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Saijo View Update

31/October/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

Ladies and gents, Hellstormer1 here again.  I had some more time today and took a look through my email.  I discovered that I had been neglectful, and had forgotten to post some new material for the site a while back.  Therefor, I owe an apology to someone out there...without further adieu, I'd like to proudly introduce Todd K, and his well thought-out material on The Border Worlds for Star Wars D20!!!

   In D20 Planets we now have Carmine, DyRel (Indolis), New Ulovoria, The Shoal, Vigolithot V3688-211, and Chorva.  While there currently isn't a link in the D20 menu for D20 planets, give us a little time.  Until then, please use these links to take a look at the information for these locations.  Todd K has done a great job on them!

   To flesh out the setting and give more information for players and GMs on The Border Worlds, especially the Naislia and Gamsisha sectors as he puts it, we also now have in D20 Supplements The Border Worlds, Starships of the Border Worlds and The Trade Web Worlds (Border Worlds)

   Hopefully we'll see more from Todd K in time.  Until then, enjoy!

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