars)
Cumberlayne Aresko
Cylon Centurion
Cylon Civilian
Cylon Command Centurion
Cylon IL-series
Cylon Imperious Leader
Cyrus Ordo (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Darman Skirata, Clone Commando
Darth Antarous (Zabrak Sith Lord)
Darth Azard (Quarren Sith Lord)
Darth Bandon (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Darth Bane (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Baras (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Chratis (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Corrious (Kel Dor Sith Lord)
Darth Devagar (Nautolan Sith Lord)
Darth Devicious (Chiss Sith Lord)
Darth Havok (Iktotchi Sith Lord)
Darth Howl (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Krayt (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Krayt Sith Trooper
Darth Kruhl (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Maladi (Devaronian Sith Lord)
Darth Malainous (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Malak (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Darth Maleval (Quarren Sith Lord)
Darth Malgus (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Maul (Zabrak Sith Lord)
Darth Menemous (KajainsaNikto Sith Lord)
Darth Nihilus (Dark Lord of the Sith)
Darth Nihl (Nagai Sith Lord)
Darth Revan (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Darth Sidainous (Dathomirian Sith Lord)
Darth Sidil (Miraluka Sith Lord)
Darth Sinen (Zeltron Sith Lord)
Darth Sion (Dark Lord of the Sith)
Darth Slarous (Cathar Sith Lord)
Darth Stryfe (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Talon (Twi`lek Sith Warrior)
Darth Thanaton (Human Sith Lord)
Darth Traya (Dark Lord of the Sith)
Darth Vademous (Human/Kiffar Sith Lord)
Darth Venainous (Human/Kiffar Sith Lord)
Darth Wyyrlok (Chagrian Sith Lord)
Davik Kang (Human "Exchange" Crime Lord)
Death trooper
Deliah Blue (Zeltron Mechanic)
Depa Billaba (Human Jedi Master)
Desann (Chistori Dark Jedi)
Devastor Lakanddra (Human Mercenary)
Dexter Jettster (Besalisk Cook)
Doctor Ball
Doctor Robert Lemelisk (Imperial Scientist)
Dod Bule (Duro Pirate)
Dogbert (Joke Character)
Duchess Satine Kryze (Mandalorian Politician)
Durge (Gen'Dai Bounty Hunter)
Edrison Peavey
Eeth Koth (Zabrak Jedi Master)
Elcid Barret (New Republic Privateer)
Embo {Kyuzo Bounty Hunter}
Emperor Weji Ynehtam (Imperial Officer)
Empress Red (Imperial Officer)
Esara Tulean (Human Slaver)
Etain Tur-Mukan (Jedi Knight)
EV-A4-D (MerenData EV supervisor droid series A4 laboratory assistant droid)
Even Piell (Lannik Jedi Master)
Exar Kun (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Executor Sedriss (Human Dark Jedi)
Fi Skirata, Clone Commando
Finis Valorum
Finn (as of The Force Awakens)
Finn (As of The Last Jedi)
First Order Flametrooper
First Order Megablaster heavy assault trooper
First Order Riot control stormtrooper
First Order Snowtrooper
First Order Stormtrooper
First Order Stormtrooper Executioner
First Order Stormtrooper Officer
First Order TIE Fighter Pilot
Fixer, Clone Commando
Fleet Admiral Essen Balher (Human Imperial Admiral)
Fleet Admiral Essen Balher (Imperial Officer)
Fleet Admiral Korion (Mon Calimari New Republic Officer)
Fordo (Advanced Recon Commando)
Færos Iennis (Cyborg)
G0-T0 (Droid Criminal Syndicate Leader)
Gabriel Certamen (Human Dark Jedi)
Galford (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
Ganner Krieg (Human Imperial Knight)
Ganodi (Rodian Youngling)
Gen-An (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
General Alpha 13 (Human Imperial General)
General Grievous (as of The Clone Wars)
General Grievous (Cyborg Confederacy General)
General Matrim Cauthron (Imperial Officer)
Ghez Tayhaai (Mandalorian Bodyguard)
Giara Nacirem Fen (Near Human Jedi)
Giara Nacirem Fen (Near-Human Jedi)
Ginaz Swordmasters
Gor (Grievous Pet Roggwart)
Gorm the Dissolver (Arkanian Battle Droid/Cyborg Bounty Hunter)
Grand Admiral Geraad Kun (Human Imperial Officer)
Grand Admiral Thern Moudurn (Imperial Grand Admiral)
Grand Admiral Thrawn Division Soldiers
Gree, Advanced Recon Commando Senior Commander
Greman (Twilek Diplomat)
Gruben (Dug Scoundrel)
Guavian security soldiers
Gungi (Wookiee Youngling)
Gwirekon Pirates: Boarding Marines
Gwirekon Pirates: Starfighter Pilot
Gwirekon Pirates: Zero G Troopers
Hado Gunwalker (Human Black Sun Leader)
Halla (Human Force Sensitive)
Han Solo (as of Solo: A Star Wars Story)
Haohmaru (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
Harkonnen Trooper
High Admiral Shuntly (Imperial Officer)
Hin (Yuzzem Miner)
HK-47 (Protocol/Assassin Droid)
Holowan Mechanicals IG-series 100 MagnaGuards
Hondo Ohnaka (as of The Clone Wars)
Ikrit (Kushiban Jedi Master)
Imperial "Storm Elite" Trooper
Imperial cadet
Imperial Clone Warriors
Imperial CloneTroopers
Imperial combat assault tank pilot
Imperial combat driver
Imperial Intelligence Adjustments Agents
Imperial Intelligence Black Operatives
Imperial JungleTrooper
Imperial Knights
Imperial Mimban Stormtrooper
Imperial Patrol Stormtrooper
Imperial Range trooper
Imperial Reborn Jedi
Imperial Shadow Trooper
Imperial Sovereign Protector
Imperial Special Weapons Dalek
Imperial Storm Enforcers
Imperial Storm Executioner
Imperial Storm Knights
Imperial Storm Riders
Imperial Storm Sky Trooper
Imperial Swamp trooper
Imperial Swamp Trooper
Imperial Worker
Inam Bnar (Neti Jedi)
Jace Malcom (Human Republic trooper)
Jaden Ragnos (Human Jedi Master)
Jaing Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Jakre F. Ronnel (Human Ex-Pit Fighter)
Jaller Obrim, Coruscant Security Force Captain
Jan Orrs (Human Rebel Agent/Mercenary)
Jango Fett (Human/Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Janx Hokan (Mandalorian Bodyguard)
Jar Jar Binks (Gungan Outcast)
Jariah Syn (Human Bounty Hunter)
Jedi Temple Guard
Jekarta Skirata (Mandalorian Super Commando)
Jerec (Miraluka Dark Jedi)
Jocasta Nu (Human Jedi Librarian/Jedi Master)
Jof lep (Spathi Coward)
Jolee Bindu (Human Jedi Knight/ex-Smuggler)
Jubei (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
Juhani (Cathar Jedi Padawan)
Juno Eclipse (Human Imperial Pilot)
Jyn Erso
Kad Skirata (Mandalorian Super Commando)
Kahrcorkh (Noghri Bounty Hunter)
Kal Skirata (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Kao Cen Darach (Zabrak Jedi Master)
Kaplan Ddar-Montis (Creature of the Night)
Karina the Great
Katarn Commando
Katooni (Tholothian Youngling)
Kayle Louva (Human Dark Jedi)
Kayle Skolaris (Ex-Imperial Sovereign Protector)
Kee (Yuzzem Miner)
Kel Sapur (Immortal Pirate)
Kelos (Gungan Fringer)
Ki-Adi-Mundi (Cerean Jedi Master)
Kian Kevor (Vengeful Bounty Hunter)
KIK-334 (Labour Droid)
Kir Kanos (Human Ex-Imperial Royal Guardsman)
Kit Fisto (Nautolan Jedi Knight)
Kol Skywalker (Human Jedi)
Komari Vosa (Human Dark Jedi)
Komrk Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Korkie Kryze (Mandalorian Student)
KOTOR Sith Apprentice
KOTOR Sith Commander
KOTOR Sith Trooper
Kragg (Massassi Enforcer, Sith)
Kyle Katarn (Human Jedi/Mercenary)
Kylo Ren (as of The Force Awakens)
Kylo Ren (As of The Last Jedi)
Lady Proxima
Lama Su (Kaminoan Prime Minister)
Lana Mione (Human Dark Jedi)
Lando Calrissian (as of Solo: A Star Wars Story)
Lara Lasard (Imperial Captain)
Ler Tedib (Human Janitor)
Levet (Clone Trooper Commander)
Lord Anarcis (Zabrak Sith)
Lord Wroth (Zabrak Sith)
Lt. Belman (Imperial Officer)
Lt. Geoff Anteri (NRI Officer)
Luminara Unduli (Mirialan Jedi Knight)
Lumiya (Human Dark Lady of the Sith)
Lux Bonteri
Lynbacca (Wookiee Jedi Master)
Mace Windu (as of The Clone Wars)
Mace Windu (Human Jedi Master)
Major Oshka Maratafutu (Imperial Officer)
Major Terrel Daharn (NRI Officer)
Mandalorian super commando
Mandalorian Supercommandos
Mandalorians (fanon)
Mara Jade Skywalker (HUman Jedi Knight/ex-Emperors Hand)
Matthew Dagger (Ex-TIE pilot/Former Pirate/Rebel Starfighter Commander )
Maz Kanata
Maz Kanata (As of The Last Jedi)
Maze, Alpha Class Advanced Recon Commando Cpt.
Mereel Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Meri Shien (Human Bartender)
Meshla Tawr (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
MetaCorp Jumptroopers
Mical (Human Jedi)
Mij Gilamar (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Mira (Human Jedi)
Mission Vao (Twi'lek Street Rogue)
Mistryl Shadow Guard
Moff Jerr Uhlmann (Human Imperial Moff)
Moff Jerr Uhlmann (Human Imperial Moff)
Moff Lesbeat (Imperial Officer)
Moff Nikolai Arkanian (Human Imperial Moff)
Montolio (Adarian Shipping Magnate)
Montross (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Morbus Wolfprin (Human Jedi Master)
Morrynn Shofey (Bothan Jedi Master)
Myles Grint
Nakoruru (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
Niner Skirata, Clone Commando Sergeant
Obi-Wan Kenobi (as of The Clone Wars)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Padawan as of the Battle of Naboo)
Odan Urr (Draethos Jedi Master)
Ooroo (Celegian Jedi Master)
Oppo Rancisis (Thisspiasian Jedi Master)
Ordo Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Orson Callan Krennic
Padmé Amidala Naberrie (as of The Clone Wars)
Padme Amidala (Republic Senator/ex-Queen)
Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Army Troopers
Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Naval Troopers
Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Spacetroopers
Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Special Missions Army Troopers
Palvar Defense Force Delta Zero Operatives
Petro (Human Youngling)
Phasma (As of The Last Jedi)
Plo Koon (Kel Dor Jedi Master)
Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron (As of The Last Jedi)
Polvin Travix (Human Dark Jedi)
Ponds (Clone Trooper Commander)
Pong Krell (Besalisk Jedi Master)
Praetorian Guard
Pre Vizsla (Human/Mandalorian Death Watch Leader)
Preigo (Dug Entertainer)
Priax Salvantra (Sith Warrior)
Professor Huyang
Prudii Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Qui-Gon Fel (Human Jedi Knight)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Human Jedi Master)
Quinlan Vos (Kiffar Jedi Knight)
RanCorp A.R.T. Trooper
RanCorp Anti-tankman
RanCorp AntiRanCorp Jade Ops Commando-tankman
Reassi (Mon Calamari Jedi Master)
Reelo Baruk (Rodian Crime Lord)
Relat Mani (Human Jedi)
Republic Arc Trooper
Republic Clone Scuba Trooper
Republic Clone Sky Trooper
Republic CloneTroopers
Rex (Clone Trooper)
Rey (as of Force Awakens)
Rey (as of The Last Jedi)
Rio Durant
Roga Danar (Human Mercenary)
Rssh alle (Sshrihx Bounty Hunter)
Saesee Tiin (Iktotchi Jedi Master)
Sariss Fel (Human Jedi Master)
Satele Shan (Human Jedi Grand Master)
Savage Opress (Dathomirian Zabrak Sith Lord)
Saw Gerrera (as of Clone Wars)
Scorch, Clone Commando
Sebulba (Dug Pod-Racer)
Sera Asvek (Bothan Spy)
Setzn Kaizo (Human Bounty Hunter)
Sev, Clone Commando
Shaak Ti (Togruta Jedi Master)
Shado Vao (Twilek Jedi)
SHFT-9 (Shaft) (Cargo Droid)
Sigel Dare (Human Imperial Knight)
Sisters of the Echani
Sith Assassin
Snoke, Supreme Leader of the First Order
Spar (Alpha Class Advanced Recon Commando)
Special ops clone trooper
STARKILLER (Darth Vaders secret apprentice)
Steela Gerrera
Stefon Sapur (Immortal)
Stek Renu (Human Dark Jedi)
Stek Renu (Human)
StormElite Anti-Partisan Soldier
StormElite Armored Vehicle Crewman
StormElite Desert Operation Soldiers
StormElite Foreign Volunteer Soldiers
StormElite Mountain Troop
StormElite Repulsor-Grenadiers
StormElite Shock Troops
StormElite Soldier
Sull (Alpha Class Advanced Recon Commando Lt.)
T3-M4 (Utility Droid)
Tamtam (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
Tan Divo (Coruscant Police Inspector)
Tanaka Mariko (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Tarrful (Wookiee War Chief)
Ta’von Manary (Droid Jedi)
Tessek Vakil (Quarren Jedi Master)
The 501st Legion
The Dark Woman (Human Jedi Master)
The Marshmallow Puff People
The Razorbacks - Swoop Gang
Time War Era Special Weapons Dalek
Tobias Beckett
Tonk (Bounty Hunter)
Travis Darkcloak (Lorrdian Cursed Jedi)
Treis Sinde (Human Imperial Knight)
Trent Zinx Frost (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Typical MetaCorp Soldier
Typical MetaCorp Stormtrooper
Typical RanCorp Soldier
Typical Repulsor Hockey Player
Tyrion Nightstorm (Pirate)
Tyzen Opress (Zabrak Bounty Hunter)
Ukyo (Napanese Budokai Contestant)
Ulic-Qel Droma (Human Jedi Knight/Dark Lord of the Sith)
Vatok Fett (Mandalorian Bodyguard)
Verd Skirata (Mandalorian Super Commando)
Verdant Security Force Pilot
Verdant Security Force Space Marines
Verdant T/S Generic Pilot
Visas Marr (Miraluka Jedi)
Vlas Eenex (Kerl Slaver)
Vodo-Siosk Baas (Krevaaki Jedi Master)
Wade Cadera (Mandalorian Bodyguard)
Wade Tayhaai (Human/Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Walon Vau (Human/Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Wat Tambor
Watto (Toydarian Junk Dealer)
Wing Commander Kevlaar Culpect (Imperial Officer)
Wolf Sazen (Zabrak Jedi)
Wolffe (Clone Trooper Commander)
Yaddle (Jedi Master)
Yarael Poof (Quermian Jedi Master)
Yoda (as of The Clone Wars)
Ysanne Isard (Human Director of Imperial Intelligence)
Ytic Bran (dancer/assassin)
Zaalbar (Wookie Soldier)
Zalena Vos (Kiffar Bounty Hunter)
Zaron Kraran (Epicanthix Jedi Master)
Zebes (Giant Brain)
Zenex Wan (Falleen Jedi Master)
Zhar Secura (Twilek Jedi Master)
Zoltrix Kon (Tunroth Jedi Master)


Compact Body
Grappler Piloting
Gundam Piloting
Plasma Weapons
Prana Bindu
The Voice
Vehicle Firearms
Vehicle Plasma Weapons


Colonial Warrior
Earth Federation GM Mobile Suite Pilot
Earth Federation Land Combat Mobile Suite Pilot
Earth Federation Navy Officer
PDF army trooper
PDF navy trooper
Zeon Mobile Suit Pilot
Zeon Naval Officer

Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3

Non-Player Character

Amaiza Foxtrain
Don-Wan Kihotay
Effie (FE-9Q)
Jimm Doshun (the Starkiller Kid)

Bedlam Spirits

Non-Player Character

Cold Danda Sine
Splendid Ap

Bespin Wing Guards

Non-Player Character

Alec Mard (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Allen Neff (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Ark Rutendo (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Bialar Selis (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Corman Jeihn (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Duncan Hikmat (Human Bespin Wing Guard Pilot)
Fantes Merdarro (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Gir Endac (Human Wing Guard)
Helder Spinoza (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Isdam Edian (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Jake Sirrom (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Jann Derem (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Jell Spiel (Human Bespin Wing Guard Pilot)
Jerrol Blendin (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Pedar Solardo (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Razell Tameron (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Sergeant Bislav Merril (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Utris MToc (Imzig Bespin Wing Guard)



B1 (Modified B1 battle droid)
LE-12 (Repair Droid)
R23-X9 (Astromech droid)
R5-G9 (Astromech droid)
SC-X2 (Astromech Droid)
T3-K10 (Duwani Mechanical Products T3 Series Astromech droid)

Non-Player Character

Aunt Z (ZVkThkrkza)
Bo Keevil
Bolza Grool
Bucket (R1-J5)
Captain Imanuel Doza
Freya Fenris
G1-7CH (Glitch)
Griff Halloran
Hype Fazon
Lin Gaava
Mika Grey (Human Archaeologist)
Narb (Snivvian Gambler)
Neeku Vozo (Season 1)
Orthog (Dock Worker)
Tamara Ryvora (Season 1)
Torra Doza (Season 1)

Confederacy of Independent Systems


GS-8 (Droid Administrative Aide)
TC-14 (TC-series protocol droid)
TC-14 (Trade Federation Translator Droid)

Non-Player Character

Agruss (Zygerian Head of Slave Processing Facility)
Aito Laff (Neimoidian First Mate)
Aruteous (Rute) Gunnay (Neimoidian Aide)
Asajj Ventress (as of Clone Wars)
Avi Singh (Human Politician)
Bulduga (Ithorian Bounty Hunter)
Captain Daultay Dofine (Neimoidian Ship Commander)
Cat Miin (Gossam Political Aide)
Darts DNar (Zygerrian Slaver)
Denaria Kee (Koorivar Political Aide)
Derrown (Parwan Bounty Hunter)
Durge (GenDai Bounty Hunter)
Fame Drimal (Neimoidian Soldier)
Gap Nox (Neimoidian Gunner & Bodyguard)
Gume Saam (Ishi Tib Senator)
Jakoli (Rodian Bounty Hunter)
Kiera Swan (Weequay Bounty Hunter)
Lok Durd (Seperatist General)
Lott Dod (Neimoidian Politician)
Lushros Dofine (Neimoidian Ship Captain)
Mantu (Selkath Bounty Hunter)
Miraj Scintel (Zygerrian Queen)
Nossor Ri (Quarren Leader)
Nute Gunray (Neimoidian Viceroy)
Nuvo Vindi (Faust Scientist)
Onca (Ithorian Bounty Hunter)
Oro Dassyne (Koorivar General)
Osi Sobeck (Phindian Commandant of the Citadel)
Passel Argente (Koorivar Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance / Senator)
Po Nudo (Aqualish Politician)
Poggle the Lesser (Geonosian Archduke)
Riff Tamson
Rish Loo (Gungan Politician)
Rogwa Wodrata (Holwuff Representative)
Rune Haako (Neimoidian Leader)
San Hill (Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan)
Senator Tikkes (Quarren Politician)
Senator Toonbuck Toora (Sy Myrthian Politician)
Shu Mai (Gossam Commerce Guild Presidente)
Sinrich (Snivvian Scientist/Bounty Hunter)
Sixtat (Sakiyan Bounty Hunter)
Sun Fac (Geonosian Lieutenant)
Techno Union Scientist
Tey How (Neimoidian Communications Officer)
Trade Baron Lufa Danak (Neimoidian Political Aide)
Twazzi (Frenk Bounty Hunter)
Umbaran Militia
Whorm Loathsom (Kerkoiden General)

Crimson Dawn

Non-Player Character

Crimson Dawn Foot Soldier (Criminal Syndicate Thug)
Dryden Vos
Margo (Imroosian Concierge)

Dark Matter

Cast & Crew

Five (Emily Kolburn)
Four (Ryo Tetsuda)
One (Derrick Moss)
Six (Kal Varrik)
The Android (Suki)
Three (Marcus Boone)
Two (Portia Lin)


Non-Player Character

Barneeson (Ewok Warrior)
Chief Chirpa (Ewok Tribal Leader)
Chubbray (Ewok Warrior)
Flitchee (Ewok Warrior)
Kazak (Ewok Elder)
Keoulkeech (Ewok Shaman)
Khungata (Ewok Warrior)
Lakotup (Ewok Scout)
Leektar (Ewok Hunter)
Logray (Ewok Shaman)
Nanta (Ewok Warrior)
Nho-Apakk (Ewok Warrior)
Nicki (Ewok Warrior)
Paploo (Ewok Warrior)
Peekpa (Ewok Hacker)
Rabin (Ewok Beast Tamer/Hunter/Loner/Thief)
Romba (Ewok Warrior)
Stemzee (Ewok Warrior)
Taras (Ewok Villager)
Teebo (Ewok Hunter)
Tokkat (Ewok Warrior)
Warok (Ewok Glider Pilot)
Widdle Warrick (Ewok Warrior)
Wijunkee (Ewok Warrior)
Wispeth (Ewok Warrior)
Wunka (Ewok Warrior)
Wuta (Ewok Scout)
Zephee (Ewok Mother)

Galactic Empire


5D6-RA-7 (Arakyd RA7 Droid)
Altin Wuho
AV-6R7 (Imperial V-series Droid Supervisor)
C-3PO (Infinities: Reprogrammed Protocol Droid)
E-3PO (Imperial Protocol Droid)
IM4-099 (Imperial Mark IV sentry droid)
LIN-V8M (Imperial LIN Demolitionmech Droid)
R2-Q2 {Artoo Kyootoo} (Imperial Astromech Droid)
R2-Q5 (Imperial R2 Astromech Droid)
R3-M3 (Imperial Astromech Droid)
R3-T6 (Imperial Astromech Droid)
R4-I9 (Imperial Astromech Droid)
R4-M9 (Imperial Agromech Droid)
R5-J2 (Imperial R5 Astromech Droid)
WED-15-I7 (WSB-15 Sabotage Droid)
ZED-6-7 (Imperial SP-4 ISC forensics droid)

Non-Player Character

1047 (Imperial Sandtrooper Sergeant)
Admiral Barrow Oicunn (Human Imperial Officer)
Admiral Brom Titus
Admiral Corleque (Human Imperial Officer)
Admiral Damon Krell
Admiral Firmus Piett
Admiral Garrick Versio (Human Imperial Officer)
Admiral Griggor Tower
Admiral Jeratai (Human Imperial Officer)
Admiral Llon Banjeer (Human Imperial Officer & Bureaucrat)
Admiral Mils Giel (later demoted to Lieutenant)
Admiral Mordur
Admiral Rampart (Human Imperial Officer)
Admiral Terrinald Screed
Alexsandr Kallus
Alton Kastle
Alum Frost (Human Royal Guardsmen Recruit)
Anarine (Imperial Trooper)
Ankala Sahm (Human Revenger)
Anod (Second-in-line to Velmor Throne)
Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper
Arihnda Pryce (Imperial Governor)
Ars Dangor (Human Member of the Imperial Ruling Council)
AT-ST driver (Imperial combat driver)
Attendant Corv (Human Imperial Security Bureau Agent)
Attendant Felzonis (Human ISB Datavault Operator)
Attendant Heert (Human ISB Agent)
Bachenkall (Human Imperial Officer/Helmsman)
Backstabber (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Baddon Fass (Human Dark Side Adept)
Baron Orman Tagge
Bens Figg
Bentilais san Skar
Bisad Koong
Blackhole / Shadow Stormtrooper
Boaz (Imperial Stormtrooper)
Bulger (Human Restored Empire Aide)
Burr Nolyds (Human Aristocrat/Leader of The Empire)
Captain Bewil (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Bolvan (Imperial Gunnery Officer)
Captain Brandei (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Brunson
Captain Canonhaus (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Dirk Balor
Captain Drezzel
Captain Elk (Human Imperial Starship Captain)
Captain Jonus (Human Imperial Tie Pilot)
Captain Khurgee (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Lagret (Human ISB Supervisor)
Captain Lorth Needa (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Milnn
Captain Mulchive Wermis
Captain Plikk
Captain Ryko Vant
Captain Sarkli (Human Imperial Storm Commando Officer)
Captain Slavin (Imperial Officer)
Captain Terisa Kerrill (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Varko Grey (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Captain Venka (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Xamuel Lennox (Human Imperial Officer)
Captain Yorr (Human Imperial Officer/Pilot)
Captain Zeta Traal
Carnor Jax (Human Royal Guardsman & Imperial Leader)
Cassio Tagge
Chief Inspector Hyne (Pre-Mor Security Chief)
Chief Regional Auditor Cygnus Anton (Avian Imperial Officer)
Chief Retwin (Human Imperial Officer)
Chief Siward Cass (Human Imperial Officer)
Chris {Putna} (Human Imperial Technician)
Colonel Davod Jon (Human Imperial Officer)
Colonel Dyer (Human Imperial Officer)
Colonel Gralm (Human Imperial Officer)
Colonel Jendon (Human Imperial Pilot)
Colonel Malka
Colonel Odan (impostor)
Colonel Partagaz (Human Head of Imperial Security Bureau)
Colonel Petigar (Human Imperial Officer/Engineer)
Colonel Quirt
Colonel Starck (Human Imperial AT-AT Commander)
Colonel Wullf Yularen (Human Imperial Officer) {as of A New Hope}
Colonel Xexus Shev (Human Imperial Officer)
Commandant Jayhold Beehaz (Human Imperial Officer)
Commander Ada Larkin (Near Human Imperial Officer)
Commander Daine Jir (Human Stormtrooper Officer)
Commander Desanne (Human Imperial Officer)
Commander Gherant (Human Imperial Officer)
Commander Igar
Commander Jad Bean {Scorch} (Human Imperial Death Star Trooper/Pilot)
Commander Merrejk (Human Imperial Officer/Spy)
Commander Nahdonnis Praji (Human Imperial Officer)
Commander Nemet (Human Imperial Officer)
Commander Vivant (Human Imperial Officer)
Conan Antonio Motti
Corpo (Human Preox-Morlana Security Guard)
Corporal Avarik (Human Imperial Scout Trooper)
Corporal Derdram (Human Imperial ISB Agent)
Corporal Drazin (Human Imperial Stormtrooper)
Corporal Drelosyn (Human Imperial Scout Trooper)
Corporal Grenwick (Death Star Trooper & Interrogator)
Corporal Kimzi (Human Imperial Officer)
Corporal Oberk (Human Imperial Scout Trooper)
Corporal Prescott (Human Death Star Trooper)
CR978 (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Crag (Clone Imperial Stormtrooper)
Daine Jir
Dainsom (Human Imperial Naval Trooper)
Dark Trooper (Elite Human Stormtrooper)
Darth Sidious - Sheev Palpatine - The Galactic Emperor (Human Sith Lord) {as of Return of the Jedi}
Darth Vader (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Darth Vaders boot polisher
Darth Vaders porter
Darth Vaders secretary
Darth Vaders valet
Davin Felth (Human Stormtrooper)
Deena Lorn {TK-27342} (Human Imperial Stormtrooper)
Del Meeko (Human Imperial Special Forces Trooper)
Demolition Trooper (Specialised Stormtrooper)
Deppo (Human Imperial Technician)
Devin Cant (Human Death Star Trooper)
Doctor Gorst (Human Imperial Interrogator)
Domina Tagge
DS-181-3 {Fels Wrath} (Human Imperial Starfighter Pilot)
DS-181-4 (Human Imperial Starfighter Pilot)
DS-61-3 {Backstabber} (Human Tie Fghter Pilot)
DS-61-4 {Dark Curse} (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
DV-523 (Clone Stormtrooper)
DV-692 (Clone Stormtrooper Officer)
Eger Djambo (Imperial Stormtrooper)
Eighth Brother
Emperor Xandel Carivus (Human Leader of the Empire)
Emperors Royal Guard (Infinities Human Force User)
Ensign Kyril Lopaki (Imperial Officer)
ES-01 (Human Elite Squad Trooper)
ES-02 (Human Elite Force Trooper)
ES-03 (Human Elite Squad Trooper)
ES-04 (Human Elite Squad Trooper)
Farlie (Imperial Cook)
Feena DAsta & Clone (Human Imperial Politician)
Fenson (Human Imperial Naval Trooper)
Flint (The Dark Lord of Belderone)
Flob (Human Imperial Administrator)
Fourth Sister (Near-Human Imperial Inquisitor)
Freck (Alien Transport Driver)
FS-451 (Human Imperial Stormtrooper)
Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine (Darth Sidious) (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Ganner (Human Imperial Head of Security)
General Andrid
General Bernard Vota (Human Imperial Officer)
General Biel
General Emir
General Hurst Romodi (Human Imperial Officer)
General Immodet (Human Imperial Ruling Council Member)
General Maximilian Veers (Human Imperial Officer)
General Redd Wessel (Human Imperial Officer)
Gideon Hask (Human Imperial Special Forces Commander)
Giles Durane
Goran (instructor)
Governor Tann Starpyre (Human Member of Imperial Ruling Council)
Governor Tauntaza (Human Imperial Governor)
Governor Tchai
Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitth raw nuruodo)
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin (as of A New Hope) (Human Imperial Officer)
Grand Vizier Mas Amedda (Chagrian Politician)
Grath (Human Imperial Dark Trooper)
Grotto (Imperial Stormtrooper)
Gwellib Ap-Llewff (Dark Side Adept)
Havina Vonreg (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Heavy Weapons Stormtrooper
High General Trech Molock (Human Imperial Officer)
Hinch Beltane (Human Governor of Balmorra)
Hugo Treece
Hurdiss (Human Imperial Communications Officer)
Iden Versio (Human Female Ex-Imperial Special Forces Commander)
Imperial Bomb squad stormtroopers (Bombtroopers)
Imperial Flametrooper
Imperial Jump Troopers
Imperial Prison Guard
Imperial Remnant Incinerator Stormtrooper
Imperial Scout Trooper
Imperial Sector Commander Zertik Strom
Imperial Senator Leia Organa (Infinities: Human Sith Lady)
Imperial Special Forces Trooper
Imperial Stormtrooper
Imperial TIE Pilot
Janus Greejatus
Jeng Droga (Human Dark Jedi Adept)
Jenks (Human Spy)
Jeroen Webb (Human Rebel Spy)
Jhoff (Human Imperial Flight Control Officer)
Kassius Konstantine (Imperial Admiral)
KE-829 (Clone Stormtrooper)
Kendal Ozzel
Kloris (Human ISB Undercover Agent)
Kooloota-Fyf (Givin Imperial Ruling Council Member)
Kravas Drezzer (Human Pre-Mor Security Officer)
Krdys Mordi (Human Dark Side Adept)
Kren Blista-Vanee
Kvag Gthull (Human Dark Side Adept / Interrogator)
Lang (Human Mercenary)
Lastok {TK-7834} (Human Imperial Walker Pilot)
Lemmet Tauk (Human Royal Guardman Recruit)
Leonart Beehaz (Human Commandants Son)
Lieutenant Ardo Banch (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Blanaid (Human AT-ST Driver)
Lieutenant Blevin (Human ISB Agent)
Lieutenant Cabbel (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Cecius (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Colonel Ejai (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Commander Ardan (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Dedra Meero (Human ISB Supervisor)
Lieutenant Endicott (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Geff Blim (Human Imperial Officer/Assassin)
Lieutenant Gorn (Human Rebel Agent/Imperial Army Officer)
Lieutenant Grapa (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Grond (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Hebsly (Imperial Officer / Pilot)
Lieutenant Hija (Human Imperial Gunnery Officer)
Lieutenant Keysax (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Milton Putna (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Nash Windrider (Human Imperial Officer/Pilot)
Lieutenant Oxixo (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Lieutenant Pol Treidum (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Renz (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Sheckil (Human Imperial Officer)
Lieutenant Suba (Human Imperial Chief of Security)
Lieutenant Tanbris (Imperial Officer/Pilot)
Lieutenant Watts (Human Imperial Scout Walker Pilot)
Lord Espis Zanchal (Imperial Noble)
LT-514 (Human Imperial Controller)
Mahd Windcaller (Human Ruling Council Member)
Major Hewex
Major Kuhru
Major Marquand
Major Mianda (Human Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot)
Major Rhymer (Human Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot)
Major Voss
Major Wilm Grau (Imperial Commando)
Maketh Tua
Manos (Devaronian Imperial Ruling Council Member)
Marcellin Wessel
Masana Tide: The Ninth Sister (Dowutin Imperial Inquisitor)
Master Chief Gunnery Officer Tenn Graneet (Imperial officer)
Mithel {Mauler} (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Mod Terrik (Human Stormtrooper Officer)
Moff Gideon (Imperial Warlord)
Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
Moff Ubrik Adelhard (Human Imperial Officer)
Moradmin Bast
Morgan Elsbeth (Human Magistrate)
Mortar Stormtrooper
Myn Kyneugh (Human Royal Guardsman Instructor)
Nahdonnis Praji
Narkina 5 Intake Warden
Narkina 5 Prison Commander
Nefta (Humanoid Dark Side Adept)
Norym Kim (Myke Politician)
Ochi of Bestoon, Assassin of the Sith (Humanoid Issues 6-13 of Darth Vader)
Ocho (Human Yasaburo Clanswoman/Imperial Officer)
Penrie {NA811} (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Pershing (Human Clone Scientist)
Pol Treidum
Prefect Vanis Tigo (Human Imperial Officer)
Prince Za (Defel Imperial Ruling Council Member)
Protectorate Gleb (Imperial Politician/Instructor)
Purge Trooper
Purge Trooper Commander (Stormtrooper Special Forces)
Qorl (Tie Fighter Pilot)
Quorl Matrin
Ragez DAsta (Human Imperial Politician)
Ralsius Paldora (Human Imperial Defector)
Rear Admiral Chiraneau (Human Imperial Officer)
Reist (Nightmare Demon)
Rella Sol (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Reva: The Third Sister (Human Inqusitor)
Riot Control Stormtrooper
Rocket Stormtrooper (Specialized stormtroopers)
Sa-Di (Human Dark Side Adept)
Sardis Ramsin {TD-7556} (Human Stormtrooper)
Savuud Thimram (Human Dark Side Adept)
Sergeant Barich (Human Imperial Scout Trooper)
Sergeant Derek Torent (Senior Watch Trooper)
Sergeant Elsek (Human Imperial Scout Trooper)
Sergeant Falesh
Sergeant Hume Tarl (Human Stormtrooper)
Sergeant Linus Mosk (Human Pre-Mor Security Officer)
Sergeant Major Bursk (Human Imperial Blizzard Force Snowtrooper)
Sergeant Major Enfield (Human Death Star Trooper)
Sergeant Narthax (Clone Imperial Snowtrooper)
Sergeant Nova Stihl (Human Death Star Trooper)
Shann Childsen
Shann Childsen (Human Imperial Officer)
Shen (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)
Silas Tagge
Sim Aloo
Sly Moore (Umbaran Dark Side Adept and Politician)
Spearmaster Leader ChUnkk (Whipid Imperial Ruling Council Member)
Stormtrooper Commander
Supervisor Grandi (Human ISB Agent)
Supervisor Lonni Jung (Human Rebel Agent/ISB Agent)
Supreme Commander Ennix Devian (Human Imperial Officer)
Syril Karn (Human Deputy Inspector/Civil Servant) {as of Season 1 of Andor)
T-iaz (Humanoid Dark Jedi Adept)
Tabbins Vee
Tajis Durmin (Human Death Star Trooper)
Tarrant Snil (Human Imperial customs officer)
Tarvyn Lareka - TK-4601 (Human Stormtrooper/Pilot)
TD-787 (Human Sandtrooper Sergeant)
Tedryn-Sha (Human Dark Side Adept)
The Emperors Physician
The Fifth Brother
The Grand Inquisitor
The Seventh Sister
Thorn (Human Imperial Spy)
Tian Chyler (Human Imperial Spy)
Tiber Saxon
Tig (Female Human Stormtrooper)
Tig (Human Imperial Stormtrooper)
Titus Klev (Human Imperial Officer)
TK-119 (Clone Stormtrooper)
TK-3338 (Human Stormtrooper)
TK-421 (Human Strormtrooper)
TK-422 (Clone Stormtrooper)
TK-4247 (Human Stormtrooper)
TK-5187 (Human Imperial Walker Gunner)
TK-710 (Human Stormtrooper)
TK-7624 (Human Stormtrooper)
TK-8332 (Human Stormtrooper)
TK-875 (Clone Stormtrooper)
TK-9091 (Human Stormtrooper)
Trilla Suduri: The Second Sister (Human Inquisitor)
TS-4068 (Human Imperial Snowtrooper)
Turk (Imperial Stormtrooper)
Ulric Tagge
Umak Leth (Human Scientist)
Unidentified Alderaanian stormtrooper
Unidentified Inquisitor (Humanoid Imperial Inquisitor)
Unidentified Tao Imperial officer (Human Imperial Officer)
Valen Rudor
Valin Hess (Human Imperial Officer)
Ved Kennede (Human Royal Guardsman Instructor)
Veris Hydan
Verlo Skiff (Human Pre-Mor Security Officer)
Vice Admiral Rae Sloane (Human Imperial Officer)
Vill Goir (Human Dark Side Adept)
Voss (Imperial Stormtrooper)
Vult Skerris
Wanten (Human Stormtrooper)
Warrant Officer MKae (Human Imperial Communications Officer)
Willard Waylin (Human Imperial Engineer)
Wrenga Jixton (Human Imperial Agent)
Wullf Yularen
Xecr Nist (Human Dark Side Adept)
Yogar Lyste
Zam Basdor (Human Imperial Dignitary))
Zasm Katth (Human Dark Side Adept)
Zelor (Regent of Velmor)


Named Characters

Cortana (Halo: Combat Evolved, v1.2)
The Master Chief, John-117 (Halo: Combat Evolved, v1.3)


Non-Player Character

Captain Hookyr



Muchi (Adolescent Rancor)


4/NG (Four-Slashing) (Droid Aide to Grappa the Hutt)
CZ-4 (Droid Watchman)
Jabbas EV-series sous-chef droid

Non-Player Character

8D8 {Atedeeate} (Droid Torturer)
Ak-rev (Weequay Bodyguard/Drummer)
Amanaman (Amani Headhunter)
Attark (Hoover Technician)
Barada (Klatooinian Bodyguard)
Barquin D-an (Bith Musician)
BG-J38 {Beegee} (Gambling Droid)
Bib Fortuna
Bidlo Kwerve (Human Pirate)
Bokku (Hutt Gangster)
Brock Starsher (Guard)
Cane Adiss (Yuvernian Pilot/Smuggler)
Diva Funquita (Theelin Personal Aide to Gardulla the Hutt)
Diva Shaliqua (Theelin half-breed Slave/Singer)
Doallyn (Geranite Hunter)
Droopy McCool
Ephant Mon (Chevin Arms Dealer)
EV-9D9 (Eve-Ninedenine) (Droid Chief of Droid Operations)
Fodesinbeed Annodue (Troig Race Commentator)
Fozec (Human Guard)
Gailid (Human Tax Collector)
Gak-Sixtoo (Droid Navigator to Bokku the Hutt)
Gardulla Besadii the Elder (Hutt Crimelord)
Gauron Nas Tal (Saurin Combat Trainer)
Geezum (Snivvian Sociopath)
Ghana Gleemort (Gamorrean Guard)
Ghoel (Wol Cabasshite Observer)
Giran (Nikto Guard)
Grappa (Hutt Crimelord)
Hermi Odle (Baragwin Weapons Specialist)
J-ywz-gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et-nrmdndlcvtbrx {Joh Yowza} (Yuzzum Musician)
Jabba Desilijic Tiure
Jess (Human Musician)
Kani (Hutt Grand Council Member)
Kithaba (Klatooinian Slave/Guard)
Klaatu (Nikto Gambler)
Lathe (Nikto Guard)
Loje Nella (Riorian Jabbas Court Member)
Lyn Me (Twi-lek Singer/Dancer)
Malakili (Human Rancor Handler)
Marlo (Elder Hutt Leader)
Max Rebo
Meeka (Hutt Grand Council Member)
Mosep Binneed
Myarga the Benevolent (Hutt Cartel Representitive)
Nizuc Bek (Human Bodyguard)
Nysad (Nikto Guard)
Pagetti Rook (Weequay Guard)
Pote Snitkin (Skrilling Arms Dealer)
Rapotwanalantonee {Rappertunie} (Shawda Ubb Musician)
Rayc Ryjerd (Bimm Pilot)
Ree-Yees (Gran Dog Handler)
Rek (Tamrii Majordomo for Grappa the Hutt)
Rennek (Human Nerf Herder)
Rintel Aren (Weequay Pilot)
Saelt-Marae (Yarkora Informant)
Salacious B. Crumb (Kowakian Monkey Lizard Jester)
Schmood (Yuzzum Henchman)
Shasa Tiel (Ishi Tib Accountant)
Snipp Nkik (Jawa Criminal)
Sol Mon (Human Pirate Captain)
Sy Snootles
Taym Dren-garen (Human Henchman)
Thok (Gamorrean Guard)
Tront (Gamorrean Pirate)
Umpass-stay (Klatooinian Drummer)
Vedain (Nikto Slave)
Velken Tezeri (Human Guard/Arms Dealer)
Vizam (Nikto Weapons Master)
Vranki the Blue (Hutt Casino Owner)
Wam Lufba (Yuzzum Pest Exterminator)
Weeba Weeba (Human Rancor Keeper)
Wooof (Nikto Smuggler/Administrator)
Yarna dal Gargan (Askajian Dancer)
Yotts Oren (Nikto Guard)
Zee Ethda (Alien Mercenary / Bounty Hunter)
Ziro Desilijic Tiure
Zzzanmxl (Zanibar Mercenary)


Kardue-sai-Malloc (Labria, The Butcher of Montellian Serat) (Devaronian War Criminal/Music Lover)


Boba Fetts Rancor
Boga (Varactyl Mount)
Mott (Aggressive Herbivore)
Omi (Force Sensitive Dianoga)
Rrr-ur-R (Tusken Raider Bantha)


1-JAC (Droid Bounty Hunter)
225 (R-series Astromech droid)
2X-3KPR (KPR Servant Droid)
2X-7KPR (KPR Servant Droid)
3B6-RA-7 (Arakyd RA7 Droid)
4-LOM {FOR-ELLOEM} (Droid Bounty Hunter)
6Y-2KPR (KPR Servant Droid)
99-99 (Four Nines) (Service Droid)
B2EMO (Andor Family Droid)
Boatman droid (Droid Pilot)
C-21 Highsinger
C03 (Repair Droid)
Captain of the Droid Crush Pirates of Bestoon (Droid Pirate)
CG-67 (Protocol droid)
Choco (R2 Astromech)
Clink (LE-series Astromech droid)
CZ-1 (CZ-series secretary/business communications droid)
CZ-3 (CZ-series communications/business droid)
DK-3 (R-series Astromech droid)
ES-PSA (Droid Rickshaw Operator)
Fett Gotra R-5 Serving Droid
FLO (GoCorp/Utilitec WA-7 service unit)
Gee-Ninety (Droid Assassin)
IG-11 (Assassin/Nursemaid Droid)
IG-88B (Assassin Droid/Bounty Hunter)
LIN-V8K (LIN Demolitionmech Droid)
M-HYD 6804 (Dowser Binary Hydromech Droid)
Mantoid (Droid Gladiator)
NED-B (Loader Droid/Jedi Sympathiser)
P2 (prototype astromech droid)
Peli Mottos BD droid
Proto One
Q9-0 {Zero} (Droid Pilot)
R1-G4 (Astromech Droid)
R2-A5 {Ayfive} (Astromech Droid)
R2-A6 (Ric Olies R2 series astromech droid)
R2-B1 (R2 Astromech Droid)
R2-C4 (R2 series astromech droid)
R2-L3 (Astromech Droid)
R2-M5 (R2 series astromech droid)
R2-N3 (R2 series astromech droid)
R2-R9 (R2 series astromech droid)
R3-T2 (Astromech Droid/Saboteur)
R3-T7 (Astromech Droid)
R4-E1 (Vehicle Computer Operation Droid)
R4-J1 (Agromech Droid)
R4-T8 (Agromech Droid)
R5-A2 (Mos Eisley Astromech)
R5-C7 (Astromech Droid)
R5-D4 (Self Sacrificing Astromech)
R5-D56 (Astromech Droid belonging to The Ronin)
Sanctuary Droid Server
T0-B1 (Droid Jedi/Scientist)
TD-4 (Droid Companion)
Two-ton (Load Lifting Droid)
V-5 (Droid Electronic Musician)
WED-15 Septoid 2 (Wed Treadwell Droid)
WED-15-77 (Wed Treadwell Droid)
WED-15-I662 (Wed Treadwell Droid)
WED-15-ST68 (Wed Treadwell Droid)
WED-9-M1 {Bantha} (Wed Treadwell Droid)
Y-O (Alderaanian Protocol Droid)
ZZ-4Z (Droid Butler)

Non-Player Character

A-Vor (Tusken Raider Warrior)
A-Yark (Tusken Raider Tribal Leader)
Aarrba (Hutt Businessman)
Achk Med-Beq (Human Confidence Trickster)
Acros-Krik (Ongree Mayor)
Adnama (Human Partygoer)
Aeosian Queen
Aeosian Tribesman
Agira (Imroosian Princesses Handmaiden)
Aisala (Human Civilian)
Aldar Beedo (Glymphid Pod Racer)
Aleema Keto (Human Sith Sorceress)
Aliza Darsk (Human Club Goer)
Amanoa (Queen of Onderon)
Ame Llom (Near-Human Club Goer)
Amuncie Tidian (Boosodian Forger)
Anakin Skywalker (as of the Phantom Menace)
Anchor Blue (Houk Gladiator)
Andur Sunrider (Human Jedi Apprentice)
Anky Fremp (Skup Thief)
Ann Gella (Twilek Slave Masseuse)
Arca Jeth (Arkanian Jedi Master)
Ardon {Vapor} Crell (Human Moisture Farmer)
Ark (Bumpy) Roose (Nuknog Pod Racer)
Arleil Schous (Defel Fortune Hunter)
Arns Grimraker
Aron Peacebringer
Ars Fivvle (Ugnaught Reporter)
Artuo Pratuhr (Human Archaeologist)
ASN-121 (Zam Wessells ASN courier droid)
Asu (Human Villager/Bridegroom)
Atheloe (Lutrillian Spacer)
Attichitcuk (in old age)
Augara Jowil (Gungan Bandleader)
Augustus Tryll
Auren Yomm Baobab
Auromae Iselo
Aved Luun (Jawa Shaman)
Ax Tagrin (Bounty Hunter)
Ayy Vida (Twi-lek Masseuse and Dancer)
Babu Frik (Anzellan Droid Tech)
Bane Malar (Telepathic Bounty Hunter)
Barpotomous Drebble
Bearus (Human Chairman of the Empress Teta Carbonite Guild)
Beedo (Rodian Bounty Hunter)
Beilert Valance
Ben Quadinaros (Toong Pod Racer)
Beru Whitesun Lars
Beytolim (Pacithhip Civilian)
Bille Doshun (Human Club Goer)
Birnok (Human Prisoner)
BIX (Rockhopper Racer Droid)
Bix Caleen (Human Mechanic)
Blorga (Gamorrean Gladiator)
Boba Fett (Mandalorian/Clone Bounty Hunter) (as of Season 2 of The Mandalorian)
Boelo (Human Thug)
Bogga the Hutt (Hutt Crimelord)
Bok Askol (Pacithhip Podracer Engineer)
Bola Yomm
Boles Roor (Sneevel Pod Racer / Glimmik Performer)
Bolo (Ithorian Bar Patron)
Bom Vimdin (Advozse Mercenary)
Boolio (Miner)
Booton Piton (Human Club Goer)
BoShek (Human Smuggler/Tech)
Bossk (Trandoshan Bounty Hunter as of The Clone Wars)
Boushh (Ubese Bounty Hunter)
Braconnor Bakiska (Stennes Shifter Spacer)
Brasso (Human Salvager)
Brea Tonnika (Humanoid Con Artist)
Brindy Truchong (Human Corellian Smuggler)
Bron Burs (Alien Commando)
Brookish Boon (Sy Myrthian Political Commentator)
Bufon Taire (Human Bartender)
Bun-Dingo (Assassin Droid)
Burg (Devaronian Mercenary)
C-borp (Alien Pirate)
Cadeliah (Human Crime Family Heir)
Cal Kestis (Human Jedi Knight)
Caleb (Human Force Healer)
Camie Loneozner
Captain Cag (Merchant)
Captain Forma (Starship Captain & Smuggler)
Captain Tonra (Human Naboo Security Officer)
Carasynthia (Cara) Dune
Carib Diss (Bounty Hunter)
Carl (Shikitari Gladiator)
Carrax (Human Farmer)
Cassie Cryar (Terrelian Jango Jumper Thief)
Castas (Klatooinian Bounty Hunter)
Catarine Towani
Cato Parasitti (Clawdite Bounty Hunter)
CC-3636 Wolffe (as of Rebels)
CC-5576-39 Gregor (as of Rebels)
Cere Junda (Human former Jedi)
Chachi De Maal (Duros Spacer)
Chata Hyoki (Selkath Bounty Hunter)
Chava the Wise
Chilla Zin (Insectoid Master Assassin)
Cian Shee (Human Slicer)
Cid (Trandoshan Informant/Fixer/Crimelord)
Cindel Towani
Civ Sila (Human Night Club Patron)
Clat the Shamer
Clegg Holdfast (Nosaurian Pod Racer / Journalist)
Clem Andor (Human Scavenger)
Cliegg Lars (Human Moisture Farmer)
Cobb Sonbepol (Gotal Gambler)
Cobb Vanth (Human Marshal of Mos Pelgo)
Coby Toda
Cornelius Evazan (Human Rogue Doctor)
Corran (Human Refugee)
Corus Kapellim (Smuggler)
Crimson Jack
Crockagor (Rattatak Gladiator)
Crown Prince Qrrrl Toq (Nazzar Jedi Knight)
Cut Lawquane (ex-Clonetrooper)
Czerka Corporation Master-Com
Daka (Dathomiran Nightsister)
Damono Deomaley (Humanoid Bar Patron)
Dan Gvash (Human Jedi Padawan)
Dania Francis
Dannik Jerriko (Anzati Bounty Hunter)
Dannl Faytonni (Human Confidence Trickster)
Danz Borin (Human Pilot/Bounty Hunter)
Dar (Trandoshan Big Game Hunter)
Dardin Shull (Human Water Seller)
Darial Anglethorn
Daro Wiilits (Human Night Club Patron)
Dathcha (Jawa Trader)
Davo Sculdun (Human Crooked Banker)
Deacon (Deak)
Debnoli (Human Marksman)
Deej Warrick
Delva Racine (Human Fashion Designer)
Dengar (Corellian Bounty Hunter as of The Clone Wars)
Dengar (Human/Corellian Bounty Hunter) (as of The Empire Strikes Back)
Denid (rightful King of Velmor)
Densin Clord (Human Starport Worker)
Dered Karno (Mercenary)
Dewi Pamular (Keredian Fisherman)
Di Mantid (Human Club Goer)
Din Djarin (The Mandalorian)
Dixon Just (Human Club Goer)
Djas Puhr (Sakiyan Bounty Hunter)
Doctor Mullmoy (Human Doctor)
Doctor Quadpaw (Alien Surgeon)
Doctor Rhasiv (Human Prisoner)
Doctor Ualp Xathan
Doda Bodonawieedo (Rodian Musician)
Doikk Na-ts (Bith Musician)
Dokk Strassi (Trandoshan Don)
Dorme (Human Queens Handmaiden)
Dr. Mandible (Insectoid Gambler)
Drash (Human Mod Ganger)
Dreebo (Alien Starfighter Pilot)
Drokko Kira (Elderly Beast Lord)
Duchess Celly Organa (Human Noble)
Dud Bolt (Vulptereen Pod Racer / Hitman)
Duke Teta (Human Noble)
Dyemma Reel (Human Club Goer)
Dyyz (Megadeath) Nataz (Human Bounty Hunter)
Dznori Xamuun (Kallidahin Physician)
Ebe E. Endocott (Triffian Pod Racer / Starship Captain)
Edcel Bar Gane (Roonan Politician)
Eedy Karn (Human Mother)
Eirtae (Human Queens Handmaiden)
Ela Tips (Human Reactor Repairman)
Elan SelSabagno (Elan Sleazebaggano) (Balosar Death Stick Dealer)
Elis Helrot (Givin Spice Smuggler/Pilot)
Em-liy Tribesman
Endrodanar Tiopuld Shaamador Vandelhelm XXIV
Enjikket (Jawa Scout)
Eos Morne (Human Club Goer)
Erdan (Human Slave)
Ethan (Human Masterless Jedi)
Euphaus Biro
Ezjenk (Jawa Droid Technician)
F (Human Jedi Padawan/Knight)
Faddaff Davenspon ( Deymasollian Engineer)
Faime Gosan (Human Club Goer)
Farng (Human Carbonite Trader)
Feltipern Trevagg (Gotal Tax Collector)
Fem Nu-Ar
Female Twi-lek Sanctuary Server
Fennec Shand (Female Human Mercenary) (as of Season 2 of The Mandalorian)
Fennec Shand (Mercenary)
Fensi Moisk (Nikto Spacer)
Fidge Tadrazan
Fife (Pyke Majordomo)
Figrin Dan (Bith Musician/Gambler)
Finhead Stonebone (Alien Pirate)
Finn (Herdessan)
Flalios (Human Gladiator)
Flanx (Fozzo Miner)
Fleck (Gozzo Miner)
Fleez (Gozzo Miner)
Flobb (Gozzo Miner)
Fnnbu (Zexx Pirate)
Fo Kuna (Anx Political Aide)
Fong Do (Nautolan Criminal)
Freedi Pamular (Alien Fisherman)
Frog Lady (Alien Civilian / Passenger)
Galia (Princess/Queen of Onderon)
Gamorrean Guard (Hymes)
Gamorrean Guard (Trigg)
Gani (Human Brothel Worker)
Gantika (Togruta Wisewoman)
Ganwick Trag (Human Bartender)
Garfalaquox (Aqualish Don)
Garindan ezz Zavor (Kubaz Spy)
Garnac (Trandoshan Big Game Hunter)
Garouf Lafoe (Human Pilot/Ice Trader)
Garsa Fwip (Twi-lek Owner of Sanctuary)
Gasgano (Xexto Pod Racer)
Gav Daragon (Human Explorer)
Gee Long (Rockhopper Racer)
Geezer (Hutt Musician)
Gela Yeens (Human Smuggler)
General Tobler Ceel (Gungan Leader)
Gerin Toda
Gha Nachkt (Trandoshan Captain)
Ghinji Dros
Giant Flog (Rattatak Gladiator)
Gideon Longspar
Gir Kybo Ren-Cha
Gladiator (Rattatak Gladiator)
Gondrin Upal (Nikto Refugee)
Gor Koresh (Abyssin Thug)
Gorrm (Assistant and Navigator to Ssk Kahorr)
Governor Quarg
Gragra (Swokes Swokes Merchant)
Granik (Alien Dispatcher)
Graxol Kelvyyn (Anx Gambler & Slave Trader)
Great Okko (Human Ysanna Tribal Chief)
Greeata Jendowanian (Rodian Performer)
Greedo (Rodian Bounty Hunter)
Greef Karga (head of the Bounty Hunters Guild)
Greez Dritus (Lateron Starship Captain)
Grimorg (Weequay Enforcer)
Groff Ditcher (Human Butcher/Foreman)
Grugnak (Ugnaught Worker)
Gruna (Nessie Freighter Captain)
Grunda Dolma (Aqualish Gladiator)
Gudb (Enforcer for Bogga the Hutt)
Guildmaster Orrk
Haja Estree (Human Conman/Fake Jedi)
Halkans (Human Tetan Minister)
Ham (Human Prisoner)
Hapnix (Ugnaught Worker)
Harc Seff (Ishi Tib Civilian)
Haru (Human Bride/Villager)
Hat Lo (Human Thug/Crimelord)
Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter
Hayde Gofai (Human Club Goer)
Hem Dazon (Arcona Scout/Addict)
Hennet Kayn (Gotal Mechanic)
Herat (Jawa Shaman)
Hermione Bagwa (Human Waitress)
Het Nkik (Jawa Hero)
Hoggon (Human Transport Captain)
Hoit PaDoit (Bith Civilian)
Homen (Alien Redeemed Sith Warrior)
Hondo Ohnaka (as of Rebels)
Honka (Rodian Civilian)
Hrchek Kal Fas (Saurin Droid Mechanic)
Iasa (Jawa Merchant)
Ickabel G-ont (Bith Musician)
IG-88A (Assassin Droid Bounty Hunter)
Illustrious Imperator Marg Krim (Pyke Crimelord)
Ione Marcy (Coruscanti Thief)
Ix Bantagash (Aqualish Trader/Pilot)
J-Quille (Whipid Hunter)
Jace Rucklin
Jann Tosh
Janu Godalhi (Human Constable, Historian, and Rebel)
Jasper McKnives (Nikto Gladiator)
Jay (Human Jedi Padawan / Musician)
Jayco (Human Child Con Artist)
Jedidiah (The Last Jedi)
Jek Lawquane (Hybrid Human/Twilek Child)
Jek Nkik (Jawa Technician)
Jemboc (Human Prisoner)
Jenny (Human B-girl)
Jeremitt Towani
Jerriko (Human Mutant Bureaucrat)
Jesba-Be Issa (Aki-Aki Mother)
Jessica Meade
Jezzi (Human Civilian)
Jo (Human Freetown Resident)
Jobal Naberrie (nee Thule) (Human Naboo Civilian)
Jord Dusat (Speeder Racer)
Jori Daragon (Human Explorer)
Joshua Jinzler (Human Club Goer)
Jul Tambor (Skakoan Rebel Leader and Pirate)
Juronus Opto
Jyn Obah
Jynne Celwik (Human Waitress)
K-344 (Droid Guitarist)
Kaba Baiz (Klatooinian Crime Lord)
Kabe (Chadra-Fan Thief)
Kaku & Suke (Human Yasaburo Clansmen)
Kal-Falnl C-ndros (Quor-sav Trader)
Kalit (Jawa Chief)
Kalo-ne (Alien Trader)
Kalyn Farnmir (Human Bounty Hunter)
Kam Nale (Fluggrian Crime Lord / Pod Racer)
Kamahachi (Human Guide/Trader)
Kar Plaushe (Human Club Goer)
Karoly D-ulin (Human Mistryl Shadow Guard)
Katya MBuele
Kawlan Roken (Human Leader of The Path/Jedi Sympathiser)
Kaycee Kollenz (Near-Human Worker)
Kayo Organa (Human Noble)
Kell Borean (Human Nightclub Patron)
Keral Longknife
Kerri (Human (Kenari) Child)
Ketch (Weequay Bar Patron)
Ketsu Onyo
Ketwol (Pacithhip Asteroid Miner)
Khaat Qiyn (Human Jedi Knight)
Kharr (Cathar Wiseman)
Kid Malmash (Shungbeek Pilot)
Kinash Lock (Twilek Majordomo)
King Arno
King Blackart
King Cleroff
King Ommin (Sith Sorcerer)
Kino Loy (Human Prisoner)
Kintan Strider Speed Biker
Kir Kanos (Human Imperial Royal Guardsman)
Kith Kark (Gotal Jedi Knight)
Kitik Keed-kak (Yam-rii Technician)
Kitster Banai (as of Vader 23) (Human ex-slave)
Kitster Banai (Human Child)
Klatooinian Don
Kleb Zellock
Ko Itub (Neimoidian Club Goer)
Ko Zatec-Cha
Korus (Human Tetan Tutor & Advisor)
Kouru (Human Sith Warrior/Bandit Leader)
Koyi Mateil (Twi-lek Duchess)
Kral Grek (Quarren Civilian)
Krismo Sodi (Kage Warrior)
Kristoff Vestswe (Human Club Goer)
Krrsantan (Wookiee Bounty Hunter)
Krutch (Rattatak Gladiator)
Kuiil (Ugnaught Engineer)
Kuimi Enissa
Kullbee Sperado (Meftian Mercenary/Gunslinger)
Kulltu Kutta (Rattatak Gladiator)
L0-LA59 {Lola} (Toy Droid)
Lachichuk (Wookiee Hunter / Soldier)
Lah Kara (Human Potential Jedi)
Lah Zhima (Human Sabersmith)
Lak Sivrak (Shistavanen Scout/Pilot)
Lampay Fay (Pauan Political Aide)
Lan (Alien Drummer)
Lana Dobreed (Human Pod Racer Mechanic)
Lando Calrissian (as of The Empire Strikes Back)
Latts Razzi
Laudica (Human Gun Runner)
Laze -Fixer- Loneozner
Lazu Lirona (Smuggler)
Led Daragon (Human Opera Patron)
Lee Phenets (Human Bespin Engineer)
Leesub Sirln (Qiraash ex-Force Adept)
Leida Mothma (Human Senators Daughter)
Lela Nalle Mayn (Human Spy)
Lem Krarr (Human Child Murderer)
Lenk (Twilek Soldier)
Leslomy Tacema (Duro Pilot/Dock Master)
Lillea Bringbit (Human Nightclub Patron)
Lillindri Nanimei Filda Vandelhelm XXXII
Lirin Carn (Bith Musician/Mercenary)
Llaban (KIrrek Rebel Leader)
Lo Khan (Human Smuggler)
Lobot (Human Cyborg Administrator)
Lop (Lepi Yasaburo Clanswoman)
Lord Izuma (Umbaran Raider Leader)
Lord Keto (Human Ruler of the Empress Teta System)
Lord Malameu Toda
Loriach (Alazmec Sniper/Assassin)
Lortha Peel (Human Water Monger)
Lowle Chred (Human Kidnapper)
Lumpawaroo (as a Child)
Lunae Minx (Twi-lek Civilian)
Luwingo (Yaka Cyborg Smuggler)
M-iiyoom Onith (Hnemthe Seductress)
Maarva Carassi Andor (Human Salvager)
Mace Towani
Macus Kayniph (Near-Human Black Sun Leader)
Magaloof (Leffingite Criminal/Driver)
Magda Keto (Queen Mother of the Empress Teta System)
Mako Spince (Human Traffic Controller / Ex-Smuggler)
Male Twi-lek Sanctuary Server
Mandalorian Armorer
Maneeli Tuun (Kallidahin Chief Medic)
Marcus Speedstar
Margrave Juro (Human Jedi/Leader of Hy Izlan)
Mars Guo (Phuii Pod Racer)
Masago (Human Sith Queen)
Massimo (Human New Republic Soldier / Mercenary)
Mat Rags (Human Mechanic)
Mawhonic (Gran Pod Racer)
Maxiron Agolerga (Human Pontifex of the Brotherhood of Cognizance)
Mayfeld (Human Mercenary)
Meekah Hozard
Melas (Sarkan Socialite/Smuggler)
Melch (Ugnaught Labourer)
Melee (Human Child/Slave)
Merrin (Human Nightsister)
Mich Matt
Migs Mayfeld (Human Ex-Imperial Sharpshooter)
Mikki (Human Scavenger Child)
Misa (Human Female Princess)
Mnista (Human Aide to Baran DAsta)
Modon Kira (Beast Lord of Onderon)
Mok Shaiz (Ithorian Mayor of Mos Espa)
Momaw Nadon (Ithorian Agricultural Expert)
Moralo Eval (Phindian Criminal Mastermind)
Morgukai Warrior
Muftak (Talz Thief)
Mungo Baobab
Mya Nalle (Human Guide/Spy)
Myo (Abyssin Scout)
Nabrun Leids (Morseerian Smuggler)
Nack Movers (Trandoshan Assassin)
Nak-il (Togruta Herder)
Nalan Cheel (Bith Musician)
Nank Tun (Shi-ido disguised as Aqualish Aide)
Nar Hida (Human Tailor)
Nardi Shodu (Rodian Messenger)
Nari (Human Jedi Knight)
Nebit (Jawa Chief)
Nebo (Human Naddist Cultist)
Necil Sing (Human Night Club Patron)
Neesh (Rodian Bounty Hunter)
Nenavakasa Nalor
Neva Kee (Xamster Pod Racer)
Nevar Yalnal (Ranat Scavenger)
Nfoota (Humanoid Trader / Ship Captain)
Niano Organa (Juvenile Human Noble)
Nic Whoma (Gran Gambler)
Nightbrothers (Dathomirian Zabrak Warriors)
Nightsister Zombies
Nilo (Rodisar Gladiator)
Nilz Yomm
Noa Briqualon
Noop Yeldarb
Novar (Sith Acolyte)
Nurchi (Human Junk Dealer)
Nyrat Agira (Human Partygoer)
Oakie Dokes (Swokes Swokes Artist)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Human Jedi Exile) {as 8BBY)
Odin Nesloor (Human Mechanic)
Ody Mandrell (Erkit Pod Racer)
Oggem (Old Ogger) Baobab
Ohwun De Maal (Duros Spacer)
Ommo Twilto (Mercenary Enforcer)
Onara Kuat (Human Kuat Drive Yards Director)
Onara Kuat (Human Kuat Drive Yards Director)
Onie Arkmen (Human Partygoer)
Onyeth Canavar (Tarnab Civilian)
Opula Deget (Human Opera Patron)
Order of the Night Wind Assassin
Orion Ferret
Oron Kira (Onderon Beast Lord)
OrrUrRuuRR (Tusken Raider Sniper)
Orvos (Nelvaanian Wise-Man)
Osh Scal (Kallidahin Medical Supply Officer)
Ottegru Grey (Bank Investigator/Bodyguard)
Owen Lars
Ownellco (Lutrillian Spacer)
Ozz (Ugnaught King)
Paddy Accu (Human Caretaker)
Padu Cherd (Human Laborer)
Palee Ruda (Human Club Goer)
Palejo Reshad (Human Spice Smuggler)
Pav-ti (Togruta Hunter)
Pegla (Human Security Guard)
Peli Motto (Starship Mechanic)
Peppi Bow (Gungan Shaak Herder)
Perrin Fertha (Human {Chandrilan} Senators Consort)
Pintu Son-El
Plesko Marno (Ozrelanso Navigator)
Pluma Sodi (Kage Youth)
Ponda Baba (Aqualish Spice Smuggler)
Pons Limbic (Siniteen Pilot)
Pons Lo (Human Club Goer)
Pooja Naberrie (Human Naboo Child)
Pordimer (Ugnaught Cameraman)
Prauf (Abednedo Scrapper)
Prince Gil
Prince Mone
Princess Leia Organa (Human Senators Child) {as of 8BBY}
Princess Risa
Professor Mitaka (Human Jedi/Scientist)
Pucumir Thryss (Human Tibanna Gas Miner)
Putch Gundarian
Pyke Boss
Pyke Capo
Pyke Courier 1
Pyke Courier 2
Pyke Traveller
Qin (Twilek Mercenary)
Quanto (Enforcer for Bogga the Hutt)
Queen Leonie
Quiggold (Gabdorin Pirate_
R2-DC0 (Artoo Deco)
Rabé Tonsort (Human Queens Handmaiden)
Rako Hardeen (Human Bounty Hunter)
Rancor Keeper
Ranzar Malk (Human Mercenary)
Rashi (Human Salvager)
Rask (Human Nadd Cultist)
Raspar Six (Sullustan Depot Manager)
Ratts Tyerell (Aleen Pod Racer)
Red Nebula priest
Rednax (Dug Civilian)
Reegesk (Ranat Thief & Trader)
Reha Logg (Human Club Goer)
Reina March (Human Anarchist/Terrorist)
Rek (Enforcer for Bogga the Hutt)
Ren-Quarr (Quarren Civilian)
Revidjasa (Rodian Crimelord)
Ric Olie (Human Starship Pilot)
Rigosso (Belugan Major)
Rik Duel
Rina Itub (Neimoidian Club Goer)
Riot Mar (Bounty Hunter)
Robonino (Patrolian Bounty Hunter)
Rocket-Jumper Elite Advance Unit
Roko (Alien Pirate)
Roland Durand (Devaronian Crimelord)
Romeo Treblanc (Human Gambler)
Ronin (Human Redeemed Sith)
Ront Byrnloo (Human Thug)
Rooks (Human Krath Captain)
Roos Tarpals (Gungan Captain)
Ror Ithh (Ithorian Club Goer)
Rothgar Deng (Bounty Hunter)
RR-uruurrr (Tusken Raider Animal Handler)
Ruescott Melshi (Human Prisoner) {as of Andor}
Rugor Nass (Gungan Leader / Boss)
Rum Sleg (Humanoid Bounty Hunter)
Rumi Paramita (Frenk Bounty Hunter)
Runai Sculdun (Human Aristocrat)
Ruwee Naberrie (Human Naboo Civilian)
Rycar Ryjerd (Bimm Pilot/Smuggler)
Ryoo Naberrie (Human Naboo Child)
Rystall Sant (Half Theelin Dancer/Entertainer)
Sabe (Human Naboo Queens Shadow and Handmaiden)
Sache (Human Queens Handmaiden)
Sai-torr Kal Fas (Saurin Droid Mechanic/Scout)
Saku (Human Villager)
Salla Zend (Human Smuggler)
Samara Kebyc (Human Accountant)
Satal Keto (Human Sith Sorcerer)
Saucer Head
Scohontas (Pacithhip Civilian)
Scott (Human Freetown Deputy)
Seboca (Dug Holovid Star)
Seek (Human Child)
Seib Nod (Lorrdian Sister of the Beatific Countenance)
Sel Maa (Near-Human Club Goer)
Selif Xam (Kallidahin Physician)
Senni Tonnika (Humanoid Con Artist)
Senshu (Human Tracker/Guide)
Serin (Twilek Soldier)
Serja Kesselrook
Serji-X Arrogantus
Serra (Human Child, as of 1000bby)
Shada D-ukal (Human Mistryl Shadow Guard)
Shaeeah Lawquane (Hybrid Human/Twilek Child)
Shayoto (Human Jedi Master)
Shmi Skywalker Lars (Human Slave)
Shug Ninx (Human Smuggler)
Sidewa (Rodian Civilian)
Sidon Ithano (Delphidian Arms Dealer)
Simon Greyshade
Sir Mac (Bith Civilian)
Sira (Weequay Revenger)
Sise Fromm
Skad (Human Mod Ganger)
Slorda (Human Politician)
Slyther Bushforb (Nuknog Private Detective)
Sne Wo (Human Club Goer)
Sola Naberrie (Human Naboo Civilian)
Sollag Den
Somaled New
Son Halliikeenovich (Human Noble)
Sora Bulq (Weequay Jedi Master {later Dark})
Sorc Tormo (Umbaran Crimelord)
Spurch (Warthog) Goa (Diollan Bounty Hunter)
Ssk Kahorr (Cha-a Businessman/Crimelord)
Stekan Sculdun (Human Bankers Child)
Sugi (Zabrak Bounty Hunter)
Sully Stark (Human Pilot/Jedi Sympathiser)
Sun-il Ei-de (Bith Musician)
Suu Lawquane (Twilek Homesteader)
Swilla Corey (Human Jerba Tender)
Swyym-Ee (Trogodile Gladiator)
Taanti (Weequay Bartender)
Taga (Human Prisoner)
Tajin Crosser (Human Jedi Master)
Takeel (Snivvian Mercenary)
Tala Durith (Human Imperial Officer/Jedi Sympathiser)
Talzin (Dathomirian Witch)
Tanka (Trandoshan Revenger)
Tann Gella (Twilek Slave Masseuse)
Taron Malicos (Human Fallen Jedi)
Tas Kee (Weequay Enforcer)
Tav Kennede (Human Spy/Mercenary)
Tawss Khaa (Nimbanel Scout)
Tay Kolma (Human Banker)
Tech Mo-r (Bith Musician)
Tedn Dahai (Bith Musician/Scout)
Tee Watt Kaa (Lurmen Villager)
Teeka (Jawa Trader)
Teemto Pagalies (Veknoid Pod Racer)
Teenar (Human Senator)
Teers (Gungan Leader)
Tem Merkon (Human Informer)
Tenek (Human Hotel Cook)
Tetha Grig (Near-Human Spice Dealer)
Thall Joben (Speeder Racer)
The Child (Baby Yoda)
The Elder (Human Dark Side Adept)
The Five (Chell, Chokla, Koobaree, Mavin, & Suzal)
The Time Grappler (Human Musician)
Thedit (Jawa Leader)
Thuku (Rodian Bounty Hunter)
Thul Fain (Human Smuggler)
Tig Fromm
Timm Karlo (Human Mechanic)
Tinketh Fo (The Boss)
Tion Medon (Pauan Port Administrator)
Tomcat (Real Name: Darovit) (Human Jedi Recruit)
Tommet Sozach (Mercenary Leader)
Torgas (Head of Assassins Guild)
Toro Calican (Bounty Hunter)
Treva Horme (Lutrillian Accountant)
Trinto Duaba (Stennes Shifter Traveller)
Tsubaki (Human Jedi Knight)
Tuck Hybecks (Human Prisoner)
Tusken Raider Chieftain
Tusken Raider Craftsman
Tusken Raider Warrior
Tusken Raider Youngling
Twi-lek Majordomo (Pasquesi)
Tyyx (Rodian Podracing Tipster)
Tzizvvt (Brizzit Conman/Thief/Professor of Xenoarchaeology)
Ugloste (Ugnaught Carbon Freeze Supervisor)
Ukchet (Jawa Scout)
Ulaf (Human Prisoner)
Ulfor Bombaasa (Human Civilian)
Ulic Qel-Droma (Human ex-Jedi, 3986 BBY)
Ur-Ru-r (Tusken Raider Warrior)
Ussor (Ganathan Captain)
Uutkik (Jawa Scout)
Valco (Human Explorer)
Vargi (Wookiee Slaver)
Vect Nokru (Human Mercenary)
Veemoss (Human Prisoner)
Verse (Human Naboo Queens Handmaiden)
Vetch (Urodel Laborer)
Vetter Piin
Vila (in Disguise as Prince Denin)
Vilmarh Grahrk {Uncle Villie} (Devaronian Smuggler)
Vivyn (Human Senator)
Vizier Marius
Vlix Oncard (Fromm gang thug)
Vor Childermoss
Vul Tazaene (Kiffar Security Officer)
W1-LE (Willie)
Wade Resselian (Human Pilot/Jedi Sympathiser)
Wag Too (Lurmen Healer)
Waks Trode (Ishi Tib Businessman/Representative)
Wan Sandage (Devlikk Pod Racer)
Warb (Human Pirate Technician)
Warb Null (Sith Warrior)
Watto (Toydarian Junk Shop Owner)
Weazel (Human Thief / Freedom Fighter)
Weechee Warrick
Wheel Security Force
Whimper Save (Human Night Club Patron)
Wicket Wystri Warrick
Willi (Human Civilian)
Willrow Hood (Human Technician)
Wilmon Paak (Human Salvager)
Wilst Molan (Human Club Goer)
Windi (Human Resident of Niamos)
Windy Starkiller
Wing (Human Governor of Calodan)
Wiorkettle (Snivvian Artist)
Wioslea (Vuvrian Speeder Trader)
Wittin (Jawa Trader)
Wuher (Human Bartender)
Xanwan (Human Businessman)
Xaul (Human Prisoner)
Xian (Twilek Mercenary)
Yalka Pho (Rodian Civilian)
Yasaburo (Human Clan Leader)
Yeelhoy (Jawa Scout)
Yerka Mig (Human Ex-Imperial Intelligence Agent)
Ygal Delois
Yim Neher (Human Spacer)
Yma Nalle (Human Guide/Spy)
Yoxgit (Ugnaught Trader)
Yull Acib (Human Black Sun Leader)
Yuralla Vega (Human Miner)
Zam Wesell (Clawdite Bounty Hunter)
Zebulon Dak
Zey Nep (Human Archaeologist)
Zinska (Human Prisoner)
Ziton Moj (Falleen Crimelord)
Zoltan Starkid
Zorii Bliss (Human Pilot/Smuggler)
Zubwen (Brawny Jawa)
Zuckuss (Gand Bounty Hunter)
Zyn Javeb (Pauan Committee Member)
Zythmnr (Massassi Priest)


BlasTech Industries DH-17 Blaster Pistol

Keepers World

Non-Player Character

The Keeper


Non-Player Character

Alrich Wren
Amis (Mandalorian Student)
Axe Woves (Mandalorian Warrior)
Bo-Katan Kryze (Mandalorian Leader as of The Mandalorian)
Fenn Rau
Fenn Shysa
Gar Saxon
Imperial Super Commando
Koska Reeves (Mandalorian Warrior)
Lagos (Mandalorian Student)
Mandalore the Indomitable (Taung/Mandalorian Leader)
Paz Vizla
Prime Minister Almec (Mandalorian Politician)
Rook Kast (Mandalorian Warrior)
Snow White (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Soniee (Mandalorian Student)
Tobbi Dala
Tristan Wren
Ursa Wren


Non-Player Character

Captain Harmon Sho
Cyn Jodu
Dal Zorfenn
Den Siva
Hol Bshaki (Hool)
Ozrei Ntakkilomandrife (Knife)
Wing Leader Taikotelai Akikoma (Tai)

New Republic


CE-3K (New Republic Protocol Droid)
Nanna (Droid Nanny)

Non-Player Character

Captain Tekba (Mon Calamari New Republic Officer)
Carasynthia {Cara} Dune (Female Human New Republic Marshall) (as of The Mandalorian Season 2)
Carson Teva (Human New Republic Pilot)
Colonel Elzian (Ishi Tib New Republic Officer)
Davan (New Republic Officer)
Empatojayos Brand (Cyborg Jedi Knight)
Gorr-Bon (Whipid Interrogator)
Griff (Human Republic Soldier)
Hamato Xiono
Huoba Neva (Sullustan Navy Commander)
Jem Ysanna (Human Ysanna / Jedi Initiate)
Jib Dodger (New Republic Pilot)
Kam Solusar (Human Jedi Knight)
Kane Griggs (New Republic Navigator)
Lady Kira (Onderonian Queen)
Lieutenant Lar Ndigo (New Republic Officer)
Major Ntthan (Human New Republic Officer)
Mirith Sinn (Human New Republic Commander)
Modon Kira (Human Onderonian Leader During the Galactic Civil War)
Rayf Ysanna (Human Ysanna/Jedi Apprentice)
Reed (Human New Republic Pilot)
Sash Ketter (New Republic Pilot)
Senator Boma (Gungan Politician)
Senator Hamato Xiono (New Republic Senator)
Sish Sadeet (Trandoshan New Republic Officer)
Syub Snunb (Sullustan Captain)
Trapper Wolf (New Republic Pilot)
Vima-Da-Boda (Aged Human Jedi Knight)
Winter Celchu (Human Spy/Nanny)
Xbrr-Zinngogg (Gran Politician)
Zevulon Veers (Human Republic Officer)


Non-Player Character

Kisma Uttersond (Chadra-Fan Nihil Doctor)
Lourna Dee (Twi-lek Nihil Tempest Runner)
Muglan (Gloovan Nihil Storm / Criminal)
Quin (Bivali Nihil Marauder / Slicer)
Zeetar (Talpini Nihil Tempest Runner/Engineer)

Old Republic


BD-1 (BD-Unit Explorer Droid)
FX-6 (FX Series Medical Droid)
G8-R3 (Naboo Royal Astromech)
Gonky (Power Droid)
KC-78 (Astromech Droid)
R2-H7 (Naboo Astromech Droid)
R4-F5 (Republic Astromech)
R4-G9 (Republic Astromech)
R4-M1 (Jedi Order Astromech)
R4-P17 (Astromech Droid)
R4-P44 (Republic Astromech)
R7-A7 (Ahsoka Tanos Astromech)
TC-3 (TC-series protocol droid)
TC-4 (TC-series protocol droid)

Non-Player Character

99 (Clone Janitor)
Aayla Secura (Twi-lek Jedi Knight)
Able-472 (Clone Trooper)
Admiral Orley Vanicus (Human Republic Soldier)
Advanced Recon Commando (Clone Republic Special Force)
Agen Kolar (Zabrak Jedi Master)
Agrippa Aldrete (Human/Alderaanian Politician)
Alderaan guard (Human Soldier)
Apailana (Human Queen of Naboo)
Arven Wendik (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot)
Ashla (Togruta Jedi Youngling)
Ask Aak (Gran Senator)
Avar Kriss (Human Jedi Master) (before the Attack on No-Space)
Bairdon Jace (Human Jedi Knight)
Bana Breemu (Human Senator)
Bell Zettifar (Human Jedi Padawan)
Bene (Human Jedi Padawan)
Bogg Tyrell (Aleena Representative)
Boss Lyonie (Gungan Leader)
Breha Organa (Human Queen of Alderaan)
Bric (Siniteen Bounty Hunter)
Bug (Real Name: Hardin) (Human Jedi Recruit)
Bultar Swan (Human Jedi Knight)
Burryaga Agaburry (Wookiee Jedi Padawan)
Captain Faro Argyus (Senate Guardsman)
Captain Gial Ackbar (as of The Clone Wars)
Captain Howser (Clone Trooper Captain)
Captain Maoi Madakor (Human Republic Officer)
Captain Wilhuff Tarkin (as of The Clone Wars)
Cay Qel-Droma (Human Jedi Knight)
Cellheim Anujo (Humanoid Political Aide)
Ceret (Kotabi Jedi Knight)
CH-33P (Astromech)
Che Amanwe Papanoida (Pantoran Chairmans Daughter)
Chi Cho (Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly)
Chi Eekway Papanoida (Pantoran Senator)
Chian (Nikto Jedi Youngling)
Cin Drallig (Human Jedi Master)
Clone Captain (Republic Clone Officer)
Clone Commander (Republic Clone Officer)
Clone Commander Doom
Clone Lieutenant (Republic Clone Officer)
Clone naval officer
Clone shock trooper
Clone Trooper Officer (Republic Clone Officer)
Clone trooper pilot
Coleman Kcaj (Ongree Jedi Master)
Coleman Trebor (Vurk Jedi Master)
Corde (Human Naboo Handmaiden)
Corla Metonae (Human Alderaanian Petty Officer)
Count Dooku (Human Jedi Master) {as of Tales of the Jedi}
Crado (Cathar Jedi Knight)
CT-3423 (Clone Speeder Bike Trooper)
Daakman Barrek (Human Jedi Knight)
Dace Diath (Human Jedi Knight)
Dakar (Alien Port Administrator)
Dar Wac (Rodian Liaison)
Davijaan {Odd Ball} (Clone Trooper Pilot)
Depa Billaba (Chalactan Jedi Master)
Dinee Ellberger (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot)
Doctor Gubacher (Parwan Scientist)
Doctor Sionver Boll (Bivali Scientist)
Dogma (Clone Trooper)
Dominus (Alien Jedi Master)
Echo (CT-1409)
Eeusu Estornii (Zeuol Senator)
Ekim Ryelli (Human Jedi Master)
El-Les (Arcona Bounty Hunter)
Eleni Syndulla (Twilek Leaders Wife)
Elle (Human Naboo Senatorial Handmaiden)
Elnick Pye (Human Explorer/Scout)
Elzar Mann (Human Jedi Master)
Empress Teta
Eno Cordova (Human Jedi Master)
Estala Maru (Kessurian Jedi Master)
Eugroothwa (Wookiee Pilot)
Fang Zar (Human Senator)
Fema Baab (Human Senator)
Fi-Ek Sirch (Nikto Jedi Knight)
Fives (CT-5555)
Forch Gomou (Human Reactor Engineer)
Fordo (ARC-77 )
Foul Moudama (Talz Jedi Master)
G-G (Astromech)
Galle - CT-6734 (Human Clone Trooper)
Gem Sirrom (Human Senator)
Giddean Danu (Human Kuati Senator)
Ginger (Jedi Apprentice)
Ginole (Anacondan Doctor)
Gorothin Vagger (Aqualish Senator)
Graf Zapalo (Human Naboo Royal Advisor & Master of Sciences)
Grakchawwaa (Wookiee King)
Grebleips (Asogian Senator)
Gregar Typho (Naboo Head of Security)
Grey (C-10/994) (CloneTrooper)
Guanta (Wookiee Soldier)
Halle Burtoni (Kaminoan Politician)
Hanel (Human Senators Guard)
Hela Brandes (Human Naboo Royal Music Advisor)
Hevy (CT-782) (Clone Trooper)
Hok Daragon (Human Explorer/Pilot)
Holle (Human Royal Handmaiden)
Hugo Eckener (Human Naboo Royal Advisor & Chief Architect)
Ianad Cisma (Sy Myrthian Administrative Aide)
Ichi-Tan Micoda (Human Jedi Consular)
Ima-Gun Di (Nikto Jedi Master)
Ion Papanoida (Pantoran Chairmans Son)
Ister Paddie (Human Senator)
Ivor Drake (Human Senator)
J. K. Burtola (Human Jedi Youngling)
Jaccoba (Young Wookiee)
Jaigalaar / Jag - CT-55/11-9009
Jamillia (Human Queen of Naboo)
Jaro Tapal (Lasat Jedi Master)
Jempa (Whiphid Jedi Youngling)
Jeremoch Colton (Human Alderaanian Pilot)
Jerus Jannick (Human Naboo Security Officer)
Jesse (CT-5597)
Jeswi Ele (Human Jedi Initiate)
Jikesh Valia (Human Coruscant Firefighter)
Jinx (Twi-lek Jedi Youngling)
Jira (Human Fruit Trader)
Joclad Danva (Human Jedi Knight)
Joopi She (Nikto Jedi Master)
Julia (Queen of Bardotta)
Jurokk (Human Jedi Gatekeeper)
Kalifa (Jedi Youngling)
Keeve Trennis (Human Jedi Knight) (before the Invasion of No-Space)
Kiel Charny (Human Jedi Knight)
King Katuunko (Toydarian Ruler)
Kit Fisto (Nautolan Jedi Master)
Ko Sai (Kaminoan Scientist)
Koffi Arana (Human Jedi Master)
Lexa Tcheil (Human Jedi Youngling)
Lexi Dio (Human Senator for Uyter)
Liam (Human Jedi Youngling)
Liana Merian (Human Alderaanian Political Aide)
Lieutenant Antidar Williams (Human Republic Officer)
Lirondo (Half-Bothan Jedi Knight)
Loden Greatstorm (Twi-lek Jedi Master)
Lolo Purs (Rodian Political Aide)
Lord Hoth (Human Jedi Knight/Lord)
Lufta Shif (Human Naboo Education Regent)
Lumas Etima (Human Jedi Padawan)
Luminara Unduli (Mirialan Jedi Master)
Lutin Hollis (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot)
M5-BZ - Beezee (Astromech Droid)
Makisshaalas (Nikto Jedi Knight)
Male-Dee (Human Senator)
Mari Amithest (Human Jedi Youngling)
Mee Deechi (Umbaran Senator)
Meebur Gascon (Zilkin Republic Colonel)
Meena Tills (Mon Calamari Senator)
Melik Galerha (Human Jedi Knight)
Memit Nadill (Jedi Master)
Merumeru (Wookiee Chieftain)
Mett Habble (Human Naboo Noble)
Mina Bonteri (Onderonian Politician)
Minas Velti (Human Jedi Knight)
Monshi (Latero Jedi)
Motee (Human Naboo Senatorial Handmaiden)
Nahdar Vebb (Mon Calamari Jedi Knight)
Nakha Urus (Dug Doge)
Nala Se (Kaminoan Cloning Scientist)
Nathaniel Camaran (Human Naboo Security Officer)
Neb Creip (Human Senator)
Nee Alavar (Lorrdian Senator)
Neeyutnee (Queen of Naboo)
Netus (Human Politician)
Neyo - CC-8826 (Clone Trooper)
Nicanas Tassu (Human Jedi Knight)
Nomi Sunrider (Human Jedi Master)
Nooranbakarakana (Frozian Jedi Knight)
Nor Wedd (Quarren Political Aide)
Notluwiski Papanoida (Human Pantoran Chairman)
O-Mer (Cerean Jedi Youngling)
Odan-Urr (as of 4000 bby)
Odan-Urr (as of 5000 bby)
Olana Chion (Human Jedi Knight)
Onaconda Farr (Rodian Senator)
Ood Bnar (Neti Jedi Master)
Ooroo (Celegian Jedi Master)
OrbaLin (Ugor Jedi Archivist)
Orn Free Taa (Twilek Senator)
Oss Wilum (Vultan Jedi Knight)
Pa Dua (Rodian Political Aide)
Pablo-Jill (Ongree Jedi Knight)
Pampy (Twilek Political Aide)
Pedric Tosh (Human Naboo Security Officer)
Pernicar (Human Jedi Master)
Petja (Human Jedi Knight)
Porro Dolphe (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot)
Prince Lee-Char (Mon-Calamari Leader)
Quarsh Panaka (Human Head of Naboo Security)
Que-Mars Redath-Gom (Weequay Jedi Knight)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Human Jedi Master)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Human Jedi Padawan) {as of Tales of the Jedi}
Rajan (Human Jedi Knight)
Raymus Antilles (Human Alderaanian Captain)
Riyo Chuchi (Pantoran Politician)
Roan Shryne (Human Jedi Master)
Ronet Coorr (Near Human Representive)
Roron Corobb (Ithorian Jedi Master)
Rosha Vess (Human Club Goer)
Roth-Del Masona (Human Jedi Master)
Saesee Tiin (Ikotchi Jedi Master)
Salporin (Wookiee Soldier)
Sar Labooda (Human Jedi)
Sarissa Jeng (Human Jedi Knight)
Sateen Vestswe (Human Alderaanian Bodyguard)
Saylind Donels (Human Jedi Youngling)
Sei Taria (Human Political Aide to The Chancellor)
Semage (Human Senators Guard)
Senator Aks Moe (Gran Politician)
Senator Baskol Yeesrim (Gran Politician)
Senator Dagonet (Human Politician)
Senator Horox Ryyder (Anx Politician)
Senator Larik (Human Politician)
Senator Mot-Not Rab (Tarnab Politician)
Senator Yarua (Wookiee Politician)
Senator Zo Howler (Anx Politician)
Sephjet Josall (Human Jedi Knight)
Sergeant Baras Perosei (Human Naboo Palace Guard)
Sergeant Hogan Tinmar (Human Naboo Security Officer)
Shaa Gi (Human Jedi Padawan)
Shaak Ti (Togruta Jedi Master)
Shadday Potkin (Human Jedi Master)
Sheltay Retrac (Human Alderaanian Political Aide)
Shia Letap (Human Jedi Youngling)
Shoan Kilian (Republic Admiral)
Shoaneb Culu (Miraluka Jedi Knight)
Sidrona (Republic High Chancellor)
Silya Shessaun (Human Representive)
Sio Bibble (Human Governor of Naboo)
Sladak (Human Jedi Recruit)
Slatka (Human Jedi Recruit)
Solipo Yeb (Human Senator)
Sonam-Haar (Jedi Master)
Sors Bandeam (Human Jedi Padawan)
Sskeer (Trandoshan Jedi Master)
Stass Allie (Tholothian Jedi Master)
Stealth Pilot clone trooper
Stellan Gios (Human Jedi Master)
Sterling (Clone Trooper)
Stonroy Soma (Alderaanian Political Aide)
Supi (Twi-lek Political Aide)
Sweitt Concorkill (Vurk Senator)
Sylvar (Cathar Jedi)
Tal Merrik (Human Senator)
Tan Yuster (Human Jedi Padawan)
Tanner Cadaman (Human Senator)
Tannon Praji (Human First Minister of the Coruscant Ministry of Ingress)
Tarados Gon (Klatooinian Jedi Knight)
Tarkov (Wookiee Hunter)
Tarr Seirr (Cerean Jedi Knight)
Taun We (Kaminoan Administrator)
Teckla Minnau (Naboo Handmaiden)
Tera Sinube (Cosian Jedi Investigator)
Terec (Kotabi Jedi Knight)
Terr Taneel (Human Senator)
Theomet Danle (Human Naboo Security Officer)
Thire - CC-4477 (Clone Trooper)
Thon (Tchuukthai Jedi Master)
Timar Daragon (Human Explorer/Pilot)
Tiplar (Mikkian Jedi Master)
Tiplee (Mikkian Jedi Master)
Torban Buck (Chagrian Jedi Master)
Torr Snapit (Human Jedi Master)
Tott Doneeta (Twi-lek Jedi Knight)
Traavis (Human Jedi Knight)
Tsui Choi (Aleena Jedi Master)
Tuknatan (Jedi Master)
Tundra Dowmeia (Quarren Senator)
Ume (Human Naboo Handmaiden)
Valenthyne Farfalla (Half-Bothan Jedi Master)
Vaughn (CT-0292) (Clone Trooper)
Veedaaz Awmetth (Sarrish Representitive)
Velko Jahen (Soikan Jedi Aide)
Vernestra Rwoh (Mirialan Jedi Knight)
Vima Sunrider (Human Jedi Apprentice)
Vodo-Siosk Baas (Krevaaki Jedi Master)
Voolvif Monn (Shistavanen Jedi Master)
Whie Malreaux (Human Jedi Knight)
Yaddle (Jedi Master) {as of Tales of the Jedi}
Yane (Human Naboo Queens Handmaiden)
Yee Moh (Neimoidian Civilian)
Zatt (Nautolan Youngling)
Zett Jukassa (Human Jedi Padawan)
Zil Topur (Quarren Aide)
Zittaasabba (Wookiee Pilot)
Zona Luka (Vultan Jedi Knight)

Rebel Alliance


2-1B {Too-Onebee} (Rebel Medical Droid)
Arfive-Emmtoo {R5-M2} (Rebel Astromech Droid)
Dio (Modified Arakyd Industries ID10 Seeker Droid)
FX-7 {Fixit} (Rebel Medical Droid)
K-3PO (Rebel Tactics Protocol Droid)
R-3PO {Ar-Threepio} (Rebel Protocol Droid)
R2-A3 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
R2-F2 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
R2-X2 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
R3-A2 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
R3-Y2 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
R4-D6 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
R5-D8 (Jek Porkins Astromech)
R5-F7 (Rebel Astromech Droid)
R5-G19 (Rebel R5 Astromech Droid)
R5-K6 (Rebel Astromech)
U-3PO (Protocol Droid)

Non-Player Character

Adam Swiftgale (Human Rebel Starfighter Pilot)
Admiral Gial Ackbar (as of the Battle of Endor) (Mon Calamari Rebel Officer)
Ahsoka Tano (as of Rebels)
Ahsoka Tano (as of Rebels)
Airen Cracken (Human Rebel Head of Intelligence)
Anakin Skywalker (Redeemed Human Jedi)
Ansible Beelyard
Anto Kreegyr (Human Rebel Leader)
Ardo Barodai (Mon Calamari Rebel Officer)
Arlo Tyre
Arn Horada
Arvel Crynyd (Human Rebel Pilot)
Arvel Skeen (Human Rebel Agent)
Barlon Hightower
Benthic {Tubes} (Tognath Mercenary Pilot)
Beryann Raleg (Human Rebel Pilot)
Biggs Darklighter
Bob Hudsol
Bren Derlin
Captain Hanc Thorben
Captain Kavel Mesa
Captain Morts Werl (Human Rebel Officer)
Captain Puck Naeco (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Captain Shawn Valdez (Human Rebel Evacuation Officer)
Captain Verrack
Captain Wyron Serper (Human Rebel Officer)
Captain Yutani (Human Rebel Officer)
Carlist Rieekan
Cassian Jeron Andor (Human Rebel Operative) {as of Andor Season 1}
Cham Syndulla
Chase Wilsorr (Human Rebel Engineer)
Chief Caf Treblanc (Human Soldier)
Chief Controller Toryn Farr (Human Rebel Gunnery Officer)
Chopper (C1-10P)
Choyyssyk (Wookiee Rebel)
Cinda Tarheel
Cinta Kaz (Human Rebel Agent)
Cody Sunn-Childe
Col Takbright (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Colonel Anj Zavor (Human Rebel Officer)
Colonel Feyn Gospic (Human Rebel Officer)
Colonel Horton Salm (Human Rebel Pilot)
Colonel Odan (real)
Colonel Onassi
Commander Beryl Chiffonage (Human Rebel Officer)
Commander Tamizander Rey (Human Rebel Logistics Officer)
Corporal Delevar (Human Rebel Spec-ops Medic)
Corporal Kensaric
Corporal Midge (Human Rebel Special Forces)
Corporal Osleo Prennert (Human Rebel Officer)
Corporal Vildar Blin (Human Rebel Special Forces Trooper)
Crix Madine (Human Rebel Officer)
Dak Ralter (Human Rebel Gunner/Pilot)
Davish (Pops) Krail (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Deacon Eso (Human Rebel Technician)
Del Goren (Human Rebel Technician)
Demma Moll
Derek Klivian (Human Rebel Pilot)
Dex Tiree (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Dice Ibegon (Lamproid Rebel Agent)
Dorovio Bold (Human Rebel X-Wing Pilot)
Duron Veertag
Edrio Two Tubes
Elyhek Rue (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Ensign Cariso Smadis (Human Alderaanian Trooper)
Ensign Chad Hilse (Human Alderaanian Trooper)
Erskin Semaj
Evaan Verlaine (Human Alderaanian Starfighter Pilot)
Ezra Bridger
Faron Tolis
Feresk Tssat (Trandoshan Rebel Pilot)
Firin Morett (Human Rebel Technician)
Garazeb Orrelios
Garven Dreis (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Gemmer Sojan
General Pashna Starkiller (Human Former Warlord of the Empire)
General Pharl McQuarrie (Human Rebel Military Advisor)
General Tyr Taskeen (Human Alderaanian Rebel Officer)
Gobi Glie
Gooti Terez
Gracalia Vatara Sienar (Human Rebel Pilot)
Greeve (Human Rebel Special Forces Trooper)
Grizz Frix (Human Rebel Pilot)
Grondorn Muse (Human Rebel Soldier/Singer)
Habeer Zignean (Human Rebel Pilot)
Han Solo (as of A New Hope)
Hera Syndulla
Hol Okand (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Ika Sulko (Mon Calamari Rebel Pilot)
Jai Kell
Jake Farrell {Gold Four} (Human Rebel Pilot)
Jan Dodonna
Janse (Human Rebel Special Forces Sharpshooter)
Jek Pugilio (Human Rebel Pilot)
Jek Tono Porkins (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Jho (Ithorian Barkeeper)
John D. Branon (Human Rebel Pilot)
Jon (Dutch) Vander (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Jon Vander
Jonner Jin
Judder Page
Jun Sato
Kanan Jarrus
Karie Neth (Human Rebel Starfighter Pilot)
Karis Nemik (Human Rebel Agent)
Kea Moll (Rebel Agent)
Keir Santage (Human Rebel Pilot)
Keo Venzee (Mirialan Rebel Pilot)
Keyan {Lucky} Farlander (Human Rebel Pilot)
Kin Kian (Human Rebel Pilot)
Kit Valent (Human Rebel Pilot/Gunner)
Kleya Marki (Human Antiques Dealer/Rebel Agent)
Kulbart Zamoon (Centran Rebel Pilot)
LE-914 (Ellie)
Ledick Firest (Human Rebel Trooper)
Leevan Tenza (Sabat Sniper/Pilot)
Lepira (Human Rebel Pilot)
Lieutenant Blount (Human Rebel Officer)
Lieutenant Cal Alder (Human Rebel Officer)
Lieutenant Ekelarc Yong (Human Rebel Pilot)
Lieutenant Falltower
Lieutenant Gureni Telsij (Human Rebel Pilot)
Lieutenant Nozzo Naytaan (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Lieutenant Pello Scrambas (Human Alderaanian Trooper)
Lieutenant Romas Navander (Human Rebel Officer)
Lieutenant Tigran Jamiro (Human Rebel Officer)
Lieutenant Voren Na-al (Human Rebel Officer/Historian)
Lindon Javes (Human Rebel Officer)
Loci Rosen
Luke Skywalker (As of A New Hope)
Luke Skywalker {As of The Empire Strikes Back} (Human Jedi)
Luthen Rael (Human Spy Master) {as of Andor Season 1}
Major Arhul Hextrophon (Human Rebel Officer/Historian)
Major Evram Lajaie (Human Rebel Officer)
Major Haashn (Mon Calamari Rebel Officer / Engineer)
Major Olander Brit (Human Rebel Officer)
Major Palo Torshan (Human Rebel Security Officer)
Major Panno (Dresselian Rebel Officer)
Maraba Tev
Mari Kosan (Female Human Rebel)
Mart Mattin
Meeka Reen
Mici Shabandar
Milo Fourstar
Mirienna (Human Partisan)
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma (as of Return of the Jedi)
Morad Sumar (Human Farmer/Rebel Agent)
Moroff (Gigoran Mercenary Gunner)
Nala Hetsime (Human Rebel Pilot)
Nichos Panib (Human Noble Rebel Pilot)
Nik Sant (Human Veteran Special Force Trooper)
Norra Wexley (Human Rebel Pilot)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Human Jedi Master) (as of A New Hope)
Orrimaarko (Dressellian Rebel Officer)
Osleo Prennert
Palso Thern (Human Rebel Pilot)
Princess Leia (Infinities Human Jedi Knight)
Princess Leia Organa (Human Diplomat) {as of A New Hope}
Rad Torlent
Ralo Surrel (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Ryder Azadi
Ryle Torsyn (Human Starfighter Pilot)
s-Too Vees (Human Miner/Gambler/Engineer)
Sabine Wren
Salman Paak (Human Salvager/Rebel Agent)
Saw Gerrera (as of Rebels)
Sergeant Bruckman (Human Rebel Commando)
Sergeant Galen Torg (Human Guard)
Sergeant Junkin (Human Rebel Special Forces Explosives Expert)
Sergeant Kes Dameron (Human Rebel Soldier)
Sergeant Major Trey Callum (Human Rebel Trooper)
Sergeant Reye Hollis (Human Rebel Forces Trooper)
Shira Elan Colla Brie
Shriv Suurgav (Duros Squadron Leader)
Sila Kott (Human Rebel Pilot)
Squadron Leader Kierah Koovah (Mimbanese Rebel Pilot)
Tanus Spijek (Elom Rebel Spy)
Taramyn Barcona (Human Former Stormtrooper/Rebel)
Tarn Mison (Human Rebel Pilot)
Tarrin Datch (Human Rebel Pilot)
Tay Vanis
Ten Numb (Sullustan Rebel Starfighter Pilot)
Tenk Lenso (Human Rebel Pilot)
Thaneespi (Mon Calamari Rebel Officer)
Theron Nett (Human Starfighter Pilot/Smuggler)
Tigran Jamiro
Tigran Jamiros assistant (Human Rebel Aide)
Vanden Willard
Vekozev Kabir (Human Rebel Pilot)
Vel Sartha (Human Rebel Agent)
Wadie Firestone
Wald (pilot)
Walex Blissex (Human Rebel Engineer)
Wenton Chan (Human Starfighter Pilot)
Wes Janson (Human Rebel Ace Pilot)
Will Scotian (Human Rebel Starfighter Pilot)
Yeoman Parton
Zal Dinnes (Human Starfighter Piloting)
Zerelda Sage (Human Rebel Engineer)
Zev Senesca (Human Rebel Pilot)


General Veertag (Human Rebel Officer)



2BR-NTB (Norath Kevs Astromech)
Artoo Detoo (R2-D2) (as of Rise of Skywalker)
BB-8 (Resistance Astromech) (as of Rise of Skywalker)
BFB-7 (Resistance Droid)
D-O (Reactivated Droid)
L4E-R5 (R5 Astromech Droid)
OC-JK14 (Resistance Astromech)
R2-SHP (Resistance Astromech)
R5-2JE (Resistance Astromech)
R6-D8 (Resistance Astromech)
R6-LE5 (Resistance Astromech)
See-Threepio (C-3PO) (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Torch (Astromech Droid)
TQ3-R1 (Resistance Astromech)

Non-Player Character

Aarton Chireen (Resistance Officer)
AD-4M (Resistance Administrative Droid)
Aftab Ackbar (Mon Calamari Resistance Officer)
AL1-L3 (Droid Resistance Soldier)
Allegiant General Enric Pryde (First Order Officer)
Allie Samta (Resistance Pilot)
Amleto (Resistance Spy)
Beaumont Kin
Bo Rogiave (Lacertilo Soldier)
Byrco Hansid (Resistance Soldier)
Cai Threnalli (Abednedo Pilot)
Cassy Algara (Resistance Soldier)
Chewbacca (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Clemitt Polus (Resistance Pilot)
Commander Kurksel Gartfran (Resistance Officer)
Dellso Prin (Cingulon Starship Technician)
Dreanna Conunda (Resistance Pilot)
Dynia Reekeene
Elliver Olim (Resistance Soldier)
Elna Zibsara (Resistance Pilot)
Enanan Supa (Resistance Pilot)
Engi Golba (Resistance Soldier/Ex-Miner)
Finn (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Gandris Dyun (Resistance Pilot)
Garn Stewer, Jr. (Resistance Pilot)
General Leia Organa (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Hugh Sion (Resistance Pilot)
Huper Tenrecs (Talpiddian Weapons Specialist)
Hurrie Chind (Resistance Pilot)
Ibdun Dand (Tarsunt Ground Crew)
Jannah (TZ-1719) (Former First Order Stormtrooper)
Jarek Yeager (Season 1)
Jeyo Garanam (Resistance Pilot)
Junn Gobint (Mythol Resistance Ground Crew)
Kazuda Xiono (Season 1)
Klaud (Trodatome Technician)
Landonis Balthazar Calrissian (as of The Rise of Skywalker)
Larma D-Acy (Resistance Commander)
Lega Fossang (Resistance Pilot)
Lieutenant Commander Nien Nunb (Sullustan Pilot) (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Maz Kanata (as of Rise of Skywalker
Merl Cobben (Resistance Pilot)
Miller Worlens (Resistance Pilot)
Nimi Chireen (Resistance Pilot)
Norath Kev (Resistance Pilot & Agent)
Odla Sur (Resistance Scout)
Pattros Navesh (Resistance Pilot)
Phenlass Sur (Resistance Scout)
Poe Dameron (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Renk Narviz (Resistance Pilot)
Rey (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Rose Tico (Resistance Engineer) (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Seftin Vanik (Resistance Pilot)
Seleno Chandro (Bounty Hunter)
Seossra Thwisp (Resistance Spy)
Shasa Zaro (Resistance Pilot)
Tabala Zo (Resistance Officer)
Temmin (Snap) Wexley (Resistance Pilot)
Twylope Nur (Resistance Medic)
Urcos Furdam (Resistance Pilot)
Vazzet Dipterz (Cyclorrian Technician)
Venisa Doza (Resistance Pilot)
Vober Dand (Tarsunt Flight Controller)
Wedge Antilles (Ace Pilot) (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Wilsa Teshlo (Kessurian Noble)
Wipolo Nagg (Resistance Soldier)
Wizzich Mozzer (Cyclorrian Technician)
Wrobie Tyce (Resistance Pilot)
Yipsit (Resistance Technician)
Zay Versio (Human Female Resistance Starfighter Pilot)
Zulay Ulor (Mercenary Pilot)


Non-Player Character

Dor Gal-ram (Sith Lord)
Exar Kun (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Githany (Human Sith Warrior)
Hanbei (Alien Sith Warrior)
Hen Jin (Sith Warrior)
Horak-mul (Sith Lord)
Kalgrath (Massassi Warrior)
Kopecz (Twilek Sith Lord)
Ludo Kressh (Sith Lord)
Naga Sadow (Dark Lord of the Sith)
Niizo (Alien Sith Warrior)
R2-H8 (Darth Hate) {AstroMech Sith Lord}
Rain (Real Name: Zannah) (Human Sith Apprentice)
Roden (Human Sith Warrior)
Shar Dakhan (Sith Lord)
Simus (Lord of the Sith)
Skere Kaan (Human Dark Lord of the Sith)
Toguro (Sith Warrior)
Ulic Qel-Droma (Human Sith Lord, 4000 bby)

The First Order


5-L (First Order Mouse Droid)
MB-13A (First Order Astromech)

Non-Player Character

Admiral Frantis Griss (First Order Officer)
Agent Tierny
Albrekh (Sith Weaponsmith)
Am (Human Dark Side Warrior)
Ap-lek (Knight of Ren)
Armitage Hux (as of Rise of Skywalker)
B-2ON (Ams Protocol Droid)
Captain Chesille Sabrond (Sith Eternal Officer)
Cardo (Knight of Ren)
Commander Masir Trach (First Order Officer)
CS-9147 (First Order Jet Trooper)
DT-4431 Tophid Bruster (First Order TIE Fighter Pilot)
First Order ElectroProd Stormtrooper
First Order Jet Trooper
First Order Raider
First Order SCUBA trooper
General Amret Engell
General Bellava Parnadee (First Order Officer)
General Domaric Quinn (First Order Officer)
HF-3311 (First Order Electroprod Stormtrooper)
Karre (Human Dark Side Warrior)
Kuruk (Knight of Ren)
Kylo Ren / Ben Solo (as of Rise of Skywalker)
Lechee (Gran Trader & First Order Informant)
Lieutenant Galek (First Order Pilot)
Major Baron Elrik Vonreg
R-DUO (Karres Astromech Droid)
Sith Eternal Fleet Technician
Sith Eternal Jet Trooper
Sith Eternal Officer
Sith Eternal Stormtrooper (Sithtrooper)
T-Stormtrooper (Human Post Imperial Stormtroopers)
Teroj Kee
Tishra Kandia (First Order Intelligence Officer)
Trudgen (Knight of Ren)
Ushar (Knight of Ren)
Vicrul (Knight of Ren)


Non-Player Character

Prince Sereno
The Tof Supreme

Warbird Gang

Non-Player Character

Gork (Gamorrean Pirate)
Hallion Nark
Kragan Gorr
Leoz (Nikto Pirate)
Narvin (Nikto Pirate)
Snarl (Hassk Pirate)
Synara San

Warhammer 40,000

Non-Player Character

Imperium of Man Adeptus Astartes (Space Marine)

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