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Hellbringer Hotsuit

Hellbringer Hotsuit
Tech (Modified Clone) {as of Clone Wars Unfinished Episodes}

Tech (Modified Clone) {as of Clone Wars Unfinished Episodes}

September/2008 UPDATES

29/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Apologies for the break in updates, I'm currently working away from my normal workplace, which is involving a 6am start to get there. Obviously I'm fairly knackered when I get home in the evening, and when I'm at work I've not got my usual access to the Internet, so can't even do the work during my lunchbreak. Everything should return to normal next week, and we've lots of great stuff thats been sent through. So in the meantime, here's a YouTube video someone sent me through the link to (I'm sure I saw it sometime in the past, but it seemed better this time).

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18/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Well, closing off another poll, and Grand Admiral Thrawn has won, something which has taken me totally by surprise as I fully expected Vader to romp home as he often does in our polls. This is rather impressive for a character created in a trilogy of novels some 15+ years old, who died a fairly ignoble death at the end of that trilogy (basically for a guy who knows how everyone reacts (by studying their cultures and art) and how to manipulate them to achieve his goals, he gets stabbed and says "Oh, I didn't expect that"). I'm also guessing that Episode 3 is having an effect on Palpatines popularity, since I remember in pre-episode 3 polls he never had a particularly good showing. But anyway, the full results were. . .

Who is the best Star Wars Villain?
Emperor Palpatine
 [tally] 33
Darth Vader
 [tally] 34
Darth Maul
 [tally] 2
Darth Tyranus
 [tally] 0
General Grievous
 [tally] 8
Grand Moff Tarkin
 [tally] 16
Grand Admiral Thrawn
 [tally] 71
Boba Fett
 [tally] 10
Darth Malak
 [tally] 1
Darth Sion
 [tally] 0
Darth Nihilus
 [tally] 14
Darth Krayt
 [tally] 4
votes: 193

         And as always, when one poll closes, another opens. Due to the Hollywood inability to come up with new ideas, old movies are getting remade (hell, they're even going to remake Highlander, and that only came out in the 80's), and seeing them remaking "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (infamously in my group of friends "that old movie" that K read from my mind without any extra help) with an environmental feel to it this time (in the original, humans were achieving space travel and had nuclear power but are warlike, so the aliens of the galaxy came down to warn us if we took our wars out to the stars they'd wipe us out. This time, we're destroying the environment, and the aliens who are worried about a bunch of animals and plants they've never seen or are likely to see, decide to warn us to mend our ways or they'll wipe us out. Hmmm, doesn't sound exactly a well thought out remake to me).
         Anyway, seeing that they're remaking old movies, I wondered which old movies are popular among our visitors. I've tried to compile a list of old classics, obviously I've missed some (Metropolis springs to mind), which as always is biased on my own preferences. So have a look, have a vote, and let me know. Thanks.

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18/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Due to a torrent of requests (okay its 10 all from the same person :) ), I've added Gorm the Dissolver (Arkanian Battle Droid/Cyborg - Bounty Hunter) to the Star Wars D/6 Character section. Although history of this character is easy to find, and his skills easy to judge from his exploits, his physical capabilities and equipment I found much harder to discover and document (for example he's either a droid or a cyborg, immune to gas, but is this due to him being a droid and therefore not worth mentioning (which I went with), or is it a special ability of his added by his cybernetics?). Anyway, I've done my best, if anyone thinks they can do better, then send it in and I'll put it up as well.

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16/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Only one addition today, a response to a request, so I've added Ahsoka Tano (Togruta Jedi Padawan) from the Clone Wars CGI Movie to the Star Wars D/6 Characters section. Only managed one today, because I spent a long time trying to fulfil another request, but was having severe problems with it, so maybe I might finish that later on, or maybe I'll just update the poll (that sounds far more likely doesn't it).

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10/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Okay as usual I didn't get any other updates done last week, and I'm even a little late with the update this week (due to having to set up a new mail server at work). Anyway, this week was very much helped out by bountiful contributions to the site, so today I've added Robotech Defense Forces Super Veritech Fighter and Robotech Defense Forces Veritech Fighter to the Star Wars D/6 Starships section, both by Hellstormer, and Assan Aeroplane Company Porcupine Planetary Defense Missile Launcher to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles section, BlasTech DL-44R Repeating Heavy Blaster Pistol and Galactech "Fellstroke" Man Portable Missile System to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment section, and Assan Air Angel Air Superiority Starfighter to the Star Wars D/6 Starships section all by Alex Panzerkit. As usual these are all excellent contributions, with Hellstormer continuing with his Robotech conversions to the Star Wars D/6 system, and Alex's conversions of real world WW2 equipment to the Star Wars Universe.

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02/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Added two new games to the site today and a bunch of stats for them, Alti of the Sessair, Amarice of the Sessair, Callisto of the Finians, Cyane of the Sessair, Darnelle of the Sessair, Ephiny of the Finians, Finn of the Sessair, Gabrielle of the Sessair, Glaphyra of the Sessair, Guinevere of the Sessair, Hippolyta of the Sessair, Livia of the Rath Grainne, Varia of the Sessair, Velasca of the Fir Domain all added to the Slaine RPG page, and Captain Gregory Montgomery, Commander Adam Scott, Lieutenant Lena Jones, Lieutenant Moganicks, Lieutenant Talas, Lieutenant Vision, Lieutenant Zylyn, Klingon Ambassador, Kolos, Dureena Nafeel, Isubul, Human Ship Captain, Malcolm Reynolds, Human First Officer, Zo? Warren, Human Pilot, Hoban Washburn, Centauran, Inara Serra, Human Soldier, Jayne Cobb, Human Engineer, Kaylee Frye, Human Doctor, Simon Tam, Human Passenger, River Tam, Bajoran Ranjen, Book, GRAKKA STARBASE, GRAKKA WEAPONS, GRAKKA Species, U.S.S. PROTECTOR NCC-74976 (Saber Class), I.K.S. cha'bIp (B'rel-class Scout) all added to the Star Trek RPG page.
        I've still got Buffy and Exalted stuff to upload, the Exalted stuff doesn't look quite right, and the sheer quantity of Buffy stuff scared me, so maybe I'll add them next week. I'll try to add some Star Wars stuff either later today (looks at the clock and realises its later than he thought), or more likely later in the week.

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