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Tostovin Munitions Percussive cannon

Tostovin Munitions Percussive cannon
Bisad Koong

Bisad Koong


April/2010 UPDATES

28/April/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Well, continuing with my conversion of Conflict Freespace and Freespace 2 vessels to Star Wars D/6, today I've added Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Isis Class Transport, Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Seth Class Fighter, Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Horus Class Fighter, Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Osiris Class Bomber, Galactic Terran Alliance Valkyrie Class Fighter, Galactic Terran Alliance Ulysses Class Fighter, Galactic Terran Alliance Chronos Class Freighter, Galactic Terran Alliance Hercules Class Fighter, Galactic Terran Alliance Apollo Class Fighter, Galactic Terran Alliance Fenris Class Cruiser, Galactic Terran Alliance Ursa Class Bomber, Galactic Terran Alliance Medusa Class Bomber, Galactic Terran Alliance Athena Class Bomber to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the site.
        I've also added Arakyd - MedTech J3N-E Police Droid to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section, a contribution by Alex Panzerkit, and to my knowledge our first Pokemon conversion to D/6. To quote him, "It occured to me if all towns in Pokemon have an Officer Jenny, clearly its because somebody makes a Jenny Police droid, its the only possible explanation", what can I say except, hell yes, I like the cut of his jib. When I make suggestions like that during films and TV I just get odd looks off my wife. So many, many thanks to him as always, may he long continue to provide us with interesting, and very peculiar sets of stats. :)

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19/April/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Grrrrrr . . .
        That Hellstormer guy . . .
        He beat me to the updates, and took the site through the 4,000 stats barrier, I so wanted to do that :)
        Oh well, I'll just have console myself by adding more stats by the equally great guy Steven J Wichmann, who's been kind enough to contribute another fantastic set of stats through to the site. What can I say except thank you, and excellent work.
        So, today I've added QR-15 Aqua-Jetpack, Fabritech Odor Shield, Merr-Sonn Personal Shield, Holographic Image Disguiser, 501-Z Police Droid, Nova star Space combat armor, Nightmare Assault Battle armor, Light combat Scout Stealth armor and Droidified enhancement Stealth combat armor to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment section of the site.

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19/April/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

   Hellstormer here again.  While I am busy writing up some more Battlestar galactica stuff...and there is a lot...I have had the honor of getting in contact with the person who inspired me to begin writing stats for BSG.  Her name is Kitsune, and she runs a nice website at  A while back, a friend of mine came across this site and showed me the fantastic stats she had for, well, everything, it seemed.  She has a lot on her site for many different gaming systems, including Star Wars D6, and I recomend having a look.

   I noticed back then that she had some stats for BSG.  I liked what I saw.  When I was doing some research on BSG related information, I found that there were actually different batches of information concerning the Galactica and other ships and pieces of the BSG setting, mostly created by the fandom over time when real information wasn't available, and many variations of guides and sourcebooks have been published over the years and decades.  Ultimately, I took a different path for my own stuff, sure.  But I kept thinking on variety and flavor, about how some people like this or that, and I liked keeping some links for her ships just in case.  Some of my friends still prefer her stats, and depending on the kind of game you're looking for, they fit very well, especially when looking to make it fit right into the Star Wars RPG setting with hyperdrives and similar weaponry.

   After looking around and finding her email ( and a quick reply later, she gave permission to host her stuff here, as long as we give a shout out to her and the work she has done.  And it's my honor to do so, as well as show other variations on a fave of mine that fans out there might like.  So tonight, it is my pleasure to present to all of you, Colonial Battlestar Galactica (Kitsune Variant), Colonial Viper Starfighter (Kitsune Variant), Colonial Asp Starfighter (Kitsune Variant), Cylon Base-Star (Kitsune Variant), Cylon Raider Starfighter (Kitsune Variant).

   I would also like to point out that the 'Asp' name of the two-seated Viper fighter was found on her site.  At first, I made the assumption that this was the true name, but later on as I looked around, there seemed to be no other name for it other than just being a Viper.  Therefor, the credit for the Asp name goes to kitsune as well.

   Hope you enjoy!

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15/April/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Wow, a month since I last posted an update, guess I'd better make this one good to make up. Well, I think I can pretty much guarantee that, by adding Mon Calamari MC30b Interdiction Frigate, KDY Dominator-class Star Destroyer and Muunilist Shipyards Defense Platform to the Star Wars D/6 Starships section of the site, all contributions by Weston, a long term friend of the site. Absolutely lovely work.
        And . . .
        I'm also adding Cybot Galactica 4PZ Human-Cyborg Relations Droid, Arakyd AD2B weapons maintenance droid and Arakyd Mirage Z3 Probes to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment section of the site, and Modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YZ-785 to the Star Wars D/6 Starships section, all contributions from Steven J Wichmann, fantastic stuff.
        Many, many thanks to the both of these great guys for their contributions.

        I'd also like to say a public thank you to Hellstormer for all the great work he's been doing on the site lately. I knew when I asked him to be co-administrator that he was good, but have to say that I stand in absolute awe of the brilliant work he's been posting during the past few weeks. (he's also been demonstrating what an all round nice guy he is by replying to discussions in the comments sections of his stats and updating them based on peoples suggestions (where I just get all sarky and mean)).

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10/April/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

Hey everyone, Hellstormer back. I just finished up Colonial Viper MkVII (Re-imagined Series) for the site, posted in Starships D6 under Battlestar Galactica. ENJOY!

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05/April/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

Hey everyone, hellstormer here again.  I sat down and cranked out Cylon Basestar (Re-imagined Series) and Colonial Viper MkII (Re-imagined Series), in Starships D6.  Also, I took all the Battlestar galactica stuff and put it under a single group in there for ease of locating it all, and I even renamed the items there to show what series or source they were from.  Also, if the previous link for D6 FIREARMS v1.3.1 doesn't work, then try that one.  had a mix up when i was fixing a few things, lol!  More Galactica and other stuff to come...

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