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GTM-2 Fury Missile

GTM-2 Fury Missile

Lutin Hollis (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot)

Lutin Hollis (Human Naboo Starfighter Pilot)
Governor Quarg

Governor Quarg



        Added Mandalorian Radiation Disruptors to the Star Wars Equipment section, and added a Gallery section to the My RPG Group menu. Reworked the Logo`s yesterday since I`d messed them up converting them back from Jpeg`s, so I went back to the orignal Amiga IFF`s and converted them to GIF`s which has mean`t a reduction in size by about 75%, and the backgrounds of them are finally totally transparent meaning I can get on with one of the other ideas I had for the design of the site. And finally today I`d like to thank Dark Lords of the Sith for adding this site to their links, many thanks guys, its very much appreciated.


        Added Storm Knights to the Star Wars NPC`s section, and Storm Knight Armour to the Star Wars Equipment section.


        Added The Storm Elite to the Star Wars NPC`s section, Storm Elite Repeating Blaster and Stormtrooper "Elite" armour to the Star Wars Equipment section, and Daemon Bane Sword to the Warhammer section. Again last night I had a short chat with Jacob Perez and Overlord of Dark Lords of the Sith and they very nearly have convinced me to start converting my stuff to D/20 Star Wars, it`d be quite a big job, but I`ll see how busy I end up next week and possibly avoid a couple of days worth of updates to do it, we`ll see. . .


        Added Flash Security Speeder to the Star Wars Vehicles section, and The Black Saber to the Warhammer section. Also had a short chat with Jacob Perez of Dark Lords of the Sith yesterday, and I`d like to continue to urge people to head on over and check out the changes and updates going on over at their site.


        Added Roche J9 Worker Drone to the Star Wars Equipment section. Shows how much my cold was addling my brain, I noticed today that because I copy and paste text whenever possible then edit it to save myself work (I`ve always claimed to be a lazy swine), that I`d copied text from saturdays update and pasted it into sundays update, and although I`d remembered to change the link to the addition for that day, I hadn`t changed the text, so the sunday update claiming to be the Outreach Speeder (which was actually saturdays) was actually correctly linking to sundays update which was the Pathfinder Command Vessel. I`ve now fixed this, and I`m starting to feel more like myself, and my brain is starting to function somewhat better.


        Added Cerean Ch`Romin War Cruiser to the Star Wars Starships section. Well started back at college today, but this won`t interfere with the web-site for a few weeks for definite (they haven`t even finished timetables yet !?!). Todays update is a little late because I`ve been sleeping most of the afternoon since I`m still full of the cold.
        Also I would like to say that I recieved my first negative e-mail about the site on sunday. A particularly badly written sweary mail, which although only spread over 3 lines still managed to mangle the english language particularly badly with mispellings and no capitalisation, it also displayed a huge lack of imagination even in the sweary insults ("your site is bullsh*t" "your bullsh*t"). Now while I have no particular problems with negative e-mails, as long as they even attempt to be constructive, I don`t see any reason why someone visiting my site should e-mail me just to throw abuse. After all I don`t like the amount of soap opera`s on TV, but I wouldn`t dream of phoning up the television networks to rant and swear at them. Since, first of all, that would be illegal and an abuse of the telephone network as well as a breach of the terms and conditions the telephone is provided under (just as abusive e-mails are a breach of the terms and conditions of Internet Service Providers). Secondly I wouldn`t phone up to abuse someone about a TV programme, since all I have to do is turn over the channel to avoid programmes that I don`t like (hey I can even turn the TV off and go and do something else instead). Well the Internet is like that as well, but even more so. if you don`t like a web site then no one is forcing you to visit it, there a million more places to visit instead.
        Anyway, the particular complaint that this "person" had was that I was using images of ships out of the Freespace series of games by Volition games. I pointed out in my reply that I have never claimed to be an artist and never claimed the images to be mine and I am using them under the "Fair Use Doctrine" (US Copyright Act of 1976, Section 110 [5]), I also pointed out that every page gives my e-mail address and an invitation for anyone who wishes to complain about copyright abuse. Also on the pages using pictures from Freespace I put in the footer "Image is Copyright Volition Games.", (I also do a similar thing with images from the Wing Commander games).
        But anyway, as well as repeating my offer to remove any copyrighted material upon request from the copyright holder, I`d like to offer this warning, any abusive e-mails using obscenity will be reported to the abuse department of the offenders ISP as "unsolicited obscene e-mail", which if you pay for your e-mail or internet service will probably only warrant you a slap on the wrist, if you (like my sweary friend) use a free service you`ll probably find your account terminated (as investigating it would be more hassle than its worth). While I`m quite happy to be abused by friends (and quite happy to abuse them back), I require at least a couple of "civil" mails first from strangers.
        Sorry I`ve had to do this, but just because I`ve put up a web-site, paid money to buy a domain name, and put in the effort and time to create the pages and put together the contents of this site, doesn`t mean that I have to put up with being sworn at and abused in e-mail. I still have the same rights as anyone else to protect myself and those close to me from obscenity and abuse.


        Added Sienar Pathfinder Command Vessel to the Star Wars Starships section.


        Added Outreach Speeder Truck to the Star Wars Vehicles section. Possibly no update tommorrow, its usually hard to do one on a sunday since its the day after I game, and I`m not usually asleep until mid-morning, combined with the fact I have a lousy cold makes me think I`ll have difficulty summoning up the energy to do one tomorrow (however I`ve taken some Sinutab and I`m not actually feeling too bad, I still feel riddled with the cold, but I don`t feel too bad at all, makes me think that Sinutab is actually 99% opiates, when I feel this good when I`m full of the cold (and I`m GM`ing tonight (bah))).


        Added Mou-Gun 2aa Blaster Pistol to the Star Wars Equipment section.


        Added Incom Star Spray Airspeeder to the Star Wars Vehicles section, and Vampire (K`s Version) to the Last Words Section. This is the first non-me done article on the site, and although when I last spoke to K he was just sending me his notes since I was writing up the events of his character, when I read through them I nearly burst my spleen laughing, so have put the notes up with only minor editing, since its way funnier than most of the last words stories I`ve put up recently.


        Added Imperial Mobile Planetary Defence Super Laser to the Star Wars Vehicles section.


        Added Mandalorian Raider Gravity Tank to the Star Wars Vehicles section.


        Added Mandalorian Triumph Class Raider Transport to the Star Wars Starships section, also added Good Idea! to the Last Words section. It going to be a busy week for me, but I`m working on another Last Words Story, and I won`t miss any updates due to me being busy.


        No update tomorrow (I`m gaming most of the day) so today I`ve added Trigati Battle Speeder to the Star Wars Vehicles section, Sith Gargoyle Space Transport to the Star Wars Starships Section and The Prince`s Manservant to the Last Words section, not a long story, or the best I`ve written, but I haven`t done one in a while, so thought I`d better.


        Added New Republic Troop Transport (RTT) to the Star Wars Vehicles section.


        Added Republics Hammer Gravity Tank to the Star Wars Vehicles section. A somewhat late update today, it was actually done this morning, but I`ve been out and only just got back in to upload it now (1:03 am), I probably should have just uploaded it before I went out (1:07pm).


        Added Bouros Luxury Speeder to the Star Wars Vehicles section. And I`ve got tomorrows update done already, so although my computer will barely be on, there definately will be an update tomorrow.


        Added Security Troopship to the Star Wars Vehicles section. Had family turn up today (I`d forgotten it was today they were coming) and staying for the rest of the week, so updates will be short for the rest of this week.


        Added Endurance Star Tug to the Star Wars Starships section. Also started the new Warhammer Fantasy Role Play section, and added Illuminas, Illuminas`s Tome of Magic and Staff of Illuminas to it. My Domain Name provider has been down almost all day :-( so the site has been deserted almost all day. I was going to do a Last Words story, but I`ll leave that until tomorrow now, and go and install Linux instead :-)


        Added Lightsaber Combat (revised) and Jedi Armed Combat to the new Force Powers section. Also fixed the logo`s again, after my revision yesterday I discovered I wasn`t setting a background colour in the white titles, which isn`t a concern on windows where the default background colour is white, but on other Operating Systems the default colour varies so the pages continued to look rough.


        Added Velocity Drop-Ship to the Star Wars Starships section. I`ve removed the Java Applet from the Logo`s, and changed them to GIF`s instead of JPEG`s (so that backgrounds can show through the transparent backgrounds which can`t be done with JPEG`s), however if you click on the logo it loads the old Applet version of itself (so those who like playing with the water effect still can :-)). I`ve also edited all of the Star Wars pages to remove "some" of the bad HTML I`d used when I originally did them (multiple body tags was my worst offence), so they should work better now (they`re smaller and more browser compatible). Also removed the news page since I wasn`t using it, and this page will do for all my news to be reported on, I`ve added a link at the bottom of this page with the previous updates links for those who may wish to browse the old news page.


        Added All Terrain Sensor Platform (ATSP) to the Star Wars Vehicles section. On a side note, I was setting up the Windows XP side of my system last night (I`ve got a dual (tri?) boot system, with Windows 98, Windows XP and Linux on it (I`m studying networking so need various Operating Systems to play around with)). Anyway the XP side had died when I got ADSL installed, and the drivers caused XP to totally freak out and stop working completely, so I had to re-install from scratch (no big deal). But as part of setting the system up I decided to have a look at this site from Explorer 6 on XP, and the Java applet running the logo came up. So Explorer 6 (which doesn`t come with a Java engine as standard) asked if I wanted to download it from Microsoft, which I did, and then discovered that Microsoft no longer seem to supply the Java Engine, making the site look somewhat shite. So I`m going to have to rework the titles (I`d got an idea which didn`t work with the Java applet anyway) so I`m afraid the Warhammer stuff will have to wait until the weekend, which is probably best since I intend to use some of it with my players and I prefer them not to see it on the web first of all.


        Added Dargon Sail Barge to the Star Wars Vehicles section.


        Added Corellian Frigate to the Star Wars Starships page, and a July Updates page with a link at the bottom of this page.


        This page is getting really quite long, I`ll have to do something about it (probably by having separate pages for each month). Anyway, todays update is Shazam Hover Scooter has been added to the Star Wars Vehicles page.


        No update yesterday, but my computer was only on long enough to collect my e-mail (but not to read it), and spent the rest of the day wandering round Glasgow with L and K, and then Gaming at night. Today I`ve added Kuat Republic Defender Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships page. Turns out I`m GM`ing Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay next week so my Warhammer updates to the site will just be in time for me to start running it again (as if I really needed extra motivation to do updates to this site :-)


        Added Mandalorian M9 Assault Blaster to the Star Wars Equipment page, added Incom "Line" Fighter to the Star Wars Starships page, and added Priax Salvantra to the Star Wars NPC`s page. Priax Salvantra was the main Sith opponent in my Star Wars Campaign (he`s kind of powerful to challenge an entire party). Anyway a bit of variety today, which takes us past the 100 mark for different Stats, so I`m going to slow the new Star Wars stuff down a bit to a single item each day (unless I feel like special effort), I`ll start work on stuff for other games, and should have a new page covering Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay sometime the middle of next week.


        Added new "Last Words" story Our Inside Man, anyway said there wouldn`t be much of an update today (which was helped to come true by the first good weather we`ve had in weeks).

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